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wheelchair accessible map for Architecture Building


The Ricker Library is located on the second floor of the Architecture Building, at 608 E. Lorado Taft Drive. The wheelchair accessible entrance is located on the north side of the building, on Gregory Street. Take the elevator to the second floor, and we are to the right as you exit the elevator. Our front doors are wheelchair accessible.


Gender Neutral Bathroom Accessibility

There is a gender neutral bathroom located on the first floor of the Architecture building.


Books that indicate “Art & Architecture” as the Location in the library catalog, are generally Circulating books that can be found in the Open Stacks. There are two other statuses to notice when searching for books: Non-circulating and Reference. Here’s a quick guide to finding these different types of books in the library.

Circulating: Check the Open Stacks

If the library catalog indicates the location is “Art & Architecture,” it’s more than likely a circulating book. These books are in the “Open Stacks.” The books can be pulled from the shelves without assistance and checked out for use outside the library (provided it isn’t checked out already). If this item is currently in use by another patron, please request another copy through the library catalog or Interlibrary Loan.

“Q” and “F” books

Circulating books can be found in the Open Stacks — but be sure to check whether the call number has a “Q” or “F” in front! These books are larger sized, and are shelved in separate areas. Quartos (items marked with a “Q” in front of the call number) can be found in the Open Stacks, but be careful not to get them confused with the non-Q’s. Folios (items marked with an “F” in front of the call number) can be found in the wall cases, immediately to left when entering the library.

Non-circulating: Ask a Librarian

If the catalog indicates the status of “Non-circulating,” the book is probably either in the Closed Stacks or the Vault. For these books, please bring the call number of the book to the desk and library staff will retrieve it. Please keep in mind, Vault items can only be viewed in the Library Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm. Researchers can also make special arrangements at other times by contacting rickerlibrary@library.illinois.edu.

Non-circulating books can only be viewed in the library. If copies or scans are needed, there are three flat-bed scanners and an overhead scanner available for public use.

Reference: Check the Reference Room

Reference books, like books from the Closed Stacks or Vault, can only be viewed in the library. These books are shelved along the wall cases of journals and in the Reference Room (the room with the computer stations). Anyone in the library can retrieve these books from the shelves, no assistance is necessary. The Reference Collection includes resources such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, and more.

Course Reserves: Request at the Desk

Professors often put books on Course Reserves for a particular class. These books can be found behind the desk and must be requested at the desk. There is  a Course Reserves binder at the front desk that lists all books on reserve for individual classes. All Reserve books are library use only.

If you need help locating anything or understanding something you’ve found in the catalog, don’t hesitate to ask a librarian!



Most books held at Ricker may circulate to members of the University of Illinois community for four weeks (undergraduate students) or sixteen weeks (graduate students and faculty). Periodicals do not circulate. You can renew books online through your Library Account.

Late and Lost Materials

nonrefundable processing fee of $10.00 is assessed when a book is assumed lost (34 days overdue).

A replacement bill for a minimum of $125.00 per item is also issued at 34 days overdue. Periodicals are billed at a minimum of $300.00 per volume. The Library may assess a higher replacement cost in special instances. The replacement amount will be removed from your account if the overdue item is returned in good condition. The late fee of $10.00, however, as stated above, is nonrefundable.


If you receive a “recall notice,” you must return the item within 15 days from the date of recall to a campus library. Failure to respond to a recall in that time will result in a nonrefundable $25.00 fine.

Paying Your Fine

Fines are not paid to individual libraries such as Architecture & Art. All fines are collected by the University, and you will receive a bill by mail. If you have any questions regarding your bill, please contact the Library Billing Office by calling (217) 333-8288, or stopping by Room 202 in the Main Library. For more information on the University Library circulation policies, please visit the Central Access Services department site.

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