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1. How is Phase Two of the Census different than Phase One?

Phase One of the Census was designed to collect general data on media holdings of all kinds on the Urbana-Champaign campus. Its goal was to establish a base-line of knowledge about what kinds of materials were held, where they were held, and what their approximate numbers were.

Phase Two focuses exclusively on time-based media carried on physical objects (ie., not file-based media types). Because some of these media carriers are a century or more old, and others are of more recent vintage but are known to have short life spans, this phase is designed to address the UIUC media holdings at the greatest risk of loss.

Site visits to departments with media on physical formats will be conducted from June through December, 2012.

2. What is a “time-based media carrier?”

For the purposes of the Census, a time-based media carrier is a physical object that contains media content. The most common types are film, video tape, grooved disks (records/acetates et al.), audio tape, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and LaserDiscs. Less common types include wax cylinders, wire recordings, and formats such as the SelectaVision video disk.

3. Are media carriers being collected during the Census?

The Census is designed to collect data, which will be used to base determinations for future preservation actions. No media carriers will be collected, though identification of especially at risk objects and collections is a priority of the Census, and in some cases, the Library’s Media Preservation program may assist in immediate preservation actions for selected objects.

Recommendations and best practices for lengthening the lifespan of these objects can be found at the links here.

4. Is analog media being digitized during the Census?

Digitization of analog media on the Urbana-Champaign campus is a long-term goal, and the Census is designed to help establish the quantity of media that would benefit from digitization. Digitization of some library AV collections is currently underway, and further information about this process is available from the Media Preservation program.

5. Is information on digital media being collected during the Census?

Digital files that have been created from analog media will be identified during the Census, but born-digital media files will be addressed in further phases. Digital media carried on physical formats (CDs, DVDs, digital audio and video tape, et al.) will be identified during the census.

6. Are photographs included in the Census?

The focus of the Census is on time-based media, so identification of photographs will not be a part of Phase Two. As with born-digital materials, photographs will be addressed in further phases.