Art + Book

The Art + Books exhibit is on display in RBML 6/15/18 – 8/15/18. According to RBML:

This exhibition highlights creations by selected book artists and presses from the Rare Book & Manuscript Library collections: Loujon Press, Bea Nettles, Flying Fish Press, Amos Paul Kennedy Jr, Rusell Maret, and Jana Sim.

The works on display range from the 1960s to the present, and feature many variations on alphabets, typeface and calligraphy, colors and photography, and structures, from seemingly simple business cards, tarot cards, posters and broadsides, to complex codex, accordions, Möbius strips and Jacob’s ladders.

Six curators participated in planning this exhibit, with each selecting items for a case with the assistance of the Exhibits Conservator. Items going on display were transported to the Conservation Lab for treatment and for the creation of display mounts, cradles, and supports. The images in the gallery below show both the exhibit preparation process and the finished displays in the RBML gallery.