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Emergency Supply Kits & Quick Response Guide

Emergency Supply Kit Locations

The following table provides a list of Rescube kit and Red Totes emergency recovery supplies kept in various library units on campus.

Library Units Rescube kit Red Totes
Aces × ×
Architecture & Art ×  
Archive - Hort. Field Lab × × (2)
Archive - Main Library × × (2)
Chemistry ×  
Circulation(East Stacks & Book Stacks Office) × × (12)
Communications ×  
Grainger × ×
International & Area Studies Library ×
Mathematics ×  
Music ×  
Prairie Research Institute ×  
Preservation Department Disaster Supplies ×
Rare Books/ Special Collections × × (3)
Sousa Archives & Center for American Music × ×
Undergraduate Library × ×
University High School ×  
Veterinary Medicine ×  

Library Water Disaster First Responder Quick Guide

Immediate Response: Assess and Report


Remain calm.

Always remember to never put your safety or the safety of others at risk.

Be alert for broken or exposed electrical wiring.

Do not enter standing water.


Quickly Assess the Situation

  • Note exact location and extent of damaged area
  • Is there an active leak and what is the water source (is possible to determine)
  • Is the water clean or dirty
  • Are collections being harmed or in immediate risk

During normal business hours? Notify the Office of Library Facilities at 333-0317.

After 5pm or on a weekend? call Facilities and Services at 333-0340; at prompt select “1”, state name, and wait for transfer to non-emergency Public Safety Dispatch .

Check Emergency Contacts List for Unit Libraries specific contacts.

If anyone is injured or in danger call 911 (MEDCAT) immediately.

Image of a red tote diaster response kit.
Image of a rescube, also known as React Pak, diaster response kit.
Red Tote Disaster Supplies Kit Rescube (aka React Pak) Disaster Supplies Kit

Secondary Response: Protect the Materials

Cordon off the area to prohibit the public from entering.

If a water leak is small or localized in a small area, remove books in direct path of leak or water flow.

In the event of an overhead leak, cover ranges of books onto which water is falling with sheet plastic which is located in your unit's emergency supply kit. Water-absorbent pillows and socks (PIG brand) are located in all red totes. Please consult a supervisor or Preservation staff if you need further information on using these items or if they are missing from your disaster supply kit.

Be prepared:

Know where your emergency supplies are.

Know who to contact in the event of a water disaster.

What NOT to do in the case of a water disaster:

Do NOT open or close books.

Do NOT light candles or other types of flames for lighting.

Do NOT separate single sheets.

Do NOT apply pressure to wet books.

Do NOT wipe off mud or dirt.

Do NOT remove book covers or separate materials. Do NOT disturb wet file boxes, prints, drawings or photographs.