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COVID-19 Loanable Tech Info Sheet

Uni High Library Loanable Tech During COVID-19 Phase 4

For all library loanable tech needs, the first step is to contact Senior Library Specialist Paul Kotheimer: p-kothe@illinois.edu

Paul has hands-on familiarity with all the devices in the collection and can make recommendations for media production from set-up to post-production to upload. Please note that the University Library’s COVID-19 safety protocol prescribes that all loanable equipment must sit idle for at least 4 days between users. With this constraint in mind, please provide as much advance notice as possible when requesting loanable technology.

The following equipment in our collection is available for short-term loan, by appointment. (“Short-term loan” in this case means as-needed, for the duration of your project, with the expectation that the device be returned ASAP after you’re finished using it.)

DSLR cameras 1 Canon t5i; 1 Canon t7i. Both can take professional quality auto-focus or manual-focus still photos. Both can capture video at up to 1080p resolution. The t5i includes an external microphone for better audio quality on video shoots. Tripods, memory cards, and other accessories are available. Check with Paul for details.

Camcorders 4 Canon Vixia camcorders, plus 3 older models. All can capture video at up to 1080p.

Podcasting / audio interface kit This kit consists of a Behringer 2-channel USB audio interface along with a professional quality microphone and several mic stand options–Everything a student might need to turn their script into a podcast or produce voiceovers for a video.
Audio recorders This Zoom H2n handheld audio recorder is useful for conducting interviews or capturing audio on site, including lectures, musical performances, etc. We also have a TASCAM handheld device with similar functionality, but with slightly lower microphone quality.

The following equipment in our collection is available for longer-term loan:

WACOM tablets A stylus-and-tablet interface used for digital illustration. We have 2 larger and 5 smaller models. Students usually borrow these for weeks at a time.

iPads [faculty only] Please note that these iPads are from 2011. They use the older 30-pin adapter and may not be equipped with the proper iOS to run the latest apps. Best to check in with Swanlund I.T. support staff to determine if these devices will support what you have in mind.

External CD/DVD drives Useful for DVD playback on newer laptops.

And, as always, the library has a collection of smaller accessories: USB SD-card reader, headphones, computer mice, various connector cords, adapters, and cables. We don’t foresee such items being in demand until we’re back to in-person instruction, but if you need something you’ve borrowed in the past, feel free to ask for it and we’ll set it aside for you if it’s available.