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3. Publications

Table of Contents

3.1 Published Student Writing and Audio Recordings
3.2 Alumni Publications
3.3 Faculty Publications
3.4 School Publications
3.4.1 Alum Uni
3.4.2 U’n’I
3.4.3 CQ Newsletter
3.4.4 Other School Publications
3.5 Publications about Uni High

3.1 Published Student Writing and Audio Recordings

Year Title and Description
2017 Poésie en liberté 2017. [ISBN 9782362291623] An anthology of student poetry in French. Includes “La Nuit” by Yichen Yao [class of 2018], p. 55, and “La Conviction” by Nina Galvez [class of 2019], p. 64.
2015 GirlZone Returns 2015. Popetz, Kate [class of 2014], editor. Zine issued August 2015 as part of a GirlZone reunion at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center.
2015 WILL-AM and University High School. The Pursuit of Happiness: The Struggle for Marriage Equality from the 1950s to 2015. Student Executive Producers and Narrators: Simone Gewirth, Alice Hu, Vinay Koshy, Ema Ondrejckova, Nafisa Syed; Student Editors: Priya Bhatt, Callie Bruce, Even Dankowicz, Zina Dolan, Kathryn Dullerud, Linus Erbach, Sankhya Hirani, Carissa Hwu, Keisha Patel, Alyssa Rauschenberger, Rima Rebei, Ellen Rispoli, Hadley Shapland, Arielle Summitt, Katie Tender, Maggie Tweksbury; Directors: Dave Dickey (Illinois Public Media), Janet Morford (University Laboratory High School). CD Recording.


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site

2013 Fitzpatrick, Isabelle [class of 2014]. “Should have focused on Davis’ ideas.” News-Gazette, Wed., 10/3/2013, p. A-6, “FROM OUR READERS.” –Also includes “Jim Dey: Tenured radical has more causes than time” (News-Gazette online, Sat. 9/28/2013), to which Ms. Fitzpatrick’s letter to the editor responds.
2012 WILL-AM and University High School. Beyond the Tie-Dye: Counterculture in Champaign-Urbana, 1965-1975. Student Executive Producers: Aishwarya Gautam, Shruti Vaidya, Sarah Joy Yockey; Student Editors: Mary Campbell, Alice Chang, Amalia Dolan, Mara Dolan, Linus Erbach, Gloria Ha, Alice Hu, Anna Kanfer, Sunjay Koshy, Bissy Michael, Lara Orlandic, Marina Shah, Nafisa Syed, Jonathan Yockey; Narrators: Aishwarya Guatam, Shruti Vaidya, Sarah Joy Yockey, Linus Erbach; Directors: Dave Dickey (Illinois Public Media), Janet Morford (University Laboratory High School). CD Recording.


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site.

2011 WILL-AM and University High School. Breaking Down Disability Barriers. Student Executive Producers: Katherine Floess, Sheela Gogula; Student Editors: David Bergvelt, Mary Campbell, Gloria Ha, Leif Hague, Sunjay Koshy, Shruti Topudurti; Research: Wyatt Bensken, Amalia Dolan, Katherine Floess, Aishwarya Gautam, Sheela Gogula, Sterling Lemme, Marina Shah, Sarah Yockey; Narrators: Katherine Floess, Sheela Gogula; Directors: Dave Dickey (Illinois Public Media), Janet Morford (University Laboratory High School). Jewel case contains 2 CDs: [Disc 1] Breaking Down Disability Barriers: The Legacy of Tim Nugent and [Disc 2] Breaking Down Disability Barriers: The Journey Towards Equality at the University of Illinois.


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site.

2010 WILL-AM and University High School. From East to West: Journeying Through the Lives of Asian Americans in Champaign-Urbana. Student Executive Producers: Maria Gao, Linda Ly, Maritza Mestre; Student Editors: Leif Hague, Adam Joseph, Sunjay Koshy, Bissy Michael, Shruti Vaidya; Research: Vickie Chang, Christina Harden; Narrators: Maria Gao, Maritza Mestre; Directors: Dave Dickey (Illinois Public Media) and Janet Morford (University Laboratory High School). CD Recording. (2 copies)


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site.

2008 WILL-AM and University High School. Competing Against Discrimination: Achieving Equality in Athletics at the University of Illinois. Student Producers: Maria Gao and Anne Machesky; Student Editors: Katherine Allen, Katherine Floess, Adam Joseph, Sheela Gogula, Youyang Gu; Narrators: Maria Gao and Anne Machesky; Directors: Dave Dickey and Janet Morford. CD Recording. (2 copies)


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site.

2007 Gu, Youyang. “Harker Hall” in Preservation Matters. 27:3 (May-June 2007). Pearson, Lilli. “Mumford House” in Preservation Matters. 27:3 (May-June 2007).
2006 WILL-AM and University High School. The 20th Century Exodus: The Triumphant Life and Journey of the Jewish in Our Community. Student Producers: Amelia Breault, Bethany Hutchens, Anne Machesky, Ruth Welch; Narrator: Ruth Welch; Directors: Dave Dickey and Jenny Yi Kim. CD Recording


WILL-AM and University High School. In the Wake of Brown: Stories of Integration and Struggle. Student Producers: Kate Peisker, Kinzie Cornell, Ameila Breault, Bethany Hutchens, and Ruth Welch. CD Recording.


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site.

2001 Dorner, Betsy. “The Visitor.” Puslished in the Writers’ Magazine: Selected Works by Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8, 2000-01. Friends of the Champaign Public Library.
1999 Cording, Evan. “Ulysses S. Grant, the Accidental General.” Illinois History: A Magazine for Young People. 52:2, February 1999, p.28-9.
1998 Bunick, Nicola. “The Development of Urbana’s University Laboratory High School” in Illinois History: A Magazine for Young People. 52:1 (December 1998) 8-9.
1995 Nafziger, Steven and Dixon, Nate. “The Creation of the Douglass Center: 1940-1945” in Through the Years: African-American History in Champaign County. Winter, 1995.
1994 to present WILL-AM/Illini Media Group and University High School, annual radio broadcast productions have been archived and are available for streaming and download at the Illinois Public Media site.
1994 [WILL-AM and University High School.] “Covering Our Heritage” [13 minutes, January 1994] Audio recording on side A of Maxell XLII cassette. First collaboration between Uni. High Students and WILL-AM staff. Produced by Barbara Wysocki and Dan Simeone. A documentary about African-American quilters in East Central Illinois.


An mp3 copy of this production may be streamed or downloaded at the Illinois Public Media site.

1983 Paley, Nina (class of 1985) and Chris Butler (History teacher ~1980-2020). History of the North Pole. Comic book.
1982 Brinkerhoff, Brenda. “The Gymnast.” Poem published in International Gymnast. November, 1982.

3.2 Alumni Publications (in archive cabinets or UIUC Library holdings)

Year Title and Description
2019 Ping, Elliot. “Miscarriage.” [1-page poem from Dovecote online literary journal.]
1998 Chang, Iris. “Exposing the Rape of Nanking.” CAS/MillerComm lecture, October 5, 1998. [Flyer for lecture.]
1997 Chang, Iris. “Exposing the Rape of Nanking.” Newsweek,
December 1, 1997, 55-57.
1997 The Rape of Nanking: The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II.
Basic Books: New York. 951.042 C362R
1995 Joravsky, Ben. Hoop Dreams: A True Story of Hardship and Triumph. Turner Publishing, Inc.: Atlanta. Marx, Frederick. (filmmaker) 796.3230922 J759h
1989 Howe, Tina. Approaching Zanzibar. Theater Communications Group:
New York. 812 H8382A
1984 Howe, Tina. Three Plays. Museum The Art of Dining and Painting Churches. Flora Roberts, Inc.: New York. 812 H8382t
1977 Noyes, Pierre. Report From Iran: Tehran, April 9-19, 1977.
U.S. People’s Committee on Iran.
1962 Phillips, Jo McKeepy. The Baby and the Bath Wather. UICSM,
Mathematics Project, Urbana, Illinois. Paper presented at the
CASMT Convention, St. Louis , Missouri, November 22-24, 1962.

3.3 Faculty Publications (in archive cabinets or UIUC Library holdings)

  • Ames, Russel. 1989. From the director. Leadership and Learning Newsletter. 1(1):1 (Spring).
  • Ames, Russel. 1989. From the director. Leadership and Learning Newsletter. 1(2):1 (Fall).
  • Bond, Carol. 1990. Springtime rejuvenation for teachers. Newsletter of the Japanese Language Teachers Network. 5(1): 1-2 (February).
  • Butler, Chris and Nina Paley. 1983. History of the North Pole. [Urbana, Ill.: s.n.]
  • Butler, Chris and Nina Paley. 1984. Empire of the Godzillas. [Urbana, Ill. : s.n.]
  • Butler, Chris. 2004. The Flow of History. [3 volumes]
  • Castellon (Edgington), Carol.1978. A bit of information for Algebra I. The Illinois Mathematics Teacher 29(1):21-23.
  • Castellon (Edgington), Carol. 1979. One way to introduce the metric system. The Illinois Mathematics Teacher 30(4):18-20.
  • Craver, Kathleen W. 1983. Play cats eclectic. School Library Journal 29(34):34 (April).
  • Craver, Kathleen W. and Lee Allison Ounanian. 1984. An introduction to online bibliographic searching for high school students: A successful approach. Educational Technology 24:39-41 (June).
  • Craver, Kathleen W. 1987. The use of library materials and services by gifted students. Roeper Review 9(3):162-6 (February).
  • Jacobson, Frances. 1985. Bi-line: A column on bibliographic instruction – the research connection. Colorado Libraries. 11(1):22-3 (June).
  • Jacobson, Frances. 1995. Road scholar: A school librarian sets out in search of high-tech success. School Library Journal. 41(11):20-3 (November).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1987. Grizzly! Cricket. 50-4 (August).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1988. The World’s a stage: Contemporizing Shakespeare. NCTE Notes Plus. 11-12 (January).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1988. Teaching Shakespeare to the gifted: “MacBeth” and “The Oxford English Dictionary.” Illinois English Bulletin. 36-41 (Winter).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1988. Trouble on the Shoshone. Nashville: Winston-Derek.
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1989. Milton’s mighty lines. NCTE Notes Plus. 2-3 (September).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1991. Letterman, t-shirts, and “The Oxford English Dictionary:” Diverse approaches to Shakespeare. Illinois English Bulletin. 61-6 (Spring).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1991. The fine art of teaching: Professional books of the 1980s. English Journal. 80(4):87-91 (April).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1993. How do you pronounce “greasy?” English Journal. 82(1):77 (January).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1993. Hillerman’s harmony. English Journal. 82(2): 63-5 (February).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1993. Teacher as talk-show host, banker, editor and tour guide: Scenarios for literature discussion. Illinois English Journal. 8-24 (Spring).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1994. Crazy Judah and the Pacific Railroad. Cricket. 14-16 (May).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1995. In praise of metaphor. Illinois English Bulletin. 56-9 (Winter).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1995. Spice for Shakespeare: Improvs! Illinois English Bulletin. 39-43 (Spring).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1995. Bedside table. English Journal. 84(3):91-2 (March).
  • Laughlin, Rosemary. 1995. Metaphor for writers. English Journal. 84(4):43 (April).
  • Newman, F.S. and J.K. Newman. 1974. L’Unite musicale dans les odes de Pindare: La deuxieme nemeenne. Les Etudes Classiques. 42(1):3-12.
  • Newman, F. Stickney. 1974. Unity in Pindar’s fourteenth Olympian ode. 52:15-28.
  • Newman, Frances Stickney. 1975. Review of: Richard Hamilton. Epinikion: General form in the odes of Pindar. American Journal of Philology. 96:419-422.
  • Newman, Fr. St. 1979. The relevance of the myth in Pindar’s eleventh “Pythian.” Hellenika. 31:44-64.
  • Newman, Frances Stickney. 1988. Cleopatra VII. In Great lives from history: Ancient and medieval series. 554-558.
  • Newman, Frances S. 1993. The Alternative Epic: Ovids Metamorphosis.
  • Roberts, Shelley and Suzanne McGinty. 1995. Awareness of presence: Developing the researcher self. Anthropology & Education Quarterly. 26(1):112-122 (March).
  • Royer, Warren L. 1989. Peepstones, Beartracks, and Ghosts of Dutchmans Creek. Warren L. Royer and Dry Creek Press: Urbana. 977.3475 R815p.
  • Stone, David M. 1998. Teaming with opportunity: Inpired students work in teams to develop their own vision of the future. The Science Teacher. 65(4):51-53 (April).
  • Tap, Bruce. 1992. Suppression of dissent: Academic freedom at the University of Illinois during the World War I era. Illinois Historical Journal. 85(1):2-22 (Spring).
  • Tap, Bruce. 1993. Race, rhetoric, and emancipation: The election of 1862 in Illinois. Civil War History. 39(2):101-25 (June).
  • Tap, Bruce. 1993. “The evils of intemperance are universally conceded:” The temperance debate in early Grand Rapids. Michigan Historical Review. 19:17-45 (Spring).
  • Tap, Bruce. 1994. Reconstructing Emancipation’s martyr: John C. Fremont and the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War. Gateway Heritage 14(4):36-53 (Spring).
  • Wysocki, Barbara and Phillippa Kaplan. 1996. “Former AASRP Summer Institute Participants Teach Students to Appreciate Other Cultures.” Afroamericanist. Vol. 9 (1).
  • Wysocki, Barbara L. “Social Advocacy: History, Theory, and Practice,” published in Building Bridges: Connecting Classroom and Community through Service-Learning in Social Studies. Ed. by Rahima Wades. National Council for the Social Studies:Washington, DC. 2000, pp.71-75.

3.4 School Publications

3.4.1 Alumni Newsletters

  • November 2011 to present. University High School Alumni Newsletter. Printed from web version. Additional digital copies retained.
  • Spring 2008. AlumUni.
  • Fall/Winter 2006-2007. AlumUni.
  • Graduation 2004. AlumUni.
  • Summer 2003. AlumUni.
  • Summer/Fall 2002. AlumUni.
  • Fall/Winter 2001-2002. AlumUni.
  • Fall/Winter 2000-2001. AlumUni.
  • Fall/Winter 1999-2000. AlumUni.
  • Spring/Summer 1999. AlumUni.
  • Fall/Winter 1998-1999. AlumUni.
  • Graduation 1998. AlumUni
  • Spring 1998. AlumUni.
  • Autumn 1997. AlumUni.
  • Graduation 1997. AlumUni.
  • Autumn 1996. AlumUni.
  • Graduation 1996. AlumUni.
  • Winter 1995-1996. Alumuni.
  • Summer 1995. Alumuni.
  • Winter 1994. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Summer 1993. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Winter 1993. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Summer 1992. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Winter 1992. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Summer 1990. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Winter 1986. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Spring/Summer 1985. The University High School Alumni News.
  • Winter 1985. Inaugural issue of The University High School Alumni News.

3.4.2 U ‘n’ I

Volume 15

Volume 14

Volume 13

Volume 12

Volume 11

Volume 10

Volume 9

Volume 8

Volume 7

Volume 6

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1

3.4.3 CQ Newsletter (Collegebound Quarterly)

  • Fall 2005 vol. 9, issue 1
  • Winter 2004 vol. 7, issue 2
  • Winter 2002 vol. 5, issue 2
  • Summer 2000 vol. 3, issue 4
  • Winter 2000 vol. 3, issue 2
  • Summer 1999 vol. 2, issue 4
  • Spring 1999 vol. 2, issue 3
  • Winter 1999 vol. 2, issue 2
  • Fall 1998 vol. 2, issue 1
  • 1997 vol. 1, issue 4
  • 1997 vol. 1, issue 3
  • 1997 vol. 1, issue 2
  • 1997 vol. 1, issue 1

3.4.4 Other School Publications

  • 2018 May Uni High Campaign Executive Board. Define the Future of Education. [fold-out mailer announcing a fundraising “campaign goal of $10,000,000 to ensure we are able to impact the lives of students and move education forward for the next 100 years.” Includes photos of students from classes of ~2018-2020]
  • Student Desitinations. Published in May of each year by the SSO, this one page leaflet lists graduating seniors and their plans for the following year.  Uni High Library archive holds issues for 2015 to the present.  Some previous issues may be available in the SSO.
    2014 University of Illinois Laboratory High School. 2014 Alumni Directory. [165 page booklet. ~23 cm. tall]
  • 2012 (Fall) Uni Legacy Society. Gift Planning ideas from the University of Illinois Laboratory High School. [color one sheet folio]
  • 2009 (June) An Update from the Uni High Advancement Office.
  • 2007 A chance to ignite potential: University Laboratory High School [brochure produced by Uni High Office of Advancement and University of Illinois Foundation]
  • 2006 [?] Well-Fed Gargoyle [“This cookbook is the outgrowth of a discussion between Kassie Patton and Marilyn Upah-Bant … These recipes are one way to view Uni for the academic year, 2005-2006” – from p. 2]. Acknowledgements by Martha Diehl; contributors listed on p. 4.
  • 1989 Leadership and Learning Newsletter, v. 1, no. 1, Spring 1989. National Center for School Leadership.
  • 1968 Home Economics Club. Gourmet Cookbook

3.5 Publications About Uni High

  • 30 March 2021. U.S. News & World Report. Education–Best High Schools rankings: Uni High is listed as “unranked.” Includes 5 pages of metrics about Uni High.
  • 19 January 2021. Sexism in STEM at Uni High. A report and presentation by students and recent graduates, with a cover letter authored by Danbi Choi and crediting “Danbi, Ethan, Emma, Mariam, and Anya.”
  • Mathews, Jay. “Top-performing schools with elite students.” Printout from www.washingtonpost.com, 14 April 2015.  Uni High is mentioned in this listing.
  • 22 May 2011. Washington Post. The High School Challenge. Ranking America’s public high schools. Public Elites List 2011.  Uni High is listed. [1-page glossy color handout published by Advancement/Administration, with Uni’s place on the list highlighted.]
  • Croucher, Glenora. 1987. A look at Uni High. Daily Illini. (February).
  • 153.1 D83r cop. 2: Driver, Rosalind Pope. 1973. The Representation of Conceptual Frameworks in Young Adolescent Science Students. Dissertation. Urbana, Ill. Uni High science students are the subject of Driver’s research.
  • IMSA longitudinal study. Codebook of responses to survey questions. 1994.
  • Kessel, Louise. A responsive evaluation of Uni High. [Urbana, Ill.]: 1977.
  • Krug, Samuel E. Leadership and learning: A measurement-based approach for analyzing school effectiveness and developing effective school leaders. Urbana, Ill.: National Center for School Leadership, c1990.
  • 370.153 Os24a: Osgood, Judy Kay. 1981. Attitudes and Self-Concepts of Gifted High School Students. Equivalency Thesis. Urbana, Ill.
  • Renner, Bill. Dissertation. Chapter II. [Urbana, Ill.: 1987]. 0 Upah-Bant, Marilyn. 1994. Notebooks shared over the Internet enhance mathematics instruction in high schools. Instructional Microcomputing. 9(8):10-11 (November/December). This article is about Shelley Roberts, Principal of Uni High.
  • Wetzsteon, Ross. 1983. The mad, mad world of Tina Howe: A blue- blood playwright’s antic vision. New York. Nov. 20.
  • University of Illinois Bulletin. 1946. Volume 43, Number 63, June 21, 1946. University High School, Urbana, Illinois. Announcement for 1946-1947.