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Room 289 & 291: Library Instruction Classrooms

The Undergraduate Library Instruction Classroom has two teaching spaces for librarian-led class instruction sessions.

Room 291 has 40 computers for student use. The room capacity is 49, including any instructors.

Room 289 is a flexible classroom space with seating for up to 25 students.  The room includes some Chromebooks for student use.  Training is required prior to booking a session or teaching in Room 289.

Usage Guidelines

 Primary Use of Space

  • The lab prioritizes library-led instruction. It is not available for non-library led classes.
  • The lab is not intended for sequential use (daily, weekly, or monthly meetings) of the same class.
  • Priority usage is for classes that need to make use of computer-based resources and/or library staff expertise.

General Policies

  • The rooms may only be reserved for the scheduled class time. Spaces cannot be reserved for additional time before or after the class. Please note that a built-in buffer of 10 – 15 minutes between classes is accounted fro in scheduling. If there is no class scheduled before or after a class, an instructor is welcome to arrive early to set-up their class.
  • When there is a scheduled class directly following, the instructor must end class on time according to the class schedule (at the 50, 75, or 80 minute interval, etc.) to allow the next instructor time to set up.
  • If a class is doing a tour or other activity the classroom should be reserved for the time the classroom is needed only. It should not be used as a space to store coats and backpacks.
  • During weeks 5 – 10 of Fall and Spring Semesters classes will be limited to a 90 minute reservation.

Reserving the Space

  • Requests should be sent to: ugl291@library.illinois.edu. Please allow 3 business days for a response. Wait for a confirmation of the class before publicizing the information.
  • Meetings may be requested no earlier than ten days prior to the actual meeting time to allow for accommodation of instruction requests. Meetings in this room should be limited to those requiring technology.

Using the Room

  • The key and clickers are available at the Undergraduate Library Circulation Desk and may be checked out there prior to a scheduled class. The key is barcoded and you will need your i-card to check it out.
  • The room is to remain locked at all times.
  • When your class is completed:
    • Make sure the projector is turned off.
    • Close any open applications on the computers.
    • Pick up stray papers and other materials.
    • Wipe the whiteboards clean for the next user.
    • Turn off all the lights.
    • Lock the door.
    • Return key to the Circulation Desk.

Software Requests

Due to the logistical difficulty of constantly installing and uninstalling software, as well as financing and maintaining software licenses, the room cannot have specialty software installed. In rare instances, the machines may be modified to accommodate a presentation. If you have such a need, please call or email the Library IT Help Desk at (217) 244-4688 or help@library.illinois.edu at least 2 weeks in advance.

Computer Configurations

For details about the computers and room technology please see the 291 UGL Hardware and Software list.

  • 1 instructor computer
  • 40 student computers