Research Consultations

Have an upcoming research paper, and not sure what to do? Receive free research and writing support from experts at the Library and the Writers Workshop.

Research Consultations 4-9pm, Sunday-Thursday

Consultations are not available over the summer. They will begin again in September.

Watch our short video about research consultations to learn more.

Please view our available time slots to schedule an appointment with a consultant. In-person or zoom consultations are available, and are located in the Orange Box of the Orange Room on the first floor of the Main Library.

Research consultations are a great way to get help with your research assignment. Our trained consultants can help you with:

  • Brainstorming a topic 
  • Defining and focusing research questions
  • Discovering alternative search terms for your topic 
  • Finding and evaluating information resources
  • Planning effective research strategies  

Research consultations are NOT meant to check citations or proof-read papers. 

Meet Our Research Consultants 

Our consultants are friendly and eager to meet you! Research consultants are graduate students in the iSchool program, and enjoy helping students like you learn about the research process. Learn more about each consultant on our “Meet the Consultants” page.

Should I use a subject specialist instead?

Subject specialist librarians are great for research in higher level, subject specific, classes. If you need help with a more advanced research paper (especially for a 300 or 400 level class), you should make an appointment with your subject specialist librarian.

If you are a first-year or second-year student in an introductory or general studies course, research consultations are meant for you.


Writing Consultations 

The Writers Workshop, located in the Main Library, Room 100B (across from the Info Desk), is a great resource for your writing questions! Use this service to:

  • Review and refine your writing skills
  • Develop arguments 
  • Learn about expectations for academic writing 
  • Create a writing plan. 

Schedule an appointment with a consultant from the Writers Workshop to receive writing support.