The Orange Room & Info Desk

Orange Room

The Orange Room is a large study space in rooms 100 and 112 on the first floor of the Main Library.  Group and individual study are encouraged through large study tables, ample power outlets, and a variety of small and large study rooms, all of which are reservable.  Printers and smaller loanable technology, including items like chargers and calculators, is available at the service desk in room 100.  The Orange Room hosts events and partner programs as part of our student success initiative, and is adjacent to the Writers Workshop in room 100b.  You can call staff in room 100 at: (217) 300-5980.

Events in the Orange Room

The Orange Room regularly hosts for students supporting academic, health & wellness, and personal success.  Students can drop-in to de-stress activities, or book consultations for research, writing and speaking support.  Events rotate throughout the semester, so please visit our regularly updated calendar of events.

Food & Drink in the Orange Room

The Orange Room is a food-friendly area, and eating and drinks in covered containers are allowed in the space.  Eating is not permitted anywhere else in the Main Library, so please plan accordingly.  No food deliveries are allowed, and users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.  The TLAS unit reserves the right limit the presence of food based on quantity, excessively messy, smelly, noisy, or greasy composition, and/or reported disturbances to other patrons using the shared space.

Info Desk

The Information Desk (Info Desk) is a walk-up service point located in the first floor hallway at the “T” intersection connecting the three entrances to the building.  Patrons and visitors can ask questions about Library resources and spaces here, as well as get help with their class and personal research projects.  You can call the Info Desk at (217) 333 -2290, or email at: