Guide to Special Collections


Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873

Letters, 1847-1896. 30 letters. Agassiz was a professor of natural history, first at the University of Neuchatel, Switzerland, and later at Harvard University, and the founder of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard. The autograph letters deal with Agassiz’ zoological and geological activities. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library in the manuscript file. See card catalog. Purchased, 1964.

Alexander Smith Collection

200 items. Perhaps the only Alexander Smith (1829-1867) collection in the world, materials include all first editions, reprints, reissues in fine editions, and various uncollected items of the Scottish poet, essayist, novelist, critic; and once regarded as one of the most eminent writers of the nineteenth century. Collection given by Richard Murphy, Professor of Speech Communication emeritus, whose interest in Smith began when he was a graduate student. See Frienscript, Vol. 2, no. 1. Spring 1980 for an article on the donation. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. Gift of Richard Murphy, 1979.

Alyene Westall Prehn Theatre Program Collection, 1871-1930

ca. 2500 items. The Prehn Collection consisted of theater programs, clippings, and photographs pertaining to theater of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Many items relate to Chicago theaters and productions. The collection was made by Mrs. E.G. Stetson, a well-known pastel painter, and her father, D.C. Burdick, and given to Mrs. Prehn. A catalog of the collection is kept with it. Housed in the Music Library Purchased, 1961, from Mrs. Prehn.

Amanda K. Casad Collection

1732 volumes. The Casad collection was comprised of history, economics, politics, and education. The collection has been dispersed among the various department libraries. Gift, 1916, of University of Illinois President Edmund J. James, as a memorial to his mother.

American Education Collection

ca. 8300 items. The collection contained early American schoolbooks, educational magazines, college catalogs, speeches, college annuals, class books and class histories, printed chiefly in the nineteenth century. Sometimes known as the Tuttle Collection. The collection has been dispersed mostly between the Education Library and the Main Stacks. Purchased, 1928.

Andersen, Hans Christian, 1805-1875

Works. 73 volumes. The works of the Danish story writer were represented both in original Danish and in English translation. Among them are valuable first editions. The collection has been dispersed. Some of the more notable volumes, including signed editions, are kept in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. Purchased, 1952.

Andrews, James C., Collector

Literature on organ building. 700 volumes. The Andrews collection included most important publications on organ building and manufacture which were written in English and European languages during the period from the eighteenth century to the mid-twentieth, along with representative works in other languages. The collection has been dispersed. Purchased, 1949/50.

Arellano, Jesus, Collector

Mexican literature. 1300 volumes. The collector is a Mexican poet and critic. His collection of contemporary Mexican literature consisted of 900 volumes of poetry, including many rare and limited editions, and 400 volumes of novels and short stories. The collection has been dispersed.

Arkansas Experiment in Teacher Education

Survey materials, 1955-57. 9 boxes. The Arkansas Experiment in Teacher Education was a research project supported by the Fund for the Advancement of Education. Its purpose was to develop a five-year program of teacher-training; the project included all certified teacher-training institutions in the state. The collection contains correspondence, transcripts of interviews, background literature on the institutions studied, and reports which resulted from the experiment. An index to the interviews occupies one box. The collection is kept in the closed stacks, neither cataloged nor classified. Available to faculty and graduate students only by special arrangement. Gift, 1959.

Aron, Richard, 1854-1912, Collector

Aron Collection. 20,000 items. Richard Aron was a Berlin elementary school teacher. His library related almost entirely to his interest in education, especially the history of European education. In addition to early editions of the works of important writers in European education, the collection contained atlases, readers, songs, hymnbooks, catechisms, as well as materials relating to the history of gymnastics. There were also 1,000 autograph letters and an equal number of portraits. Most of the collection was was seventeenth and eighteenth century material, with some items from the sixteenth century and some from the nineteenth. A bookseller’s catalog of the collection is kept in the files of the University Librarian. The manuscripts are housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library under the call number Mq.370.943Ar67l. Purchased, 1913.

Atkinson, Hugh, Collector

Theodore Dreiser Collection. 337 books. Hugh Atkinson was University Librarian for 10 years. His extensive collection includes at least 223 first and later editions of Dreiser’s novels and other works. Among the most notable items in his collection is one of only twelve copies of the original text for “Tragic America” (New York, 1936). The collection was made available by Mrs. Mary N. Atkinson, Hugh Atkinson’s wife. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library along with an inventory of the collection. See “Friendscript,” Fall, 1987 for an aticle about the purchase. Purchased, 1987.

Baily, Henry Heaton, 1888-1957, Collector

Collection. 1636 items. Professor Baily was a Professor of Accountancy in the University of Illinois College of Commerce beginning in 1918. The collection has been dispersed. Gift, 1957/58.

Baker, Frank Collins, 1867-1942, Collector

Library. 2281 items. The Baker library dealt primarily with natural history. Baker was a zoologist and curator of the Natural History Museum, University of Illinois, 1917-1939. The collection has been dispersed. Gift, 1943/44.

Baldwin, Thomas Whitfield, 1890- , Collector

T.W. Baldwin Elizabethan Library. ca. 5800 volumes. The personal library of an eminent Shakespeare scholar of the University of Illinois, the Baldwin collection offers materials for the study of Shakespeare and other Elizabethan figures. As professor Baldwin was particularly interested in Shakespeare’s education, school materials – grammars and dictionaries – are well represented. Also included are sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth century texts of classical authors with commentaries, rhetorics, histories, Bibles, and prayerbooks. Some twenty volumes of the Baldwin Library were printed before 1640 and were unique in the United States at the time the collection was acquired. Much of the collection is housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. The collection is not online, but it has a separate shelflist. Some items are part of the general library collection. A catalog of the library’s contents is available in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. Acquired, 1967, by purchase and gift.

Bane, Russell Wynton, d. 1959, Collector

Bane Collection in History, 1855-1959. 1759 volumes. Russell Bane was a public school teacher in Blue Island, Illinois, and a graduate of the University of Illinois. His library included standard titles in history, emphasizing the Civil War period and Lincoln, and a number of biographies and historical novels. The collection has been dispersed. An unpublished catalog of the collection is kept in the Acquisitions Department. Gift, 1960.

Barlow-Smith, Mrs. Constance, Collector

Publish School Music Collection. 575 volumes, 1500 scores. Much of the Barlow-Smith collection dealt with public school music. In addition to books on music education, the collection contained vocal music and music journals. Mrs. Barlow-Smith was a faculty member of the University of Illinois School of Music. Gift, 1916.

Barton, William E.

see Horner, Harlan Hoyt. Abraham Lincoln Collection.

Baskette, Ewing Cannon, 1902-1959, Collector

Ewing C. Baskette Collection on Freedom of Expression, 16th century-1960. ca. 10,000 items. Ewing Baskette, a lawyer and librarian, owned the largest private collection on civil liberties and freedom of expression in the United States. Within the broad limits of freedom of expression, such topics as freedom of the press, censorship, constitutional rights, religious freedom, labor union activity, well-known trials, socialism, communism, and anarchy are represented. His library contains many rare and unusual items, including surviving copies of books ordered to be burned and books for which their authors were executed. In addition to books the collection includes newspapers and periodicals, broadsides and pamphlets, manuscripts, letters, briefs, and reports of trials, and some facsimiles of items not available for purchase in the original state. The collection is housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library; a shelf-list of its contents is included in the printed catalog of the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. A finding aid is also housed there. Some of this collection can be accessed through the on-line catalog. Material is still acquired for this collection. Purchased, 1959.

Behrensmeyer, H.P., Collector

Pen drawings. H.P. Behrensmeyer was considered one of the greatest penmen in the world during his lifetime. His daughter, Mrs. Helen B. Johnson, gave his collection to the Library. See “Friendscript,” Summer 1982, for article about the donation. Gift, 1982.

Bentley Richard, Firm, Publishers, London

Literary archives, 1829-1898. 29 cubit feet. The firm of Richard Bentley and Son published the fiction of Dickens, Washington Irving, Ainsworth, Bulwer-Lytton, and Cooper, as well as works of many other less prominent authors of the nineteenth century. The University Library purchased the company’s archives in several segments within a ten-year period.

The largest portion of the archives is comprised of letters addressed to the Bentleys by the firm’s many authors, such as Wilkie Collins, Thomas Hardy, Henry James, and Robert Louis Stevenson, as well as letters from readers and other publishers. There is also a set of 64 volumes privately printed, entitled “Lists of the Principal Publications Issued from New Burlington Street.” These annual volumes covered the publisher’s operation from 1829 till 1898. Subsequent additions to the collection included letters writen by the members of the firm, many more letters from authors, and records of day-to-day business. There are ledgers used as daily notebooks, a 21-volume journal of George Bentley’s career, entitled “After Business,” advertisements and printed lists of Bentley publications, press clippings, and letterbooks. The papers also include a manuscript list of the publications of Henry Colburn, Richard Bentley’s one-time partner, some documents regarding the Bentley-Colburn partnership, and Bentley’s own account of his relationship with Colburn.

The Library holds part 2 of the collection. Part 1 is held by the British Library and Part 3 by University of California at Los Angeles. There is a microfilm of all three parts, “The Archives of Richard Bentley and Son, 1829- 1898.” (Cambridge, Eng.: Chadwyck-Healey, 1976), 116 reels. There is also a finding aid to the microfilm set, “Index to the Archives of Richard Bentley & Son, 1829-1898.” Compiled by Alison Ingram. (Cambridge, Eng.: Chadwyck-Healey, 1977). Both of these can be found in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. Purchased, 1951-1961.

Bergmann, Ernst, 1881- , Collector

Bergmann Collection on Philosophy. 1634 volumes. Ernst Bergmann’s collection consisted of a large number of French and German philosophical writings of the 17th and 18th centuries, as well as rare 16th and early 17th century books. Among the rare books are commentaries on Aristotle and early editions of Pico della Mirandolo, St. John Chrystostom, Philo Judaeus, and Arminius. A cataloged list of contents of the collection is available in the University Library. Some of the collection is in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. Purchased, 1925.

B’nai B’rith library of Jewish Literature, 1733-1930

250 volumes. From 1917 until 1930, District No. 6 of the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith made annual contributions to the University Library to establish a general collection of Judaica. Although the collection includes some older items, most of the books are early twentieth century English language works. The collection is dispersed. Unpublished list of contents of the collection is kept in the office of the University Librarian. Gift, 1917-1930

Bogart, Ernest Ludlow, 1870-1959, Collector

Collection. 1241 volumes. The collection of economic materials was the gift of a one-time head of the University’s Department of Economics. The collection is dispersed. Gift, 1933/34.

Bonaparte-Wyse, William Charles

see Wyse Archives.

Brussel, John

see Ernest Ingold Shakespeare Collection.

Buckle, Henry Thomas, 1821-1862

Manuscripts, ca. 1850-80. 9 volumes and ca. 250 items in 7 folders. The manuscripts of the English historian, previously located at Eton College, contain letters, archival material, common-place books, and research notes. Much of the material has been annotated and grouped by subject. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. MS.B.b924b1 Purchased (?) 1958/59.

Burdick, D. C.

see Alyene Westall Prehn Theatre Program Collection.

Burford, Cary Clive, 1882-1861, Collector

Library and papers. 1,000 items. Thomas Burrill was a Professor of Botany and one-time acting president of the University of Illinois. His library consisted of botanical literature and general works, chiefly by standard authors. This collection has been dispersed. Gift, 1917.

Business Archives, 1825- .

1,020 cubit feet. The Business Archives contains material relating to the history of business, especially of marketing and manufacturing, as well as biographical information on the lives of Illinois businessmen of the past. The printed material includes annual financial reports, price lists, catalogs, house organs, advertisements, in addition to cash books, ledgers, day-books, inventory books, in manuscript form. A list of the business records is kept in the University Archives. An unpublished list of companies represented as of July 1, 1938 is kept in the office of the University Librarian. House organs were sent to the Center for Research Libraries. Gifts.

Carl, Martin James Collection

1030 volumes, 1145 pamphlets. The collection consisted of statistics and statistical literature. The collection has been dispersed. Gift, 1915, of University of Illinois President Edmund J. James, as a memorial to his son.

Carr, George Russell, 1877-1965, Collector

Carr collection. 3500-4000 items. George R. Carr was at one time chairman of the Board of Dearborn Chemical Company and an alumnus of the University of Illinois. His gifts included autographs, autograph letters, and documents of Presidents of the United States from George Washington to Franklin D. Roosevelt. In addition, there are other eighteenth and nineteenth century autographs and pamphlets, many volumes of biography, Chicago history, and transportation history, especially items concerning railroads. The manuscript material is in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. The rest of the collection has been dispersed. An unpublished description of the collection is in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1951-1961.

Carroll, Lewis, pseudonym

see Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898.

Cavagna Sangiuliani di Gualdana, Antonio, conte, 1843-1913, Collector

The Cavagna Library, 1116-1910. ca. 30,000 volumes; manuscripts in 450 volumes and 138 portfolios. Cavagna was an Italian public official and a recognized authority on the local history of Lombardy and Piedmont. His library contained a great many books on genealogy, biography, and local history, including materials on municipal governments. The manuscripts especially reflect the study of local history; most relate to Italian cities and towns, institutions, societies and families.

All aspects of Italian history, from the Middle Ages to the first years of the twentieth century, are prominently represented in the Cavagna collection, as is literature on Italian art and architecture. Other topics which are heavily represented are law, economics, biography, archaeology, chivalry, and records of Italian universities and academies.

Among the books in the collection, mostly written in Italian, are some incunabula, rare and early printed books, and first editions. Many of the historical documents are unique. In addition to books, pamphlets and manuscripts, the Cavagna library includes several thousand maps, both ancient and modern. There is a published catalog of part of the collection, “Manuscripts and printed documents of the Archivio Cavagna Sangiuliani in the University of Illinois Library,” compiled by Meta Maria Sexton (Urbana, 1950). Manuscript and rare books are kept in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library along with a finding aid. Purchased, 1921.

Chedsey, William R., Collector

Professional library. 431 monographs and 1122 serials. The collection was the professional library of a professor of mining engineering of the University of Illinois. Gift, 1966/67.

Chester, John Needels, 1864-1955, Collector

John Needels Chester Collection. ca. 175 items. John Chester, a member of the University’s class of 1891, gave portions of his collection to the University Library over a twenty year period. Among his early gifts was a first edition of Sir Walter Raleigh’s “The History of the World” (1614). This volume was the first gift made to the Library through the University of Illinois Foundation. His other gifts included a collection of material concerning the period of World War I, books on Napoleon Bonaparte, his family, and his era, fifteen volumes of literature, including a first edition of Harriet Beecerh Stowe’s “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and two manuscript letters written by James Whitcomb Riley. Approximately 175 manuscript items are located in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library (MS944.05n16wche) as well as the more valuable monographs. Gift, 1934-1956.

Chicago. Radio Station WGN

WGN Library of Musical Arrangements, 1930(?)-1960. 2700 titles. The WGN Library reflects the musical programming of the Chicago radio station since its beginning. Among the arrangements of operatic, concert, and popular music are many original, unpublished, or out-of-print works, representing some of the most prominent musical arrangers of the period. The collection is strongest in semi-classical music. A catalog of the library’s contents is kept in the University’s Music Library. The collection is housed in the Law Building and is accessible by application to the Music Librarian. Gift, 1957.

Churchill, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer, 1874-1965

Works, 1898-1965. 1580 titles. The Churchill collection consists of editions of virtually everything which Churchill wrote from 1898 till his death in 1965. It contains many presentation copies, autograph and typed letters, and recordings, as well as biographical works on Churchill, periodicals and newspapers containing references to him, and ephemera. The collection was assembled by a London bookseller, Harold Mortlake. A record of the holdings appears in the printed catalog of the University’s Rare Book Room. Purchased, 1970.

Civil War in Spain, 1936-1960

ca. 600 volumes. The collection was composed of biographical and historical materials concerning the Spanish Civil War. Both Republican and Communist views were represented in the collection, some of which are underground or front-line publications. A catalog of the collection is held in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1969.

Clark, Thomas Arkle, 1862-1932

Library. 1365 volumes. The personal library of the Dean of Men of the University of Illinois from 1909-1931 contained many volumes of American and English literature, as well as books of history, education, and philosophy. Gift, 1948/49.

Clayton, Sir Robert, 1629-1707

Papers, 1579-1744. 5 feet (ca. 3,000 items). The papers are chiefly addressed to Clayton, the English merchant, politician, and Lord Mayor of London in 1679-80. In addition to correspondence, the collection contained many financial documents. An index of personal names accompanies the papers. In Frank T. Melton’s Sir Robert Clayton and the Origins of English Deposit Banking, 1658-1685 (Cambridge University Press, 1986) Appendix 4, is a list of Clayton MSS in public collections. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1953.

Cobbett, William, 1763-1835

Cobbett Collection, 1751-1944. 180 editions of Cobbett’s works, 66 pictures and portraits, 24 broadsides, and 101 pieces of autographed material, including many letters. William Cobbett was a British journalist, publisher, and bookseller. His writings includes broadsides which he wrote during two periods of residence in America, Cobbett’s Weekly Political Register, Cobbett’s Parliamentary Debates, which was the first attempt at a verbatim record of the debates of Parliament, and many books and pamphlets written in support of the working classes.

The Library’s collection contains an edition of Cobbett’s first pamphlet, The Soldier’s Friend. It also includes copies of many pamphlets written in defense of England during the first stay in America, including Observations on the Emigration of Dr. Joseph Priestly, the first such pamphlet. In addition to Cobbett’s best-known pamphlets, the collection contains all 89 volumes of the Political Register, many volumes of his best-known books, representing his later period of writing, and a large number of Cobbett’s letters. The collection was made by Arnold M. Muirhead, a British bookseller. A typewritten copy of the contents of the collection exists in the office of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1953.

Colin Dew James Collection

ca. 1000 volumes. The collection was general in content. Gift, 1918, of University of Illinois President Edmund J. James, as a memorial to his father, one of the early pioneer preachers of Illinois.

Collins, James, 1840 (ca.) – 1916, Collector

Collins Collection, 1556-1916. ca.6,000 items. The library, resulting from thirty years of book collecting on Collins’ part, was devoted in large part to material on Ireland. Of particular interest are standard works of Irish history history, many of them with seventeenth century imprints. Hundreds of pamphlets commenting on Irish affairs were included — 139 bound volumes and over 2500 pieces unbound. In addition to collections of whole issues or sets of Irish newspapers and magazines, 127 volumes of newspaper clippings, primarily concerning the nineteenth century, were included. The books in the collection included local history and geography, popular literature, and Irish religious history. A catalog of the contents is available in the office of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1917.

Colvin, Carl, 1889- , Collector

Colvin Collection. 24 volumes. Carl Colvin was an alumnus of the University of Illinois and a teacher in several Illinois educational institutions. For seven years, 1924-31, he was allied with the Technical Service of the Republic of Haiti in a cooperative aid program. The Colvin collection was an outgrowth of that work. It included rare eighteenth and nineteenth century works basic to the study of Haitian history and several volumes of Haitian government documents which were printed during the 1924-31 period. A typewritten record of the contents is on file in the Library’s Acquisitions Department. Gift, 1961.

Comstock, Frederick Harmon, 1853-1939, Collector

Thoughts of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, 16th-19th centuries. 150 volumes. The collector was a long time lawyer and a charter member of the New York County Bar Association. His library consisted chiefly of English translations of Marcus Aurelius, among them some first editions and some limited editions. There were six sixteenth century items, several from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and many nineteenth century volumes. Purchase, 1939.

Crandall, Charles Spencer, 1852-1929, Collector

Library. Several thousand books and pamphlets. The collection was the private agricultural library of a University of Illinois professor of pomology, 1902-1929. Gift, 1944/45.

Crathorne, Arthur Robert, 1873-1946, Collector

Calculus Collection. 50 volumes Arthur Crathorne was a member of the faculty in mathematics, beginning in 1907. The collection focused on the calculus of variations and included some rare titles. Gift, 1944/45.

Cunningham, Harrison E., 1877-1965, Collector

Cunningham Library ca. 1,000 volumes The library reflected, in part, Mr. Cunningham’s long-time association with the University of Illinois Press as its director and with the University’s Board of Trustees, as secretary. It included about three hundred volumes published by the University Press, as well as transactions and reports of the Board of Trustees. In addition, there were a number of rare books relating to classical literature and a diverse collection of modern books. A list of the contents of the collection is held in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1965.

Czaykowsky, Elias, 1909-1973, Collector

Elias Czaykowsky Collection of Ukrainian Culture. 6500 volumes. The private library of a Detroit engineer consisted mainly of first editions of nineteenth and early twentieth century materials in Ukrainian. Although some volumes were written in other languages and concern Ukrainian problems, the largest section was Ukrainian literature, followed by items on the history and culture of the Ukraine. Purchase, 1974.

Daniels, Arthur Hill, 1865-1940, Collector

Library. 1800 items. Daniels was a professor of philosophy, 1893-1933, and acting President of the University of Illinois, 1933-34. Gift, 1940/41.

Dewson, John Reynolds, Collector

John R. Dewson Library. 984 volumes. The collection of American military history was the library of a former student of the University of Illinois. It was especially strong in material about both World Wars, but biography, exploration, and the Civil War were also represented. Gift, 1968.

Dittenberger, Wilhelm, 1840-1906, Collector

Dittenberger Classical Library. 5600 items. The Dittenberger Library for the study of classical languages was the personal collection of a professor of classical philology at the University of Halle. It contained four to five thousand programs and dissertations in classical philology, as well as works on the history of literature and grammar. A catalog of the pamphlets in the collection is located in the Classics Library. Purchase, 1907.

Doerner, Julius, d. 1917, Collector

Doerner collection. 50,000 volumes. Although much of Mr. Doerner’s collection was the result of book collecting, a portion was the stock of a bookseller in Chicago. Doerner received the bookshop in lieu of payment of fees for his cataloging the collection for auction. The collection included about six hundred rare books, along with hundreds of non-rare items on many subjects. There were several thousand volumes each of general literature, theology, and public documents, as well as hundreds in the categories of foreign language and history, medicine, and Americana, and lesser collections of other subjects. Art work and music was included, also. A catalog of the rare portion of the collection is found in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1918.

Dodgson, Charles Lutwidge, 1832-1898

The Flodden Heron Lewis Carroll Collection, 1843-1946. 300-500 items. Besides many editions of Lewis Carroll’s books, the collection of Flodden Heron, the Carroll bibliographer, included articles, newspaper clippings, pictures, letters, and personal effects of Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell Hargreaves. An unpublished list of contents is in the files of the University Librarian. Music from the collection is housed in the Music Library, and the other material is located in the Rare book Room. Purchase (?) 1955.

Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945

see Atkinson, Hugh.

Dziatzko, Karl Franz Otto, 1842-1903, Collector

Bibliographical Library. 550 items. Dziatzko was the librarian of the University of Gottingen beginning in 1886. The bibliographical segment of his library contained library science literature, paleography, histories of printing, libraries, the book trade, as well as special works on bibliography. Many volumes were presentation copies. The collection was the basis for the Library Science Library. Purchase, 1905.

Early Americana

600 volumes. The collection of books related to the history of science and the arts, as well as to other areas of the humanities. Gift, 1969/70, of Stechert-Hafner Booksellers.

Early and rare mathematical works, 1543-1898

22 titles. The collection mainly consisted of first editions of books which represent outstanding contributions to mathematical research. Represented are works of Abel, D’Alembert, Cauchy, Euler, Fermat, Grassmann, Jacobi, Legrange, Lie Gauss, and Newton. A list of the contents of the collection is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1954.

English almanacs and prognostications of the sixteenth century, 1551-1568

25 items, bound together in one volume. The almanacs and prognostications comprised the basic information for the everyday life of the Elizabethans and, therefore, acted as a shaping influence on Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Twenty-one items in the collection are unique; the remaining four have survived only in fragmentary form elsewhere. Inventory of individual titles appears in Notes and Queries, Series 6, 12:204. Purchase, 1958.

Ernest Ingold Shakespeare Collection, 1525- .

652 volumes, 3842 items of portraiture. Ernest Ingold is a prominent San Francisco businessman and civic leader and a member of the University of Illinois Class of 1909. His gifts of Shakespeare material began in 1950, with the four folios and the first edition of Shakespeare’s Poems (1640). Among subsequent contributions are a second folio bearing the scarce Smethwick imprint, and 1619 quarto editions of Merchant of Venice and Merry Wives of Windsor published by William Jaggard. The quarto volumes completed the library’s holdings of the nine Jaggard quartos. Other quarto editions followed, including one used by Lewis Theobald in his 1734 edition; that volume has Theobald’s anoations. A six volume edition of Shakespeare’s works by Nicholas Rowe (1709), the first editor of Shakespeare, is foremost among a collection of full sets of three important eighteenth century editions.

In addition to early editions of Shakespeare, the Ingold collection contains materials relating to the debated existence of Love’s Labor Won, several sixteenth century items used by Shakespeare as sources of characters, Shakespeare promptbooks and playbills, material used by M.H. Spielmann in a study of Shakespeare portraiture, and much biographical and critical material. Among the critical materials is the John Brussel collection of Shakespeare and his era, which Ingold gave to the University Library; the collection was especially strong in unusual nineteenth and twentieth century items published Europe. An Exhibtion of Books Presented to the University of Illinois Library by Ernest Ingold — Class of 1909 describes fully the Ingold gifts. Gift, 1950-.

Evans, Charles, 1850-1935

Evans papers. The letters and papers of the author of The American Bibliography contains communications with historians, bibliographers, and librarians, documents concerning Evans’ association with the Indianapolis Public Library, Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, and the Newberry Library in Chicago, and the master set of The American Bibliography. Located in the Rare Book Room Access by permission of the University Librarian. Gift, 1962.

Fairlie, John Archibald, 1872-1947

Library and papers. 9,000 volumes and 32 feet of archival material. The library of John Fairlie, a Professor of Political Science at the University of Illinois, 1909-1941, consisted of political science literature mainly. The papers, 1885-1947, contained notes, text outlines, manuscripts of his writings, correspondence, as well as printed lines, manuscripts of his writings, correspondence, as well as printed materials on municipal government and public administration. Fairlie was allied with several organizations whose materials are represented in his papers. These included Social Science research Council, National Municipal League, American Political Science Association, Illinois Special Tax commission, and Illinois Efficiency and Economy Committee. An unpublished finding aid accompanies the papers, which are located in the University Archives. Gift.

Ferguson, Frederci Sutherland, 1878- , Collector

Scottish imprints and Scotica, 1595-1700. ca. 300 volumes. Although he collected books for nearly 65 years, Frederic Ferguson was known principally for his work on the Short Title Catalogue and as the managing director of Quaritch’s. Ferguson’s collection contained early Continental books and bibliographic reference books, as well as the Scottish imprints which were acquired by the University Library.

The Scottish material was mostly printed in Edinburgh and, except for one item, was printed between 1640 and 1700. Many items are unique, and some seldom-seen printers are represented. Much of the collection is in contemporary binding, and some volumes contain Ferguson’s penciled notes on the binders’ leaves. House in the Library’s Rare Book Room. Described in Harner, James L., Ex Libris, F.S. Ferguson; a Checklist of the F.s. Ferguson Collection of Scottish Imprints and Scotica at the University of Illinois. Champaign, Illinois 1972 (Robert B. Downs Publication fund Series, No. 1) Purchase, 1969.

Fitz-Gerald, John Driscoll, 1873-1946, Collector

Library. 1257 volumes. The personal library of Professor Fitz-Gerald of Romance languages and literatures (1909-29) was especially strong in French and Spanish literature, in addition to materials of general interest. Gift, 1950/51.

Flagg, Willard Cutting, 1829-1878, Collector

Library. 242 volumes, large number of pamphlets. Flagg was a prominent Illinois citizen–a state senator, one-time president of the Illinois State Farmers’ Association, and a charter member of the University’s Board of Trustees. The collection was his personal library. Gift, 1892.

Fletcher, Hugh Mackay, 1896-1932, Collector

Library, 1812-1931. 300 volumes. Economic literature written in English in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was most prominent in the library of Hugh Fletcher, an alumnus and former faculty member of the University. Philosophy, history, and literature are also represented. A typewritten list of the collection’s contents is on file in the office of the University Librarian. Gift, 1932.

Flom, George Tobias, 1871-1960, Collector

George T. Flom Library, 1931-1940. 2315 items. The collection was the personal library of a former professor of Scandinavian languages and literatures at the University of Illinois. It consisted largely of collections of Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian language, literature, and culture, and Old Norse, Icelandic, and Faroese. Smaller, but still substantial categories were philology and linguistics, history and mythology, and runological items. A typewritten inventory of the collection is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1941.

Forbes, Stephen Alfred, 1844-1930, Collector

Library. 490 volumes. Stephen Forbes was a one-time chief of the Natural History Survey of Illinois and Professor of Entomology at the University of Illinois. His library consisted of entomological literature. Gift, 1930.

Fotitch, Constantin, 1891-1959, Collector

Library. 138 volumes. Fotitch was First Minister and later the Ambassador to the United States from Yugoslavia from 1935 till 1944. His book collection contained material about Balkan and East European politics of the world War II and the post-war periods. In addition to books, the Fotitch library included scrapbooks of press clippings which recorded Yugoslavia’s entry into World War II and the political struggle between factions supporting General Mihailovich and Marshall Tito. Gift, 1973.

Greene, Daniel Crosby, 1843-1913, Collector

Library. 220 volumes. The Greene library of Japanese history and affairs included some privately printed books and some rare items, as well as a quite complete file of the Japan Mail. The collector was a long-time resident of Japan. Gift, 1915.

Gregory, Barnard, 1796-1852

Papers, 1828-42. 67 volumes (about 6300 items). Gregory was the editor of the English magazine, The Satirist. His papers include contributions to that publication, both verse and prose, material on politics, the church, poor law reform, and personal correspondence. Most items were written in 1831-35. Unpublished calendar in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1955.

Grober, Gustav, 1844-1911, Collector

Library of Romance Language and Literature. 6367 pieces. Gustav Grober was a world-recognized romance scholar and a Professor of Romance Philology at the University of Strassburg. His collection’s greatest strength was Provencal and Italian literatures and linguistics; however, all Romance languages and dialects were well-represented, and many volumes of classical, English, and Germanic works were included. In addition to the book material, there was a large collection of dissertations and other studies in pamphlet form, representing nearly every brochure on Romance topics published in Germany during the period of 1880-1910. Purchase, 1912.

Harris, Margaret, Collector

3,000 original costume sketches, story boards and fabric samples from over 160 productions. The Motley collection spans 50 years of theater history. Motley is the corporation name of Sophia and Margaret Harris (sisters) and their friend Elizabeth Montgomery Wilmot. The collection documents the changing trends in theatrical taste, conceptual approach and visual interpretation through costume and scenery. See Friendscript, winter 1981-82 for an article about the purchase. An unpublished inventory of the collection is in the Rare Book Room. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1981.

Harris, Newton M., Collector

Collection. 1670 volumes. The collection was that of an alumnus of the University of Illinois. Gift, 1941/42.

Harwell, Richard Barksdale, 1915- , Collector

Harwell Civil War Collection. 2100 titles. Richard Harwell is a prolific author and editor of literature on the Civil War and the Reconstruction periods. His collection of 1200 Confederate imprints and 900 Civil War publications contains coduments of the Confederate Congress, as well as other publications of the period. Housed in the Library’s Rare Book Room, along with a record of the collection’s contents. Purchase, 1960.

Harwell, Richard Barksdale, 1915- , Collector

Music. 445 scores. The collection consisted of nineteenth century sheet music, most of which has the word “Dixie in its title. Gift, 1961/62.

Hays, James Wellen, Collector

Library. 1660 volumes, 873 pamphlets. Hays was Superintendent of Schools in Urbana from 1871 to 1906. His library of education literature was particularly strong in materials about the history of education in Illinois. Gift, 1929.

Heath, Robert, 1575-1649.

Letters and documents, 1614-99. 1150 pieces. The collection consists of letters and other documents relating to the life and career of a seventeenth century English judge. Housed in the Library’s Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1943/44.

Herrick, Marvin Theodore, 1899-1966, Collector

Marvin T. Herrick Italian Renaissance Drama Collection. ca. 470 titles. Marvin Herrick was a long-time member of the faculty of the University of Illinois in English and a specialist in drama. The collection was one which he selected for the University Library, and it was named for him at his death. It consisted primarily of sixteenth century plays written in Italian. Contents of the collection are recorded in Herrick’s Italian Plays, 1500-1700, in the University of Illinois Library. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1966. Purchase.

Hertzler, Arthur Emanuel, 1870-1946, Collector

Hertzler Medical Library. 7,000 volumes and several thousand separate pamphlets. The Hertzler collection was the personal library of an internationally known surgeon and teacher of surgery. Although much was English language material, French and German medical literature also was well-represented; literature pertaining to surgery and surgical pathology predominated. In addition to monographs, the library contained 75 American and European medical journals, some of which started in the late nineteenth century. Among the rare books is Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes’ dissertation on puerperal fever. Part of the library of the University of Illinois at the Medical Center, Chicago. Gift, 1937.

Heyne, Moriz, 1837-1906, Collector

Library. 5200 volumes. The Heyne library was particularly strong in lexicography; it included several hundred dictionaries of German dialects. German literature from the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries was also represented, as was literature on the history of German civilization. Heyne was a professor of German philology at the University of Gottingen and a contributor to the German dictionary of the Grimm brothers. Purchase, 1909.

Hinkley, Anson A., Collector

Hinkley Collection. 850 pamphlets. The collection was chiefly about mollusca. Gift, 1921.

Hollander, Jacob Harry, 1871-1940, Collector

Jacob H. Hollander Economic Library, 1574-1937. 4470 items. The Hollander Library was the personal collection of a distinguished scholar and professor of political economy at Johns Hopkins University from 1894 to 1940. Mr. Hollander sought to collect items which would document the development of economics; political and legal tracts were omitted. Almost fifty percent of the titles listed in Joseph Massie’s Alphabetical and Chronological Index of Commercial Books and Pamphlets (1557-1764) are represented in the collection. There is nearly a complete set of the rare tracts of the seventeenth century mercantilistic writers. Such classical economists as Adam Smith, Malthus, Thornton, J. B. Sayl, Lord Lauderdale, James and John Stuart Mill, and Robert Torrens are almost completely included in first editions. Hollander was particularly interested in David Ricardo, and almost all of his publications are present. In addition to printed material, there are letters of Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, Malthus, Ricardo, James and John Stuart Mill. There is a printed catalog of the Library: The economic library of Jacob H. Hollander…compiled by Elsie A.G. Marsh. Baltimore, Priv. print, J.H. Furst Co., 1937. Purchase, 1958.

Horner, Harlan Hoyt, 1878-1965, Collector

Abraham Lincoln Collection. 4500 items. The Lincoln collection had its origin in the private library of Harlan Hoyt Horner and Henrietta Calhoun Horner, both of the University’s Class of 1901. The former educator and his wife, a physician, attempted to collect every known printed book or pamphlet dealing with Lincoln. In addition to the central Lincoln material, they collected biographies of Cabinet members and generals of the Union Army, Congressional publications for Lincoln’s period as a Congressman and as President, bibliographies, foreign works and translations, Lincoln fiction and Children’s literature, scrapbooks of clippings appearing from 1928 to 1951, samples of books Lincoln read as a youth. The collection is mainly printed works; there are few manuscripts.

The Lincoln Room of the Library, which was established with the gift of the Horner library, also holds other special Lincoln gifts–letters, photographic portraits, and the additions which the Horners made to the collection from the time of their original gift to Mrs. Horner’s death in 1964. An endowment was provided for additions to the library. A collection of the manuscripts and correspondence of William E. Barton, a leading Lincoln biographer, was acquired from the endowment during 1969/70. A booklet describes the collection: Lincoln Room, University of Illinois Library; memorial, the Class of 1901, founded by Harlan Hoyt Horner and Henrietta Calhoun Horner, by Leslie W. Dunlap, associate director. Urbana, 1953. Housed in the Lincoln Room of the University Library. A card index of the collection is kept. Gift, 1951-1966.

Horner, Henry, 1878-1940, Collector

Collection. 1500 volumes. Henry Horner was Governor of Illinois from 1933 to 1940. his library was mainly literature concerning World War I, including pictures and scrapbooks, as well as newspapers, pamphlets, and books. Gift, 1943/44.

Howe, Stewart Samuel, 1905-1973

Fraternity collection. Stewart Howe’s collection reflecting his long association with and interest in higher education, especially student life. It contained national fraternity and sorority publications, college and university histories, annuals, and other publications, as well as material relating to journalism and Chicago and Illinois history. Mr. Howe was an educational administrator and publicist and an alumnus of the University of Illinois. Gift, 1973.

Hutchins, Henry Clinton, 1889- , Collector

Hutchins Collection, 1556-1847. 400 volumes. Defoe’s writing dominated the Hutchins library, but the collection also contained tracts written by other polemicists of Defoe’s time, an extensive collection of early books of voyages, rare translations of French novels, and works of other writers of the eighteenth century. Some items are unique in this country. Mr. Hutchins is the foremost American bibliographer of Defoe and Honorary Curator of the Defoe and Swift Collection in the Library at Yale University. A typed catalog of the contents is available in the Library’s Rare Book Room. Partially housed in the Library’s Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1962.

Illinois State Conference of Building and Construction Trades

see Patrick F. Sullivan Memorial Collection.

Jaffe, Steven, Collector

Science fiction collection. 200 books. The collection contains books on science fiction, fantasy and mystery. Great science fiction authors such as Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg are represented as well as nearly 20 first edition Agatha Christie mysteries. See Friendscript, spring 1984, for article about donation. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Gift, 1984.

Jordan, Elijah, 1875-1953, Collector

Jordan collection in philosophy. ca. 300 volumes, in addition to manuscripts and correspondence. The Jordan collection contains the private library of the head of the Department of Philosophy of Butler University, 1913-1944, as well as his manuscripts and professional correspondence, and the volumes purchased from the collection’s endowment. Access to correspondence at the discretion of the University Archivist. Gift, 1954.

Joseffy, Rafael, 1852-1915, Collector

Music library 140 boxes. Rafael Joseffy was a well-known Hungarian-American pianist, editor and composer. His library consisted of musical scores, orchestrations, piano compositions, and manuscripts, many in scarce foreign editions and many with Joseffy’s annotations. Photographs of famous musicians were also included. Housed in the Music Library. Gift and purchase, 1944.

Kanis, H.A.J., Collector

Library. 800 items. Karsten was the head of the Department of Modern Languages and Professor of German at the University of Illinois from 1906 to 1908. The Karsten library consisted primarily of works on German philology and literature. Gift, 1908.

Kaplan, Mimi, Collector

Little Black Sambo Collection. Collection given by husband of Mrs. Mimi Kaplan, librarian and professor of children’s literature at Governors State University until her death in 1984. The book in its various publications from 1899 to the middle 1950s shows many different printings, versions and changes in illustrations, as well as offshoot materials – films, puzzles, dolls, games, records, etc. See Friendscript, winter 1984, for article about donation. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Gift, 1984.

Kaufman, Hattie F., Collector

Kaufman gift. 32 volumes, 91 theater programs. The theater programs contained in the Kaufman collection include some items from early Champaign-Urbana productions and a number of programs from nineteenth century Chicago productions. The books were a miscellaneous collection of late nineteenth and twentieth century imprints. A list of the books in the collection is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1962.

Kelley, Cornelia Pulsifer, 1897-1972, Collector

Collection. 1,000 volumes. The collection is the library of a member of the English Department of the University of Illinois and a specialist on Henry James. It contained editions of James’ work annotated by Miss Kelley, as well as the materials which she collected for published studies of James. Gift, 1971/72.

Kinley, David, 1861-1944, Collector

The Kinley Collections. 4,000 volumes. Two separate gifts (of equal size) are represented in the Kinley material. The first was varied in subject matter. The second was Kinley’s personal library, largely economic literature. David kinley was a member of the faculty in economics and president of the University Illinois from 1919-1930. Gift, 1930 and 1945.

Kitchell, John Wickliff, 1835-1914, Collector

Kitchell Library. ca. 3,000 volumes. John Kitchell was a prominent resident of Pana, Illinois, active in civic, business, and legal affairs. His miscellaneous book collection was given to the University of Illinois Library. (His extensive legal library was not part of the gift.) The collection contained over one thousand volumes of literature. Other large sections, of several hundred volumes each, were geography and travel, fine arts, science and biography. A number of volumes of the Kitchell library were printed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The collection included numerous rare or limited editions, three incunabula, and some volumes with fine bindings. Gift, 1931.

Kneier, Charles Mayard, 1898- , Collector

Collection. 1065 volumes. The literature of government and political science was collected by Charles Kneier of the University of Illinois political science faculty. Gift, 1968/69.

Larsen, Henning, 1889-1971, Collector

Henning Larsen Scandinavian Collection. 257 volumes. The Larsen Scandinavian collection consisted mainly of the works of Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Engebretsen Moe, nineteenth century collectors and publishers of Norwegian folktales and legends. In addition, there were twenty-five Ibsen plays, of which twenty-one are first editions. Larsen was a Vice President, Provost, and Professor of English at the University of Illinois. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1966.

Larsen, Henning, 1889-1971, Collector

Library. 2,000 volumes. Henning Larsen’s private library consisted largely of books on Norwegian folktales and other literature. Gift, 1970.

Larson, Lawrence Marcellus, 1876-1938

Papers. 6 feet. Lawrence Larson was a long-time member of the history faculty at the University of Illinois and the head of that department from 1921 till 1936. His papers consist of several portfolios of notes and other research materials, some manuscripts, and three folios of correspondence. An inventory is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1943.

Leach, Maria, 1892-1979, Collector

Folklore collection. 819 books and periodicals. Ms. Leach’s Folklore collection includes several autographed books and samples of ms. Leach’s correspondence with eminent authors and folklorists. Reviews and copies of her works and manuscripts of both her published and unpublished books are also included in the collection. See Friendscript, summer 1980 for article about the collection. Library Gift, Theresa Brakeley, 1979.

Leavitt, Theodore, Collector

Theater prints. 5,000 items. The Leavitt collection is comprised of copper and steel engravings, lithographs, etchings, prints, and playbills showing actors, theaters, and scene designs of the British stage before 1850 and of the American theater prior to 1870. A card index is kept in the English Library. The collection itself is housed in the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Purchase, 1952/53.

Leiber, Fritz Reuter, 1882-1949

Lieber Collection. ca. 2 cubic feet. Fritz Leiber was a prominent Shakespearean actor and producer during the first half of the twentieth century. His archives contain correspondence, including letters to Leiber from his son, business records and contracts, scrapbooks and photograph albums relating to his years of association with Robert Mantell, the great Shakespearean actor, publicity releases, prompt books, programs, manuscript copies of plays written by Leiber, recordings of some of his Shakespearean roles, biographical material, and objects such as wigs. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1968.

Leland Library of Fraternity Publications

The Leland library reflects the long history of Leland Publishers in the field of fraternity publications. The printed material includes histories, song books, pledge manuals, catalogs, and other fraternity publications, some of which are early editions. In addition, archival materials consists of the papers of Leland F. Leland and Mrs. Wilma S. Leland and concerns national and local collegiate fraternities and sororities and fraternity publishing. Gift, 1972.

Leutwiler, Oscar Adolph, 1877-1953, Collector

Library. ca. 500 volumes. The collection of the literature of mechanical engineering was the professional library of the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois from 1934 till 1945. Gift, 1953.

Lewis, Oscar, 1914-1970

Research materials and papers. 239 reels of recorded tape. Oscar Lewis, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Illinois from 1948 to 1970, gave to the University Library tape recordings of the interviews used in research for his books The Children of Sanchez, Pedro Martinez, and La Vida. He also presented the manuscripts for The Children of Sanchez and La Vida, galley proofs of all three books, and reviews of the books appearing throughout the world. Not available for public use without written permission of Lewis’ heirs until 1990. Housed in the University Archives. Gifts, 1967, 1968, 1969.

Litman, Simon, 1873- , Collector

Private collection. 2,000 volumes. The library of books on economics contained many in European languages, as well as in English. Simon Litman was a University of Illinois faculty member in economics from 1908 to 1942. Gift, 1967.

Locklin, David Philip, 1897- , Collector

Collection. 824 items. The collection of Professor Locklin, a member of the University of Illinois Department of Economics beginning in 1922, pertained chiefly to the economics of public utilities. Gift, 1965/66.

Lybyer, Albert Howe, 1876-1949

Library. 5,000 items. The Lybyer library of maps, prints, photographs, and books was especially strong in materials relating to the history of the Balkans and the Near East. Professor Lybyer of the University of Illinois Department of History, 1913-1944, was an authority on the history of the Ottoman Empire. The collection also included personal papers. Gifts, 1949.

McBurney, William Harlin

see William H. McBurney Memorial Collection.

McCutcheon, John Tinney, 1870-1949

Drawings. 41 drawings. The McCutcheon collection is comprised of original drawings by the Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago cartoonist. A list of the collection’s contents is in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1972.

MacGillivray, Alexander Dyer, 1869-1924, Collector

Library. 1200 volumes. The library of Professor MacGillivray of the University’s Department of Entomology consisted mostly of zoological literature. Materials on insect morphology and on coccidae were especially well-represented. Purchase, 1924.

McMurtrie, Douglas Crawford, 1888-1944, Collector

Graphic Arts Library. 2,000 volumes. The McMurtrie library was jointly purchased by the libraries of the University of Illinois, University of Chicago, and Northwestern University, and divided equally among the three institutions. The largest segments of the collection related to bibliography and to printing and its history. Smaller collections of government publications, history, journalism in general, science, medicine, art, and religion were also included. Douglas McMurtrie was an American typographer and historian of printing. A typed list of the contents is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1945.

Mandeville, Merton Joseph, 1895- , Collector

Merton J. Mandeville Library of Parapsychology and Occultism. 400 volumes. The personal library of a University of Illinois professor of Industrial Economics, 1929-64, consists of books and other materials on the occult and parapsychology. An endowment provides for additions to the collection. A catalog of the contents of the collection is kept in the University’s Education and Social Science Library. Gift, 1966.

Martin Collection

4338 pieces. The collection consisted mainly of French language and literature. It also included French history, especially works dealing with Franco-American relations. Gift, 1956.

Matthews, William Darius Augustus, 1847-1923, Collector

Library. 400 volumes. The Rev. Mr. Matthews’ library contains a collection of penitentiary reports, books, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings about criminology. There were also manuscript records on the feeding of youngsters institutionalized in a home for children of criminal parents with which he was connected. Gift, 1925.

Mavis, Mr. and Mrs., Collectors

231 books, 172 titles. Mr. and Mrs. Mavis donated an important collection of books on engineering and sciences. Of particular note are Galileo’s Opere… (Bologna, 1655-56, 2 vols.), and Poleni’s De motu aquae mixto (Patvii, 1717). See Friendscript, spring 1981, for an article on the donation. Gift, 1981.

Mayer, Gerhard, Collector

2,000 volumes The Rainer Maria Rilke collection of Dr. Gerhard Mayer of Champaign, a retired Chicago-area tax consultant and long-standing member of the Caxton Club is quite impressive. It contains special editions as well as translations of specific primary sources and secondary criticism from many diverse countries and in numerous languages. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. See Friendscript, fall, 1984, for an article on the purchase. Purchased, 1984.

Meier, John, 1866-1953, Collector

Meier collection, 1565-1913. ca. 500 volumes. The Meier collection was a portion of the private library of a professor of German philology and folklore of the University of Freiburg, Germany. It consisted of German literature, predominantly novels, drama, and poetry of the Classical and Romantic periods. Many volumes were first editions. A typewritten list of the contents of the collection is in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1927.

Meine, Franklin Julius, 1896-1968, Collector

Franklin J. Meine Collection in Folklore, Local Color, and Humor. 8500 volumes. Franklin J. Meine was a Chicago publisher and book collector particularly interested in American humor in all its forms. Formal literary satire, joke books, humorous ballads, reminiscences of famous comedians, cartoons and comic almanacs, and humor magazines were all prominently represented in his collection. It included every important American humorist in first editions, as well as variant editions. The contents are listed in the printed catalog of the Library’s Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1955.

Meine, Franklin Julius, 1896-1968, Collector

Meine River Collection. 300 items. The river collection contained books and pamphlets on Mississippi River life, as well as photographs of steamboats and scrapbooks of river captains. A large file of the Burlington, Iowa, Saturday Evening Post is included also. Purchase and gift, 1962.

Meine, Franklin Julius, 1896-1968, Collector

Franklin J. Meine Mark Twain Collection. 2100 pieces. The Meine Mark Twain collection contained about three hundred first editions of Twain’s books and many variant editions, including foreign translations, as well as manuscripts, memorabilia, newspaper and magazine contributions by and about Twain, and many biographical and critical volumes. The contents are listed in the printed catalog of the Library’s Rare Book Room. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1969.

Mercanton, Paul Louis, 1876-1963, Collector

Polar library, 1745-1960. 250 volumes. Mercanton, a well-known Swiss glaciologist at the University of Lausanne, was for many years President of the Swiss Glacier Commission. His library contained accounts of nineteenth and early twentieth century polar expeditions, made mainly by European groups. A typed list of the collection’s contents is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1966.

Meyer, Heinrich, May 14, 1904- , Collector

Literature and science of Goethe’s time. 889 titles. The Meyer collection was intended to reflect intellectual influences of Goethe’s time. Much scientific literature was included, particularly chemistry and physics, medicine, botany, and geology; Goethe was a contributor to the literature of these fields. The collection was the library of a professor at Muhlenberg College, Pennsylvania. Purchase, 1953.

Miller, George Abram, 1863-1951, Collector

Library. 905 items. The personal library of a University of Illinois professor of mathematics, 1907-1931, consisted chiefly of mathematical literature. Gift, 1951/52.

Monroe, Walter Scott, 1882-1961, Collector

Library. 3200 volumes. Monroe’s library was mainly comprised of literature concerning education. His major interests were educational testing and techniques of research. Monroe was a University of Illinois professor of education, beginning in 1919. Gift, 1950/51.

Morey, Lloyd, 1886-1965, Collector

Lloyd and Edna Morey Library. Lloyd Morey, Professor of Accounting, 1921-55, and President of the University of Illinois from 1954 to 1955, gave his personal library of organ music and manuscript copies of his compositions to the University Library’s Music Library. Mrs. Morey made a gift of her collection of vocal music to the Music Library. The Morey collection also contains recordings of Mr. Morey’s speeches and of dinners honoring him; the recordings are housed in the University Archives. Gift, 1946-71.

Moss, Charles Melville, 1853- , Collector

Library. 293 volumes. The collection of material on classics was brought together by Professor Moss of the Department of Classics of the University of Illinois. Gift, 1927.

Muirhead, Arnold Meadowcroft, 1900- .

see Cobbett, William, 1763-1835.

Mumford, Herbert Windsor, 1871-1938, Collector

Library. 1,208 items. Mumford was Dean of the University of Illinois College of Agriculture, beginning in 1922, and chief in animal husbandry, Agricultural Experiment Station. Gift, 1939/40.

Murphy, Richard, Collector

Elocution Collection 230 volumes. Elocution as a branch of the study of rhetoric was important in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century study of speech. quaintly and profusely illustrated, these manuals usually contain an introduction on theory, followed by selections for practice. Richard Murphy was Professor of Speech Communications Emeritus, and his collection demonstrates the influence of elocution on education and the public platform for over 100 years. See also Alexander Smith Collection. See Friendscript, vol. 2, no.1. Spring 1980 for an article on the collection. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Gift of Richard Murphy, 1980.

Myers, George William, 1864-1931, Collector

Library. 760 volumes. The Myers library mainly contained materials on mathematics and the teaching of mathematics. Myers was an alumnus and one-time professor of astronomy and applied mathematics at the University of Illinois. Gift, 1929.

Nickell, Lloyd Francis, 1884-1962, Collector

Carlten Lodge Library. 2,000 volumes. The Carlten Lodge Library of eighteenth century English literature was made by an alumnus of the University of Illinois during twenty years’ residence in England as a business executive. It is comprised of original editions of Defoe, Swift, Fielding, Pope, Goldsmith, Samuel Johnson, Boswell, Addison, Smollett, and other writers of the eighteenth century. Housed in the Rare Book Room. A typed catalog of the contents is kept in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1963.

Nickell, Lloyd Francis, 1884-1962, Collector

Personal Library. The Nickell library consisted of professional literature, general reading, and several sets of periodicals. Gift, 1966.

Oberholser, Harry Church, 1870-1963, Collector

H.C. Oberholser Library of Ornithology. 2100 cubic feet. The Oberholser collection the private library of an internationally known ornithologist. The five or six hundred periodicals in complete or nearly complete sets represent serials on birds which were published in the United States and abroad, both historical titles and those current at the time the collection was acquired. The collection was particularly strong in foreign journals and the publications of state and local amateur organizations. In addition to periodicals, the library included books, some rare, and thousands of pamphlets on birds of the world. Lists of the serials and the rare books in the collection are contained in the files of the University Library. Purchase, 1947.

Ockerson, John Augusts, 1849-1924, Collector

Ockerson Library. 450 volumes. The personal library of a University alumnus and civil engineer was chiefly a collection of material on river improvement, although it also included bound volumes of professional journals and 100 volumes of general reading material. The literature on river improvement is part of the Engineering Library. Gift, 1924.

Odell, Charles Watters, 1891- , Collector

Test collection. 3150 tests. Charles Odell was a faculty member of the University of Illinois College of Education and a specialist in educational testing. His was a comprehensive collection of educational and psychological tests published before the early 1950’s. An author and subject catalog are available. Limited access through the Education Library. Gift, 1959.

Oppalzer, Egon Ritter von, 1869-1902, Collector

Logarithm tables, 1584-1934. 500 titles. The collection of logarithmic tables and related works, some of which are rare volumes, was the library of a professor at the University of Innsbruck. Most are eighteenth and nineteenth century works. A typewritten list of contents is in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1948.

Palafox y Mendoza, Juan de, bp., 1600-1659

Works, 1636-1893. 28 volumes. Palafox was a seventeenth century Spanish bishop in Mexico. The collection contains works by him and others who were involved in his career. Purchase, 1961.

Palmer, Arthur William, 1861-1904, Collector

Library. 384 volumes; ca. 500 pamphlets. The library of a University of Illinois Professor of Chemistry, 1889-1904, consisted of scientific literature, particularly in chemistry. Gift, 1904.

Palyi, Melchior, 1892-1970, Collector

Library. 2500-3000 books. Palyi was an economist who taught in German and American universities and worked actively in the financial world. His library reflected his interest in foreign trade and money and banking. It consisted chiefly of German and English language materials, including many published dissertations. The collection, which was his library at the time he left Germany (1933), was jointly purchased by the University of Illinois, Northern Illinois University, and Southern Illinois University, and divided among the three libraries. Purchase, 1970.

Patrick F. Sullivan Memorial Collection, 1962- .

The Illinois State Conference of Building and Construction Trades established a memorial fund honoring Sullivan, their president from 1938 to 1958. It is used for materials relating to the labor field, especially to the building and construction industry. Located in the library of the Instutitue of Labor and Industrial Relations. Gift, 1962.

Perlstein, Israel, Collector

I. Perlstien Collection of Czechoslovak Book Designs. 750 volumes. The Perlstein collection represents the foremost achievements in modern Czech Book design. The signed, limited editions of Czech literature mainly represent publishing of the 1920’s and 1930’s and include volumes from the best-known private and provincial presses. The collector is a New York bookseller in Slavic materials. The collection is housed in the Special Languages Department of the University Library. A separate catalog lists its contents. Purchase, 1967- .

Pregel, Sophie, 1894-1972, Collector

Correspondence and manuscripts. Miss Pregel was a poet, writer, translator and editor. She emigrated to Paris in 1922 and later moved to New York where she founded the journal, Novosselye (1942-1950). Her papers were donated by her niece, Julia Gauchman. Located in the University Archives. See Friendscript, fall, 1987 for an article on the donation. Gift, 1987.

Pratt, Marion Dolores (Bonzi), Collector

Marion D. Pratt Library. ca. 1400 volumes. The Pratt collection was the personal library of a nationally known Lincoln researcher and archivist of the Illinois State Archives. In addition to books, the collection contained sets of periodicals, prints and photographs, pamphlets, and notes on American history. It was especially strong in material about Lincoln and the Civil War period. Housed in part of the Library’s Lincoln Room. Gift, 1964.

Prehn, Alyene Wetsall

see Alyene Westall Prehn Theatre Program Collection.

Price, Maurice Thomas, Collector

Library. 25 boxes. The personal library of a sociologist and Far Eastern specialist, the collection contained sociological literature, mostly in English, and Chinese materials printed before the Communist revolution. Gift, 1964.

Quinn, Kerker

Library. 3515 volumes, 5490 phonodiscs, 24.4 cubic feet of archival material. Kerker Quinn was a long-time professor of English at the University of Illinois and editor of Direction and Accent. In addition to general and professional literature, his library included phonograph records and archival material such as personal and business correspondence and manuscripts of plays, poetry, and stories. Gift, 1970.

Quito. Instituto Ecuatoriano de Antropologia y Geografia

Library. 600 volumes. In addition to printed volumes, the library’s holdings included many public documents, about one hundred rare Ecuadorian books, original manuscripts of anthropological studies done by the personnel of the Institute (27 volumes and four maps), and several important serials. Access is through the Acquisitions Department of the University Library. Purchase, 1963.

Racheff, Ivan, 1892- .

Racheff Metallurgical Studies. 89 volumes. The reports are the original research studies of a consultant to the steel industry over a forty year period. As such, the studies record the growth and development of the American steel industry during the twentieth century. A published index to the studies is available: Racheff Metallurgical Studies; Index to Collections in the University of Illinois Library. Rev. ed. Urbana, Ill., 1965. The original reports are kept in the Department of Mining and Metallurgy. (Originals are not available for use.) Photocopies may be found in the University Library. Gift, 1956-66.

Randall, James G.

Randall-Sandburg correspondence, 1931-53. 49 letters and 3 autographed books. The collection is a correspondence between two students of Lincoln. Among the inscribed editions of Sandburg’s writing is Praise for Carl Sandburg (1953) a book of tributes on the occasion of his 75th birthday, issued in a limited edition of fifteen copies. A list of contents of the collection is available in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1967.

Raphaelson, Samson, 1896- .

Library and papers. Samson Raphaelson is a playwright, a screenwriter, and author of many short stories. He is also an alumnus and a one-time visiting professor of the University of Illinois. The collection includes his library and all of his personal and professional papers–manuscripts, theater records, correspondence. Gift, 1973 (received in part).

Rattermann, Heinrich Armin, 1832-1923, Collector

Rattermann Library, 1484-189_. 7,000 volumes. The collection was the personal library of a German-born author and researcher on the contributions of Germans in America. The library included all aspects of the development of German culture and the history of Germans in the United States. The collection was strong in literature, especially poetry, biography, travel and voyages, including maps and atlases, education, philology, religious sects, German-American societies, and records of German settlements in various sections of the country. Partial manuscript catalogs are located in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1915.

Ray, Gordon Norton, 1915- , Collector

Nineteenth century literature. 1211 volumes. Gordon Ray is a specialist in nineteenth century English literature and a former member of the faculty and administration of the University of Illinois. Gift, 1959/60.

Remey Family Records, 1804- .

ca. 35 volumes. The papers consist of typescript records of the lives and careers of Charles Mason, a one-time chief justice of Iowa, Rear Admiral George Collier Remey, U.S. Navy, his wife Mary Josephine Mason Remey, Charles Mason Remey, an architect and world lecturer on the Baha’i religious movement, and his wife, Gertrude Heim Remey. The records of Charles Mason Remey are sealed till 1995. Gift, 1939-1958.

Renaissance literature, 1475-1700

2,000 volumes. The collection of Continental Renaissance material, printed chiefly in Germany, Italy, and France, contained school books, editions of classical authors, theological tracts, including a large collection of Luther’s works, and Vulgate Bibles. Among the volumes are a number which are very rare and several incunabula. The collection was made by a bookseller. Purchase, 1955.

Richards, Grant, 1872-1948

Archives. Grant Richards was an early twentieth century British publisher and writer. Since the early 1950’s, the University Library has collected records of Richards’ publishing career. The original purchase (1952) consisted of 45 quarto volumes of Richards’ letters to authors, printers, artists, and about 15,000 letters written to Richards from authors, literary agents, artists, and other publishers. Among those represented are Yeats, Pound, Joyce, the Sitwells, Dreiser, Kipling, H.G. Wells. In 1953/54 a collection of letters from A.E. Housman to Richards was acquired. In 1958, another collection of correspondence was purchased, made up of letters from literary figures and others, family correspondence, and 150-200 letters from Ada Leverson, the English novelist. In addition, there was one file of material regarding a Richards bankruptcy. Subsequent additions included authors’ agreements (1960 and 1969/70). Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1952-

Richardson, Sir John, 1787-1865, Collector

Richardson Collection, 1809-1862. 4 manuscripts and 63 printed volumes. The collection dealt with the history of Arctic exploration and the natural history of the Arctic. The books include a complete collection of the scientific works of Richardson, some extensively annotated, and a large collection of accounts of the searches for the lost expedition of Sir John Franklin. Among the manuscripts was a complete file of the documents relating to Richardson’s search in 1847-1849 for the lost Franklin expedition, Richardson’s personal journal concerning Franklin’s first polar expedition (1819-1822), and manuscript additions to the author’s own copy of Fauna Boreali-Americana. A bookseller’s catalog of the collection is in the files of the University Librarian. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1966.

Ricker, Nathan Clifford, 1843-1924, Collector

Personal library. 28 boxes. Architecture, engineering, and general literature were prominently represented in the library of Nathan Ricker, a former Dean of the University of Illinois College of Engineering, 1878-1905. Gift, 1951.

Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926

Letters, 1905-21. 109 letters. The manuscript letters were all written by Rilke, the German poet, to Karl and Elizabeth Van Der Heydt. Housed in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1950. See also Mayer, Gerhard.

Robertson, William Spence, 1872-1955, Collector

Personal library. 9300 items. Professor Robertson, a member of the University of Illinois History Department from 1909 to 1941, collected an extensive library to support his research and writing in Latin American history. In addition to trade books, government publications, and sets of periodicals, the collection includes pamphlets, maps, and newspapers, chiefly Latin American, Spanish, and French imprints. The Revolutionary Period in Latin America, Hispanic-American relations, and biographical items about Francisco de Miranda are especially well-represented. Gift, 1953.

Robinson, Maurice Henry, 1867-1946, Collector

Collection. 1453 pieces. Maurice Robinson was on the University of Illinois faculty in economics from 1902-33. His collection was general in nature. Gift, 1938/39.

Rodkey, Frederick Stanley, 1896- , Collector

Library. 2299 items. Russian and European historical literature were well-represented in the collection of Frederick Rodkey, a University of Illinois Professor of History. Gift, 1957/58.

Rusk, Henry Perly, 1884-1954, Collector

Collector . 1832 items. The library of the one-time Dean of the University of Illinois College of Agriculture contained miscellaneous agricultural publications published over a fifty year period. Gift 1955/56.

Sandburg, Carl Randall-Sandburg Correspondence

see Randall, James G. Randall-Sandburg correspondence.

Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967, Collector

Sandburg Collection. The private papers and library of the Illinois-born poet includes a great variety of material of interest to students of Sandburg. There are copies of nearly every edition of Sandburg’s works, in translation as well as in English, many with fine bindings. In addition to first editions of famous works, there are many out-of-print and little–known works and some limited editions. The manuscript collection contains many of Sandburg’s works, both well-known and unpublished, often in several drafts, as well as typescripts and corrected galley proofs.

In addition to his own works, Sandburg had several hundred volumes of contemporary poetry and prose, often inscribed by the author and often containing Sandburg’s comments. The materials used in writing the biography of Lincoln are also included in the Sandburg collection. There is an extensive collection of printed sources on Lincoln, as well as on the entire Civil War period. The library includes notes used in writing the biography, photographs, and a small number of letters written by Civil War figures.

Among the hundred of letters in the Sandburg collection are those from literary and public figures, from other Lincoln scholars, and a great many from admirers. The library also contains recordings and transcriptions of Sandburg’s radio broadcasts and lectures, and many articles and newspaper clippings by and about him. Housed in Rare Book Room. A record of the contents of the collection is in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1956.

Sandburg, Margaret, Collector

Carl Sandburg Collection. 300 letters. Collection given by Margaret Sandburg, Sandburg’s daughter. it consists of love letters written to Lillian Steichen, between 1908 and 1919, during their courtship and after their marriage. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library See Friendscript, winter, 1988 for an article about the donation. Gift, 1988.

Schwatka, Frederick, 1849-1892, Collector

Arctic library. 54 titles. The collection of books on Arctic exploration were the personal library of the commander of the last search for the Franklin Arctic expedition, 1878-1880. Purchase, 1924.

Secker, Martin

Letters, 1910-1931. 8 volumes (ca. 6500 items). The correspondence of the British publisher consisted of letters written to authors and other publishers. Index of names in each volume. Purchase, 1969.

Seoul, Korea, Korean Research Foundation

1,000 volumes. The Korean Research Foundation donated a large collection of current Korean-language publications. See Friendscript, summer 1984, for article about the donation. Housed in the Asian Library.

Sherburn, George Wiley, 1884- , Collector

George Sherburn Collection. 3,000 volumes. George Sherburn was a professor of English literature at Harvard from 1939 to 1952. His collection, solely items printed before 1800, attempted to gather the literature which prominent eighteenth century literary figures would have read. An extensive pamphlet collection is included, as well as sets of scarce eighteenth century periodicals. Three authors, Pope, Steele, and Fielding, are particularly well-represented by editions of their works and by biographical and critical material. Purchase, 1952.

Shirk, William Allen, Collector

Shirk collection. 1165 phonodiscs; ca. 100 volumes. Shirk’s original contribution consisted chiefly of recordings of operatic productions during the Golden Age of Opera; nearly every vocal artist of that period was represented. Some recordings of non-single celebrities were included, too. To accompany the records were scrapbooks containing pictures and articles about singers of the past. Subsequent gifts were pictures of railroad locomotives, paintings and etchings, Indian objects, and books–a music collection and general volumes.; Volume fifteen of Shirk’s scrapbooks indexes the record collection. Housed in the Music Library. Gifts, 1952-1957.

Sigma Xi

Papers of Sigma Xi. 9 boxes. The Sigma Xi collection, that of the national honor society for achievement in scientific research, contained a large group of conventional proceedings, applications for charters, correspondence, and material related to the society’s quarterly journal. Stored uncataloged in the general library stacks. Gift, 1938, of Henry Baldwin Ward. Ward was the society’s general secretary from 1895 till 1922, and its president from 1922 to 1924.

Smith, Frank, 1857-1942, Collector

Collection. 226 volumes, 4000 local weather maps, 4130 pamphlets. The library of a University of Illinois Professor of Zoology, 1893-1926, contained literature on geography, weather, zoology, and general material. Gift, 1927.

Sousa, John Philip, 1854-1932, Collector

Music Library. ca. 3,000 compositions. The Sousa library consisted chiefly of music which he collected from 1896 till 1931, although instruments and photographs were included, too. The music was compositions for concert band, both Sousa’s and those of other composers, many with his penciled notations. Housed in the Band Building of the University. Gift, 1932/34.

Sparks, Marion Emeline, Collector

Library. 500 pieces. The Sparks library, consisting of travel, poetry, and garden books, was collected by a one-time librarian of the Chemistry Library of the University of Illinois. Purchase, 1929.

Spielmann, Marion Harry

see Ernest Ingold Shakespeare Collection.

Stetson, Mrs. E.G.

see Alyene Westall Prehn Theatre Program Collection.

Stodola, Frank H., Collector

60 shelf-feet of textbooks and monographs. Dr. Stodola, a 1933 graduate of the University of Minnesota, was head of the Laboratory for Biological Chemistry at the USDA Northern Regional Research Laboratories in Peoria until his retirement in 1972. His collection focuses on the first two-thirds of the nineteenth century. Housed in the Rare Book and Special Collections Library. See Friendscript, fall, 1987 for an article about the donation. Gift, 1987.

Stoek, Harry Harkness, 1866-1923, Collector

Library. 600 volumes. The mining engineering collection was made by a Professor of Mining Engineering, University of Illinois, from 1909 to 1923.

Sullivan, Patrick F.

see Patrick F. Sullivan Memorial Collection.

Sutton, William A., Collector

49,000 items. The items in Mr. Sutton’s collection include material about Sherwood Anderson, Erskine Caldwell, Robert Frost, and Carl Sandburg, as well as smaller collections concerning margaret Mitchell and Gertrude Stein. See Friendscript, summer 1981 for article on donation. Gift, 1981.

Szigeti, Joseph, 1892- , Collector

Music collection. 610 scores, 294 phonodiscs. The famous violinist’s collection contained concerti and sonatas, as well as a collection of smaller pieces and records, some of which are irreplaceable collectors’ items. Housed in Music Library. Purchase and gift, 1960.

Szu K’u Ch’uan Shu

1961 volumes. The Szu K’u Ch’uan Shu (“Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature”) was a compilation of rare books done in 1773-1782, under the patronage of Emperor Ch’ien Lung. It consisted of all known works which at that time were considered to be worthy of preservation. The gift to the library is photographic reproduction, presented by Chinese alumni of the University of Illinois. Available through the University’s Far Eastern Library. Gift, 1935.

Talbot, Arthur Newell, 1857-1942, Collector

Library. 4326 items. The library of an engineering and teacher of engineering at the University of Illinois, 1885-1926, contained primary engineering literature. Gift, 1941/42.

Tawney, Guy Alan, 1870-1947, Collector

Library. 1707 volumes. The Tawney collection, made by a one-time professor of philosophy at the University of Illinois, was strong in music and art, history, and philosophy. It also included some musical scores. Gift, 1960/61.

Townsend, Edgar Jerome, 1865-1955, Collector

Collection. 250 volumes. The Townsend collection was comprised of textbooks of elementary mathematics. Housed in Mathematics Library. Gift, 1916.

Trelease Family Library

ca. 1500 volumes. The collection included books from the libraries of Sidney B. Trelease, of Champaign, Leah Fullanwider Trelease, and Professor William Trelease, University of Illinois Professor of Botany, 1913-1926. It consisted of literature, biography, and professional and general reading. Gift, 1965.

Turner, Tom, 1870-1949, Collector

Tom Turner Collection, 1890-1949. 8,000 volumes. Tom Turner was a British post office official and a minor poet and short story writer. In his collection of modern English literature, poetry was most heavily represented, but there was a substantial collection of fiction and some other prose. The most prominent writers of the period were well-represented, along with the best works of lesser known authors. There were m any first editions and inscribed copies and a large group of first English editions of well-known novels. Purchase, 1953.

Tuttle Collection

see American Education Collection.

Tykociner, Joseph Tykocinski, 1877-1969, Collector

Library. 650 volumes. Professor Tykociner, of the University of Illinois Department of Electircal Engineering, created a plan for organizing knowledge called zetetics. His library of varied subject matter reflected the scheme and was organized by it. Gift, 1969/70.

Vahlen, Johannes, 1830-1911, Collector

Vahlen Collection. 10,650 volumes and 7,000 pamphlets. The Vahlen collection was the private library of a distinguished scholar in classical philology at Berlin University. It consisted of many texts of Greek and Latin authors, a great deal of ancient philosophy, literary, political, and religious history, and philological works in other than classical languages. About 250 titles by Renaissance writers were included, among them some incunabula. A bookseller’s catalog of the collection is kept in the files of the University Librarian. The pamphlets were added to the Dittenberger pamphlet collection. A card index of the pamphlet collection is kept in the University’s Classics Library. Purchase, 1913.

Vernadsky, George, 1887-1973, Collector

George Vernadsky Collection of Russian History. ca. 4,000 volumes. The private library of a long-time professor of Russian history at Yale University was especially strong in materials about the Kievan and Muscovite periods of Russian history. Purchase, 1973.

WGN, Inc., Chicago

see Chicago. Radio Station WGN.

Waldo, Edward hardenbergh, 1866- , Collector

Library. 1,000 volumes. The collection of electrical engineering literature was assembled by a University of Illinois faculty member, 1907-1934. Gift, 1951/52.

Ward, Henry Baldwin, 1865-1945, Collector

H.B. Ward Library, 16th century-1945. 15,000 volumes. Ward is considered the founder of the science of parasitology in the United States. he was professor and head of the Zoology Department was strongest in parasitology and water biology. However, microscopy was also well-represented, as well as botany, medicine, and bacteriology. Bibliographies and other reference works supplemented the books, journals, state and federal documents, and publications of state academies of science. Although most of the collection was professional and technical, a small section of popular material was included. A manuscript list of the contents of the collection is kept in the files of the University Librarian. Purchase, 1947.

Ward, Henry Baldwin, 1865-1945, Collector

Henry Baldwin Ward Memorial Collection. 35,000 pieces. The collection of reprints, dissertations, and monographs is composed chiefly of literature of parasitology, fresh water biology, fisheries, and conservation. In addition, there are materials relating to Professor Ward’s offices held in national organizations. The collection, which is completely classified, is housed in the Zoology Department. It is accessible to faculty and graduate students through the Biology Library of the University of Illinois. Ward’s catalog of the collection is kept with it. Gift, 1947.

Ward, Henry Baldwin. Papers of Sigma Xi

see Sigma Xi.

Wells, Herbert George, 1866-1946

H.G. Wells Archives, 1845-1946. 81.5 cubic feet. The papers of H.G. Wells, one of the foremost literary figures of the century, consist of manuscripts, correspondence, editions of Wells’ works, and miscellaneous documents. About forty full-length books, was well as many shorter pieces, are represented by typescripts or manuscripts, often in many drafts, which show the evolution of each work. Among these is an unpublished novel, Kipps and Waddy, an early version of Wells’ copies of his printed works. These include first editions, revisions, translations. The letters contain general family correspondence, communications from publishers, material regarding the Fabian Society, and letters from politicians and public figures, most notably George Bernard Shaw and Joseph Conrad. Among the remaining items is the diary of Wells’ mother, begun before his birth, Wells’ letters and stories written as a youngster, collections of clippings from newspapers and magazines, account books of his contracts and earnings, and other business records. Contents of the collection are listed as a separate part of the printed catalog of the Library’s Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1954.

Weston, Nathan Austin, 1868-1933, Collector

Nathan Austin Weston Memorial Library. 6,000 volumes. Although more than half of the Weston library was comprised of books on economic theory, there was a good representation of history, literature, and agriculture, as well. Professor Weston was a member of the University of Illinois’ faculty in economics for some thirty years and the first Dean of the College of Commerce and Business Administration. Gift, 1944, of Weston’s daughter, Dr. Janet L. Weston.

Wickham, Henry Frederick, 1866-1933, Collector

Library. 2094 items. The library of a Professor of Entomology of the State University of Iowa consisted mainly of entomological literature, including some rare material on colcoptera. Gift, 1941/42.

William H. McBurney Memorial Collection

849 volumes. The memorial to a Professor of English at the University of Illinois was strongest in the areas of the English novel and English drama. Gift, 1967/68, of Mrs. A.B. McBurney, in honor of her son.

Williams, Louis L., Collector

Williams collection. Louis Williams’ personal collection included works of A.J. Cronin and of the English novelist Claude Houghton, both with many first editions, modern novels, general literature, a large group of books on roses, and a collection of titles published by the Limited Editions Club. Lists of the contents of the collection are kept in the files of the University Librarian. Gift, 1961-63?

Wolfe, Cornelia Pulsifer (Kelley)

see Kelley, Cornelia Pulsifer, 1897-1972.

Wylie, Samuel M., Collector

Wylie Collection. 1460 volumes and 72 pamphlets. The library of a Paxton, Illinois, physician consisted of many collected sets of literature and 150 volumes of medical works. Gift, 1950.

Wyse Archives, 1816-1945(?)

ca. 200 volumes. The archives of a prominent Irish family contain diaries and journals, unpublished literary works, account and letter-books, as well as published volumes and photographs. There is a great deal of literary material, beginning with the poetry, travel accounts, and other papers of Sir Thomas Wyse, a politician and diplomat of the early nineteenth century. Of great interest to the study of modern Provencal literature is the collection of papers of William Charles Bonaparte-Wyse, who played an important part in the Felibrige literary movement. Among his papers are unpublished poems, diaries, and letters, as well as his published works. Purchase, 1965.

Yamagiwa, Joseph Koshimi, 1906-1968, Collector

Joseph K. Yamagiwa Book Collection. 1800 volumes. Joseph Yamagiwa was an internationally known scholar and for nearly twenty years head of the Department of Far Eastern Languages and Literature of the University of Michigan. His book collection was comprised of materials relating mainly to Japanese language, literature, and history. Of particular interest were seventeenth century editions of classical Japanese literature and contemporary editions of eighteenth and nineteenth century literary works. Housed partially in the Far Eastern Collection of the University Library and partially in the Rare Book Room. Purchase, 1969.

Zeleny, Charles, 1878-1939, Collector

Library. 10,400 items. The collection of a University of Illinois professor of zoology contained pamphlets, periodicals, and reports. Gift, 1939-40.

Zuppke, Robert Carl, 1879-1957

Papers. 3 feet. Robert Zuppke was the football coach at the University of Illinois from 1913 till 1941. Among his papers are four scrapbooks of correspondence received in 1938, at the time Zuppke was under fire from the Athletic Board, three volumes of greetings on the occasion of his twenty-fifth anniversary as a coach and much correspondence of Zuppke’s retirement years. Housed in the University Archives. Gift, 1962.