Office of the University Librarian

Office of Collections & Technical Services

  • Tom Teper, Associate University Librarian for Collections & Technical Services and Associate Dean of Libraries, 333-0318
  • Wendy Wolter, Administrative Aide, 217-333-0318
  • Esra Celtek Coskun, Collections Analysis and Planning Specialist, 217-333-0318
  • Melanie Rusk, Senior Library Specialist (Gifts), 217-244-3773

Office of Digital Strategies


Mortenson Center for International Library Programs

  • Clara Chu, Director and Distinguished Professory of Mortenson Center for International Library Programs Librarian, 217-300-0918
  • Katie Ebeling, Office Support Specialist, 217-300-7884

Library Advancement

Library Business & Human Resources Service Center
Business Services – 450X and 450Y Library

Human Resources – 127 Library

Library Facilities

  • Tim Newman, Assistant Dean of Libraries for Facilities, 217-333-0317
  • Wendy Wolter, Administrative Aide, 217-333-0318
  • Jacob Culbertson, Interim Facilities Operations Coordinator 217-333-0317
  • Norris Purdy, Facilities Operations Coordinator, Stores and Distribution Group, 217-333-031