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Renovations Planned for Main Library

Projects provide service, style, and scholarly opportunities

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Building Project Update

Major Library plans proceed on schedule

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Gifts at Work

Newton Manuscript

Library Acquires 17th Century Sir Isaac Newton Manuscript

Through the generosity of Library Friends Jim and Lionelle Elsesser of Saint Louis, Missouri, the University Library now holds a treasured manuscript by one of the most influential scientists of all time—Sir Isaac Newton. Opus Galli Anonymi (Work of an Anonymous Frenchman), penned in the 1690s, is Newton’s unpublished Latin translation of French instructions for […]

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I was in grade school the first time I was taken into the Library, by a family friend. I remember that we discovered the first issue of 'Life' magazine, which seemed to me of incalculable antiquitiy. For many months in the mid-60s, I returned to the archives for a University Centennial project, paging through a century of back issues of the 'Daily Illini' to compile 'An Illini Century,' a centennial memory of undergraduate life. It was an exciting time; I had the feeling that I might find most anything in those pages, and I did —from Lorado Taft's farewell to Urbana to Red Grange selling his car in the classified ads.”
—Roger Ebert
BS, 1964