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Inventory of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Digital Projects

Other inventories of digital projects, collections, or resources

*A set of criteria similar to that used by our inventory has been developed by the Inventory of Canadian Digital Initiatives. We note the following differences:

  1. Regarding the inclusion of digitization projects (the first bullet point), we believe that it is important to include less substantial projects given the recent emergence of digital projects in the Slavic, East European, and Eurasian field. The inventory will function in part as a resource for identifying new projects with room for growth, so it is important to inventory small projects.
  2. Regarding born-digital projects (the second bullet point), we are including them only when they exhibit some aspect of the "digital process" (e.g., descriptive markup).
  3. Regarding reference sources, library guides, and databases (the third bullet point), we plan to exclude these to keep the size of the inventory manageable unless they exhibit some aspect of the "digital process" (e.g., scanning from a print original).
  4. We are including projects that are not web-accessible, such as those on CD-ROM and those accessible through an internal network configuration.

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