Illini Everywhere: Egyptian Illini, Since 1910

Since at least 1910, Egyptian students have been attending the University of Illinois. Early Egyptian Illini have included agriculturalists, athletes, business administrators, chemical engineers, civil engineers, doctors, electrical engineers, linguists, politicians, and student leaders too. Read on to learn about more early Egyptian Illini!

Illini Everywhere: Assyrian Illini, Since 1941

Since at least 1941, Assyrian students have been attending the University of Illinois. Early Assyrian Illini have included athletes, coaches, engineers, entrepreneurs, ethnomusicologists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers, professional football players, and wrestlers, to name a few. Read on to learn more about early Assyrian Illini!

Illini Everywhere: Egyptian Illinois Illini, Since 1905

Since 1905, there have been multiple student groups representing new Illini from south of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad line also known as “Egyptian Illinois”. The Egyptians include many undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students who have contributed to the development of the State of Illinois. Read on to learn about Egyptian Illini!