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Obshchie Bibliografii Russkikh Periodicheskikh Izdanii, 1703-1954

Mashkova, M. V.; Sokurova, M. V. Leningrad: Gos. Publichnoi biblioteki im. M. E. Sal’tykova-Shchedrina, 1956. 139 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and Oak Street Facility 016.057 L54o

For anyone intending to survey Russian periodical publications, this guide will be extremely helpful. It will supply the researcher with titles and descriptions of all bibliographies and bibliographic guides that include periodicals published from 1703 to 1954. The introductory essay gives a concise history of periodical publishing in Russia and the bibliographic coverage of this literature. As with other bibliographic titles in the series Bibliografiia Russkoi Bibliografii, the annotations in this source are extremely valuable. As is clear in this annotation, the scholar will find very detailed information on the contents of the guide which will help to identify the most appropriate source for a particular topic.

Each entry includes citations to reviews of the bibliography and information on the special features of the source. In the entry linked above the bibliographers have focused on the statistical data available in the source. Each entry will include information on the compiler, and overview of the publication, and a detailed discussion of the source with all of its unique features. Another good example is the entry on Periodicheskaia pechat SSSR. 1917-1959 which lists not only what can be found in this bibliography but also acts as a guide to the contents to its sequels. The bibliographies are listed chronologically in the body of this guide. Other access points include an index of bibliographies of periodical publications, an index of literature consulted and an index of names.

Aside from the bibliographic entries themselves, one of the most interesting features in this volume is the list of sources on periodical statistics. This is a good starting point for research on the distribution of periodical publications. The volume also includes a chronological table, graphically showing what kind of bibliographic coverage exists for periodicals for each year from 1703-1956. This table will give the researcher an overview of the features of each bibliographic, i.e., indexes.

Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat’ (1702-1894). Spravochnik.

Dement’ev, A.G., Zapadov, A. V., Cherepakhov, M. S.

Moscow: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel’stvo Politicheskoi Liteatury, 1959. 835 p >.
OCLC Accession Number: 11511394

Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat’ (1895-1917). Spravochnik.

Cherepakhov, M. S., Fingerit, E. M.

Moscow: Gosudarstvennoe Izdatel’stvo Politicheskoi Literatury, 1957. 351 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic), Main Stacks, and Oak Street Facility 016.057 R921 v.1-2

sample entry from Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat` Dates: 1702-1917

This is a guide to periodical publications issued during the imperial period in Russian. The entries in this guide provide detailed historical information on the periodicals of the time. Along with complete publication information there is information on the intended audience, the subject matter included in the publication, its noted features and frequently, information on the founding of the journal. There is special attention given to well-known contributors to specific publications.

The volume is arranged chronologically. There are also several indexes: an alphabetical index, a list of illegal Russian publications, an index of names and a topographical index. Volume two also has an index of reprints of Bolshevik publications, a bibliography of sources and a list of the name changes adopted after the revolution for various cities.

This source includes newspapers, journals and almanacs published between 1702 and 1917. For anyone working on the history of journalism, social history, publishing, etc., this is a very valuable work. While it is not comprehensive, it covers most major publications. The compilers have based their work on Lisovskii’s list of periodical publications for the same period.

Follow the link for a sample entry.

Ukazateli soderzhaniia russkikh zhurnalov i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii 1755-1970 g.

Masanov, IU. I., Nitkina, N. V., Titova, Z. D. Moskva, “Kniga”, 1975.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and Main Stacks 016.057 M37U

picture of the author Dates: Periodical publications issued between 1755 and 1970.

This is a guide to indexes for periodical contents. The indexes may have been published at any time between 1755 and 1975. The volume is divided into three parts. The first covers periodical indexes that listed the contents of more than one title, such as Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei. The second is a list of indexes of publications issued between 1755 and 1917.  The last includes those indexes of publications issued from 1917 to 1970.

Within the chronological sections titles for journals are arranged alphabetically. Each entry includes the title of the periodical, the dates of its publication and is followed by all indexes published for that title. The citations for the indexes provide the user with the number of entries in the index, its arrangement and access points and the level of detail included, i.e. author-title entries only, synopses, etc. There are also notes on any special features of the source. The compilers have also listed cross references to general indexes in the volume that include that periodical title.

Periodical and irregularly published serial publications are included in this list of indexes. For anyone planning research which involves the use of periodical sources this is an invaluable source. It will help identify exactly the issues of a specific title needed for research. Libraries frequently hold only scattered issues of periodical titles and it is important to pinpoint just the materials you need when planning research trips. There are also bibliographies of the publications of academic organizations, the Academy of Sciences, universities and societies.  The bibliography has an index of subject headings and personal names.

Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat’. Ukazateli soderzhaniia 1728-1995.

Nitkina, N. V.

Spb: Rossiiskaia natsional’naia biblioteka. 1998.
U of I Library call number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 N584r
Dates: Periodicals published between 1728 and 1995

This guide lists some 3500 indexes to all types of Russian periodicals: journals, almanacs, bulletins, scholarly studies and other publications. It updates Masanov’s earlier work and includes some earlier publications. The arrangement is also different. This work is divided into two sections. The first is a list of general periodical indexes. In this section the researcher will find those titles that index more than one periodical. The second part lists indexes of single titles. Where no individual index exists the reader is referred to the first section, when possible. The guide includes a subject index, an index of names and an index of issuing bodies. This can be used, to get an idea of the publications issued by an organization.

The citations include full bibliographic information and descriptive notes in some cases. The notes are more extensive in the section on general indexes. As with Masanov’s book this is a resource that can save a scholar an enormous amount of time. Rather than sifting through individual issues of a periodical, many years of a title can be reviewed for relevant materials very quickly.

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Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat’ 1703-1900 gg.

Lisovskii, Nikolai Mikhailovich.
Petrograd, 1915.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 G699R

cover of Russkaia Periodicheskaia Pechat` 1703-1900 gg

This is one of the most important resources for scholars of Russian history. Lisovskii produced a complete list of the periodical publications issued in Russia. To make access to the titles easier the work was divided into two parts: the bibliography of Russian periodical publications and the graphic tables of Russian periodical publications. The first part is further subdivided into one main section which contains the bibliographic entries on the periodicals in chronological order. This is followed by a number of indexes: an alphabetical list by title, a systematic list of titles and an alphabetical list of names of publishers, editors and illustrators. The second part is made up of a series of tables that graphically display the distribution of titles over time and geographically. While these are cumbersome they present an interesting picture of Russian publishing history.

Each of the entries will provide complete publication information on a title including any title changes and information on supplements. Lisovskii will provide separate entries on the earlier titles and give cross references to these entries. Entries also have information on frequency.

Follow the link for a sample entry.

Bibliografiia Periodicheskikh Izdanii Rossii 1901-1916.

Beliaeva, L. N., Zinoveva, M. K., Nikiforov, M. M.

Leningrad: Izd. Gosudarstvennoi Publichnoi Biblioteki im. M. E. Sal’tykova-Shchedrina, 1958-1961 V.1-4.
U of I Library Call Number:
International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 L54b v.1-4

cover of Bibliograpfiia Periodicheskih Izdanii Rossii 1901-1916 Dates: 1901-1916

This is probably the most thorough listing of publications for the period immediately preceding the revolution. The bibliography was produced using the method and overall plan of IU. A. Mezhenko. The titles included here have very specific publication information. The issues for each year are listed along with all subtitles, the place of publication, years of publication, issues published in 1917, the first year of publication, the periodicity, the editors, illustrators, print run size (when available), notes on special features or title changes, location of the index for the title, its supplements, previous and later titles. I have listed all the information provided in the entries to give you an idea of the range of information it is possible to glean from this source. The fourth volume of the set is an index.

Titles are arranged alphabetically. The index volume provides access by subject, place of publication, organizations, and personal names. All Russian newspapers, journals and sborniki in publication between 1901 and 1916 are included.

The notes on individual titles can be extremely important in identifying a title in a Western library. These notes include information on title changes. Keep in mind that libraries vary in their cataloging practices. They frequently will catalog a title under the last title they own, or conversely under its first incarnation. While all libraries, strive to provide cross-referencing from one form of a title to another it is not always possible to be as thorough as they might like. If you know the various title changes you are more likely to find a title when searching library catalogs. This volume includes an extensive bibliography of the materials consulted in its compilation. For anyone seeking more information this is a handy list to consult on pre-Revolutionary periodical literature.

Follow the link for a sample entry. This item is also available in full text online. The link for this e-resource can be found here.

Periodicheskaia Pechat’ SSSR 1917-1949. Bibliograficheskii Ukazatel.

Moskva: Izd. Vsesoiuznoi Knizhnoi Palaty. 1963. Vol.1-10.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and Oak Street Facility Q. 016.057 V96p

cover of Periodicheskaia Pechat` SSSR 1917-1949

This source provides a fairly complete list of periodicals published in the Soviet Union from 1917 through 1949. It is organized into 10 volumes, the last of which serves as an index for the other nine. The first nine volumes each focus on a particular subject area:

  • vol. I, part 1-politics and economics
  • vol. I, part 2 – politics and economics
  • vol. II – natural science and math
  • vol. III – technology and industry
  • vol. IV – transportation, communication and public utilities
  • vol. V – agriculture
  • vol. VI – cultural construction, education
  • vol. VII – public health, medicine, sports
  • vol. VIII – linguistics, literature and art
  • vol. IX – publishing, library science and bibliography

The index volume has several title lists. The first is an alphabetical list of titles, this is followed by a list of journals arranged in sections by language. There is an index of titles aranged by place of publication and a final list of issuing institutions. The volume includes a list of abbreviations.

The subject volumes contain the entries for each title and full bibliographic information for each title. All title changes, supplements, frequency and other bibliographic data are noted. Each volume is arranged by subject category, but includes indexes by title, language, place of publication and issuing body.

Follow the link for a sample entry.

Letopis Periodicheskikh Izdanii SSSR.

Moscow: Izdatel’stvo Vsesoiuznoi Knizhnoi Palaty.
U of I Library Call Number : International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and Main Stacks 016.057 L561 1937, 1950-1954
016.057 L561 1955-1970
Russian Reference 016.057 L561 – 1950-54; 1955-60 – all periodicals
Russian Reference 016.057 L561 – 1961-65; 1966-70; 1971-75; 1976-80- journals only
Russian Reference 016.057 L562 – 1966-68; 1969-70 – contins
Russian Reference 016.057 L5631 – 1971-1980 – annual – sborniki
Russian Reference 016.057 L569 – 1971-1980 annual – bulletins

This publication succeeded Periodicheskaia Pechat SSSR as the register of serial publications for the Soviet Union and Russia. the title has gone through a number of transformations and the publication has been split into sub-series: Gazety, Bulletin, Sbornik, Zhurnaly. The main purpose of the source is to list all “periodical publications” of Russia.

Gazety SSSR 1917-60.

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and Oak Street Facility 016.077 G2582 (plus supplements in LPI subseries “Gazety”)

This is the most basic source for verifying Soviet newspapers. It is not limited to Russian language papers, but includes all newspapers issued in the borders of the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1960. The entries are very complete providing information on all title changes. This is no small feat given the frequent title changes for such papers as Izvestiia which underwent numerous changes during the years immediately following the revolution. The arrangement is somewhat peculiar. Volume 1 includes newspapers from major Soviet cities including: Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Alma-Ata, Ashkhabak, Baku, Vilnus, Erevan, Kishinev, Minsk, Riga, Stalinabad, Tallin, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Frunze. Volumes 2-4 are in alphabetical order by title. Volume 5 is an index volume including indexes by subject, language, place of publication, etc.

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Periodical Indexes

In this section we are listing those titles with very broad coverage. For a thorough list of periodical indexes see Masanov or Nitkina. It is also important to keep in mind the general sources that can be invaluable in finding Russian works.

Istoricheskoe rozyskanie o Russkikh povremennykh izdaniakh i sbornikakh.

Neustroev, A. N.

Spb. Tip. Tovarishchestva “Obshchestvennaia Polza.” 1874.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 N39i
Also available online at: http://tinyurl.com/neustroev

Ukazatel’ k Russkim povremennym izdaniiam’ i sbornikam za 1703-1802 gg. i k istoricheskomy rozyskaniiu o nikh.

Spb.: Parovaia Skoropechatnia P. S. IAblonskago. 1898
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 N39u1963
Also available online at: http://tinyurl.com/ukazatel

picture of the author Neustroev A.N.

For anyone interested in the 18th century, this is an indispensable resource. Neustroev has provided two volumes that list the contents and index that list. The Istoricheskoe rozyskanie… is a list of 127 journals and newspapers and 11 contents with their complete contents published from 1703 to 1802. This unique resource begins with an alphabetical index of authors, translators and publishers and an index of titles. the list of titles is also a list of periodicals published in the 18th century. The remainder of the volume is taken up with a list of the contents of each journal, title by title. For each entry, Neustroev has provided a detailed history of the journal followed by the contents for each issue listed chronologically. The second publication listed here, the Ukazatel k Russkim povremennym is an alphabetical index of the subject entries for the articles found in the other volume. The information provided here is necessarily abbreviated as can be seen in the example. When used with the other volume it is extremely useful for topical searches.

Svodnyi katalog serial’nykh izdanii Rossii (1801-1825) Tom1-.

Sankt-Peterburg: Rossiiskaia natsional’naia biblioteka, 1997- .
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.0571 Sv52 v.1-

Partially available online: http://www.nlr.ru/rlin/Periodika19v_1_3.php


a picture of the title of the Svodnyi katalog serial`nykh izdanii Rossii (1801 - 1825) Dates: 1801-1825

This new source continues the indexing of Russian periodical publications as it was begun by Neustroev for the eighteenth century. If you are looking for the contents of a periodical published during this time in order to better focus your research this is an immensely useful resource. Given the scope of the work, it will no doubt be many years before it is complete. The introductory essay lists basically every other major publication on periodicals the Russians have issued since the late nineteenth century and those that are in preparation. This catalog will be especially helpful in planning research trips as a part of the bibliographic information listed here includes the holdings at various libraries in Russia for each title. The only descriptive information missing from the annotations is the print run size for each issue.

The bibliography is arranged alphabetically by journal title. The indexes in this guide offer a tremendous amount of information. There is an index of titles, an index of titles cited in the text (for those looking for reviews), an index of Russian serial publications, an index of foreign serial titles, a geographic index, a list of abbreviations, and a list of works consulted for this bibliography.

The source is limited to periodical titles published in the first quarter of the nineteenth century The indexes of Russian and foreign serial titles relate to materials that were published in the journals indexed in this volume. Thus a reference to The Courier refers to an article in Vestnik Evropy that extracted materials from an earlier article in the The Courier. The annotations on the journal titles are really essays describing the history of the journal and its significance. Along with the holdings information, this description includes citations in the literature to further information on the title.

Follow the link for a sample entry.

Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei.

Gos. bibliogr. ukaz. Ros. Federatsii. M.:Kniga, 1926-
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 057 LE

Online Access: http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/letopis/index.jsp?lang=en

title page of Letopis` zhurnal`nykh statei Dates : 1926- (weekly)

This publication indexes the articles of the major publications issued in the Soviet Union until 1992 and the Russian Federation beginning in 1993. While not aspiring to comprehensiveness, the publication serves a variety of purposes. It is a source for identifying publications that cover a specific topic and can be used for tracking the publication of articles issued in scholarly publications such as the Uchenye zapiski of pedagogical institutes. One of the difficulties in using this publication is the erratic nature of its index. During much of its long history, Letopis zhurnal’nykh statei was indexed quarterly. For those years when it was not the user is dependent on its organization by Universal Dewey Number. This can be tedious. However, the broad coverage of the source make it important for many research needs. It has an additional function that is served by its index of serials, published annually as a supplement to the journal. This index provides full citations to irregularly published serials, listing individual volume titles as well as the numbering for the main series. The bibliography is available online as a result of project at Indiana University.

Letopis gazetnykh statei.

Gos. bibliogr. ukaz. Ros. Federatsii/Ros. kn. palata. Moscow.

Dates: 1936-, (Weekly).
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 077 L56. International & Area Studies Microform (Slavic) MFICHE 077 L56

This index lists articles published in the major newspapers in the former Soviet Union. The index is arranged by subject and is one of the few sources that can provide information on the contents of newspapers. The paper has had a a long history that has been covered in detail in a linked article. This is a source that can provide the scholar with assistance for titles that are not covered in its pages. Frequently the difficulty with newspapers is pinpointing the date an article appeared. If the subject being researched is covered in more than one paper it is possible to find record of a citation in a major paper in the index, thus indicating a range of dates that might be helpful with other titles.

While the early years were not indexed, the more recent volumes all included author indexes. This is a very rich resource that is often overlooked.

Russian Bibliography of the Social Sciences Division of the Academy of Sciences

URL: http://www.inion.ru/index6.php

This online resource is the electronic collection of individual subject bibliographies compiled and published by the library of the Social Sciences Division of the Academy of Sciences. The databases cover religion, philosophy, economics, government, law, demography, science, linguistics, literature, history, archaeology, ethnography and other fields. Like the paper series, the databases include references to articles and monographs cataloged for the library of the Academy of Sciences. After choosing the database you need to log in as ‘guest’. Searching capabilities allow one to search and limit by keyword, title word, author, source, document type, etc. The results are a full bibliographic entry. The searcher can also click on the rubric identifier, a series of letters and numbers, to locate other relevant titles in the database. Please follow this link to use the Academy of Sciences Bibliographies through our library.

screenshot of the web-site Russian Bibliography of the Social Sciences Division of the Academy of Sciences

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