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National Bibliography of Uzbekistan


This page is divided into the following sections: Library Catalogs, Bibliographies of Bibliographies, General Resources, Monographic Resources, Academy Publications, and Other Formats. A guide to resources for Uzbek periodicals, including national bibliographic publications and catalogs, is available here.


Katalog literatury na uzbekskom yazyke [microform].

Rossiiskaia natsional’naia biblioteka. Otdel literatury na natsional’nykh iazykakh.
New York: N. Ross, 1998.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Microforms MFICHE 016.9587 R736k

In addition to its massive retrospective card catalog of its pre-1999 Russian-language holdings, the Russian National Library in St. Petersburg maintained separate card catalogs of its holdings of works printed in the languages of the former Soviet Union, including Uzbek. In 1998 these catalogs were converted to microfiche and made available to Western libraries. The 121 fiche in this set contain approximately 66,000 cards for Uzbek-language Cyrillic- and Latin-script monographic works held at the Russian National Library (works in Latin script are alphabetized under the corresponding Cyrillic-script letter), as well as approximately 3,000 cards for Uzbek-language monographs printed in the Arabic script. All items in the catalog were, perforce, published before 1999. While the National Library of Uzbekistan has added some of its older holdings to its online catalog (see below), and parts of the Uzbek national bibliography are held in the U.S., this microfiche set is very likely the most comprehensive resource currently available to American scholars to review Uzbek-language publishing from its beginnings to 1998. Within each of the two script-based categories described above (Cyrillic/Latin and Arabic), cards are alphabetized according to author (including corporate authors), or by title if no author is indicated.

Alisher Navoiy Nomidagi O’zbekiston Milliy Kutubxonasi / National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi

Library Homepage: http://www.natlib.uz/

The National Library of Uzbekistan, named after Alisher Navoi, is a national repository of Uzbek and foreign publications and is a coordinating center in the sphere of library science, bibliography and the history of librarianship in the Republic. The library is one of the most important and oldest repositories in the Central Asia region. It was founded in 1870 as the Tashkent Public Library.

The NL collection holds over ten million publications. This unique collection of the national written culture (more than 250 thousand volumes) includes rare and antique editions, manuscripts, lithographs, first national periodicals, books and other documents.

alisher navoiy

There are also works on the history of Turkestan:

  • “Turkestanskii sbornik” in 594 volumes generated from the articles and anthologies;
  • “Turkestanskii albom” A.L. Kun (1871) consisting of four parts in ten volumes (historical, archaeological, ethnographic, trade) and having 1200 photos;
  • The first translation in Russian of classical works of the Uzbek literature “Shedžere-i-tjurk” (“Genealogical history of the Tatars”) by Abdul-Gaza, khan of Khiva (SPb., 1768); and
  • The first edition of Philipp Efremov’s “Ten-year traveling and adventures in Bukharia, Khiva, Persia and India and returning from there through England and Russia, written by himself” (SPb., 1785).

The first newspapers printed in Turkestan are gathered in the library. They are as follows:

  • “Turkestan vilojatining” (1870-1917);
  • “Tidžor” (1907);
  • “Turan” (1919);
  • “Sadoi Turkestan” (1914);
  • “Ishtrakiun” (1917);
  • “Turkestanskie vedomosti” (1870-1917); and
  • “Samarkand” (1904-1907).

In 1998, the library implemented library automation. In 1999, it began to create an electronic catalog of new home and foreign publications using automated information of Russia’s GPNTB Program IRBIS. The electronic catalog database of the National Library contains more than 50,000 records accessible to readers. The project “Virtual Library Consortium of Uzbekistan Libraries for Making up the Union Electronic Catalogue” is now being realized. Its database has over 150,000 records.

The initiatives on the working out of the law project of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the Librarianship” are the NL’s important achievements. This project will create a legal basis for library strategies, a normative basis for practical activity of the libraries, and the Conception and Program of the Development of the Librarianship in the Republic till 2010. The NL is the cooperative and coordinative center of the libraries’ activity, and the Interdepartmental Library Council is the consulting body.

Alisher Navoii nomidagi Uzbekiston millii kutubkhonasiga … iilda kelib tushgan adabiëtlar katalogi : Uzbek tilidagi iangi kitoblar, dissertatsiia va avtoreferatlarning bibliografik kursatkichi.

Toshkent : Alisher Navoii nomidagi Uzbekiston millii kutubkhonasi nashriëti, 2008-

OCLC Number: 277230171

A new publication of the National Library of Uzbekistan, this catalog lists new books, dissertations, and avtoreferaty of dissertations acquired by the library during the previous year. This item is not held by many WorldCat Libraries, but Indiana University does own one volume. Additionally, some idea of the content may perhaps be gained by looking at the weekly lists of new acquisitions (“novye postupleniia”) provided on published on the website of the National Library. (i.e., December 9-12, 2014).



Ukazatel’ bibliograficheskikh posobii ob Uzbekistane (1936-1965 gg.).

Viktorova, A. A. Tashkent : AN UzSSR Fundam. b-ka, 1977.

A successor to the excellent “Bibliografiia bibliografii Srednei Azii” of A. G. Bisnek and K. I. Shafranovskii (Bibliografiia Vostoka, vyp. 8-9 (1935), pp. 152-194 — U of I Library call number Russian Reference 016.95 Ak1b, v. 7-10), this bibliography of bibliographies is organized by subject and focuses on Uzbekistan in particular. Entries for nearly 1,500 bibliographic sources devoted in whole or in part to Uzbek-related topics are included, although it should be stressed that the term “bibliograficheskoe posobie” is broadly defined (i.e., many of the entries are for the brief lists of sources appearing at the end of various journal articles). Only Russian-language bibliographies are included, and all entries are annotated in some fashion. Sources relating to prominent personages in Uzbekistan (i.e., bibliographies of a scholar’s works) are included in the “Personalia” section. Name, title, and geographic indexes are provided.

Ŭzbekiston SSR bibliografik kullanmalari: davlat bibliografik kursatkichi = Bibliograficheskie posobiia Uzbekskoi SSR: gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Toshkent : ŬzSSR Davlat kitob palatasi, 1987(?)-

OCLC Number: 648168207

Presumably a similar publication to Kazakhstan’s Qazaq SSR bibliografiialyq qūraldar kȯrsetkīshī /Ukazatel’ bibliograficheskikh posobii Kazakhskoi SSR (which was also published in the late 1980s), Ŭzbekiston SSR bibliografik kullanmalari/Bibliograficheskie posobiia Uzbekskoi SSR was not available for review. Issues averaging about 150 pages in length are known to have been published for 1986, 1987, 1988 and 1989. Full annotation forthcoming.



Turkestanskii sbornik sochinenii i statei, otnoshiashchikhsia do Srednei Azii voobshche i Turkestanskogo kraia v osobennosti: sistematicheskii i azbuchnyi ukazateli sochinenii i statei, na russkom i inostrannykh iazykakh, voshedshikh v sostav … tomov Turkestanskogo sbornika.

Mezhov, V. I., Betger, E. K. et al. 4 volumes. Sanktpeterburg, 1870-1888; Tashkent, 1969.

Online access: http://quest.grainger.uiuc.edu/Turkestan/ (UIUC campus only)

At the invitation of K. P. von Kaufman, the first Russian Governor-General of Turkestan (modern Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan), the great Russian bibliographer V. I. Mezhov embarked on a characteristically-ambitious project to collect all possible published information about the new Russian possession in Central Asia and neighboring areas (i.e., Uighurstan/Xinjiang and Mongolia). This collection of books and articles extracted from journals and newspapers eventually (since the compilation of the Sbornik continued after Mezhov’s death all the way to 1917) amounted to over 22,000 pages of material in Russian, English, French, German and other languages, which were (and are) housed in the form of 594 bound volumes in the Rare Books Department of the National Library of Uzbekistan.

A digitized version of the entire Sbornik was prepared by the National Library and the U of I Library was recently able to make the full-text available to users outside of Uzbekistan. The collection is only accessible to users logged in from the U of I Campus. If you are interested in arranging a visit to Urbana to use these materials, please contact the Slavic Reference Service. While the full-text of the collection is not searchable, scholars can rely on the excellent indexes to the contents of Turkestanskii sbornik prepared by Mezhov and his staff for volumes 1-150, 151-300, and 301-416, and by the great Soviet-era bibliographer of Uzbekistan Evgenii Karlovich Betger for volumes 417-594. The contents of the Sbornik are indexed both by subject and by personal name (of authors, translators, etc.). The indexes in themselves amount to many hundreds of pages and, for the most part, are freely available through the HathiTrust Digital Library.

Index to volumes 1-150: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/nyp.33433012972562

Index to volumes 151-300: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/inu.32000004088938

Index to volumes 301-416: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/mdp.39015022468691

There is no comparable resource for European-language writings on the history, geography, economics and political situation of imperial Russian Central Asia. While, of course, there is a massive amount of information about the rest of Central Asia outside Uzbekistan (cf. E. I. Ivanchikova’s Kazakhstan na stranitsakh “Turkestanskogo sbornika,” Almaty, 2002 — U of I Library call number Central Asian Reference 016.95845 K1892) in the Sbornik, since so much of it consists of writings about Bukhara, Khiva, Kokand, Tashkent, and other parts of modern-day Uzbekistan, it has been included here as a good approximation of a national bibliographic resource for the pre-1917 era. The indexes alone are an invaluable resource for determining the extent of pre-revolutionary European-language publication on various topics, and for identifying books and articles that it may be possible to obtain by other means. More information about Turkestanskii sbornik and its indexing is available (in Russian) here.

Bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ izdanii … no. 1.

Tashkent: Uzgiz, 1935?

This 203-page item is mentioned in Edward Allworth’s Soviet Asia, bibliographies : a compilation of social science and humanities sources on the Iranian, Mongolian, and Turkic nationalities, with an essay on the Soviet-Asian controversy (U of I Library call number Central Asian Reference 016.301451 AL5S), but was not available for review.  At the time of this writing it is unclear whether the bibliography indexes only the publications of the Uzbek state publishing house (Uzgiz) or is of a more general nature, as well as whether any subsequent issues were published.

Polnaia nauchnaia bibliografiia: pechatnaia produktsiia na uzbekskom iazyke, 1925-1931.

Daminov, E. and V. Ubaidullaev. Tashkent : Gosizdat UzSSR, 1934.

This 252-page item was also, unfortunately, unavailable for review.

Uzbekistan: … g.: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ literatury.

Tashkent : Gos. izd-vo Uzbekskoi SSR, 1958-1967
U of I Library Call Number
: Central Asian Reference 016.91587 T18u [Russian-language volumes for 1956 and 1958 only]

OCLC Number: 5292086

Uzbekistan: bibliograficheskii ukazatel' literaturyThis (more or less) annual bibliography covers Russian-language books and articles published in Uzbekistan from 1953 to 1961, and Uzbek-language books and articles published in Uzbekistan from 1957 to 1961. While not necessarily as comprehensive as Ŭzbekiston SSR matbuoti solnomasi/Letopis’ Pechati Uzbekskoi SSR, this resource does provide scholars with the advantage of indexing, by subject, an entire year’s worth of material (or more) in a single volume. There are approximately 10 volumes in all.  Within each subject category, the material is organized by main entry (author or title).  Name and geographical indexes are provided, as is a list of the periodicals from which the entries for individual articles were derived.  The number of entries per year began at around 1,000 for Russian-language works in 1953, but grew to over 5,500 by 1961, while the entries devoted to Uzbek-language publications remained steady at around 2,000.

a sample entry for Uzbekistan: bibliograficheskii ukazatel' literatury



Novaia literatura ob Uzbekistane.

Tashkent: B. i., 1962
Russian National Library record: http://primo.nlr.ru/07NLR_VU1:07NLR_LMS008450144

This publication from the 1960s had many counterparts in other Soviet republics, but its print run was very small.  Published jointly by the library of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences and what is now the National Library of Uzbekistan, the issue for the first half of 1962 contained nearly 1,700 entries.  Not available for review.

Ŭzbekiston SSR matbuoti solnomasi = Letopis’ Pechati Uzbekskoi SSR : organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii UzSSR.

Toshkent : Gos. knizhnaia palata UzSSR, 1968?-1992?
OCLC Number: 4886587

Ŭzbekiston Respublikasi matbuoti solnomasi : davlat bibliografik kŭrsatkichi = Letopis’ pechati Respubliki Uzbekistan : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Toshkent : Ŭzbekiston Respublikasi Millii kitob palatasi, 1992-
U of I Library Call Number: Central Asian Reference 015.587 Uz9 (1997-1998) / Main Stacks 015.587 Uz9

In 1968 two former bibliographies“Knizhnaia Letopis/ Kitob Solnomasi”and “Letopis zhurnalnykh Statei/ Zhurnal Makalalari Solnomasi” merged into one body and formed this bibliography. This bibliography includes the publishing output of Uzbekistan which is deposited at the Davlat Kitob Palatasi according to the legal deposit laws. Types of publication include books, pamphlets, journal articles and newspaper articles.

It is arranged into three sections: books, journal articles and newspaper articles. Entries are arranged by the Uzbek, Russian and Karakalpak languages, and then alphabetically arranged by the classification categories. An exception is official articles and documents in Russian are included in Uzbek section.

Entry information for the following types of materials includes: books: general classification number is given at the beginning of the section, consecutive entry number, author, title, place of publication, publisher, date, pagination, illustrations, size, serial statement, ISBN, number of copies printed, price, government registration number, e.g. [94-1546]; and journal and newspaper articles: author, title of article, title of publication and other necessary bibliographic information for citations.

The following types of indexes are included: for books: name index (author, co-author, editor, translator, artist), title index, subject index, series index; and for journal articles: periodical title index, language index, author index.

URMS continues Uzbekistan SSR matbuoti solnomasi/Letopis pechati Uzbekskoi SSR.  1937:  4 issues published, 1937-1938, Uzbek and Russian (?) — then nothing until:  1968-1970:  quarterly, Uzbek and Russian.

Uzbekistan v pechati Sovetskogo Soiuza : organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii UzSSR = Ŭzbekiston Sovet Ittifoqi matbuotida.

Tashkent : Gos. kn. palata UzSSR
OCLC Number: 468827996

Uzbekistan v pechati SSSR i zarubezhnykh sotsialisticheskikh stran : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ = Ŭzbekiston SSSR va chet el sotsialistik mamlakatlari matbuotida.

Tashkent : Gos. kn. palata UzSSR
OCLC Number: 8600840

Published quarterly since 1968, at least through 1990.


Sovet Uzbekistoni kitobi : bibliografik kŭrsatkich = Kniga sovetskogo Uzbekstana : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Toshkent : Ŭzbekiston SSR davlat kitob palatasi
OCLC Number: 15140051

sample entry for Sovet Uzbekistoni kitobiThis retrospective bibliography covers the years 1917-1975.

  • 1917-27 Bibliografik Kursatkich/ N. Kh. Khaidarova- Tashkent, 1976
  • 1928-29 Bibliografik Kursatkich – Bibliograficheskii ukazatel -Tashkent, 1980
  • 1930-31: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. Tuzuvchilar: A.Kh. Niiazova, M. Faizullaeva va boshk. – Tashkent,
  • 1978
  • 1932-35: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. Masul muharrir.: Sh. M. Tolipova – Tashkent, 1979
  • 1936-40: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. Masul muharrir.: Sh. M. Tolipova – Tashkent, 1980
  • 1941-44: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. Tuzuvchi: M.M. Baisheva, L.P. Kotelnikova, A.T. Tishkina – Tashkent,
  • 1974
  • 1945-1950: 1981.
  • 1951-55: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. – Tashkent, 1981
  • 1956-58: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. – Tashkent, 1982
  • 1959-61: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. – Tashkent, 1982
  • 1962-64: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. – Tashkent, 1983
  • 1968-69: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. – Tashkent, 1984
  • 1970-72: Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. – Tashkent, 1984
  • 1973-75 Bibliografik Kursatkich / Bibliograficheskii ukazatel. Tuzuvchilar: D. Sharipov, B. Boiko, G. Matekubova, M. Niiazova- Tashkent, 1985

Uzbekiston SSR Kitoblarining Iilnomasi: Ezhegodnik Knigi Uzbekskoi SSR: Book annual of Uzbek SSR

Uzbekiston SSR nashriëtlar, poligrafiia va kitob savdosi ishlari buiicha davlat komiteti.; Uzbekiston SSR davlat kitob palatasi.
OCLC Number:6312318

sample entry from Uzbekiston SSR Kitoblarining Iilnomasi1976-1990
This work has been published since 1977, listing books and pamphlets since 1976. It is compiled on the basis of the monthly annals “Knizhnaia letopis” with some changes in it.

sample entry from bibliography of Uzbekiston SSR Kitoblarining Iilnomasi

Kitob letopisi: ŬzSSR davlat bibliografiia organi = Knizhnaia letopis’: organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii UzSSR

OCLC Number: 23809518


Kitob solnomasi = Knizhnaia letopis’.

OCLC Number: 26940980


Although there were frequent irregularities and gaps in publication, Kitob letopisi can be said to have been a quarterly publication from its inception in 1928 through 1955; since 1956 (and from 1938-1940), it has appeared on a monthly basis. Kitob letopisi was not published in 1931, 1933-1936, or 1941-1944. After 1968 (?) Kitob letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ appeared as part of Ŭzbekiston SSR matbuoti solnomasi/Ŭzbekiston Respublikasi matbuoti solnomasi. For most of its history, each issue of Kitob letopisi was divided into two parts: the first for books and pamphlets published in Uzbek and other languages of the USSR (besides Russian), and the second for books and pamphlets published in Uzbekistan in Russian and in languages from outside the USSR (i.e., in English). The entries are organized by subject. In general only name and language indexes are provided, although before 1939 indexes of corporate bodies and titles were also furnished. In most years a supplement containing entries for works that were not received at the Book Chamber in a timely manner appeared in issue #12.

Prior to the creation of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic in 1929, books and pamphlets (and periodical titles) published in what is now Tajikistan were also included in Kitob letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’.

Sample entries from page 8 of issue 10 of KITOB SOLNOMASI for 1997 (published as part of UZBEKISTON RESPUBLIKASY MATBUOTI SOLNOMASI, UIUC call number Central Asian Reference 015.587 Uz9)


Sovet Uzbekistoni kitobi = Kniga sovetskogo Uzbekstana/h3>
OCLC Number: 15140051

Book Annals comes out monthly and lists books, pamphlets, and since 1958 music. In the annals for 1928 and 1929, periodical publications, such as newspapers, journals and bulletins issued in the Uzbek and Tadzhik SSR, were also recorded.

Material listed is divided into two parts: in the first part is found literature in Uzbek and other languages of the peoples of the USSR (except Russian) and, in the second part, literature in Russian and foreign languages. In both parts, entries for books and pamphlets are arranged by subject, while entries for music are in alphabetical order.

The Annals have a name index and a list of languages in which books are published. Until 1939, there was also an index of corporate bodies and a title index. In some issues, usually in No. 12, an appendix containing entries for books recorded late was inserted.

  • *1928-1930 4 times a year (1928 No:2-3 is published in 1929; No:4 in 1930; 1930 No:1-4 was published in 1935)
  • *1931- not published;
  • *1932 -quarterly (No:2 is published in 1934; No:4 in 1936)
  • *1933-1936 not published
  • *1937 -quarterly (No:2-4 is published in 1938)
  • *1938-1940 monthly (1938 is published in 1939, 1939 No:3-12 is published in 1940, 1940 No: 8-12 is published in 1941)
  • *1941-1944 not published
  • *1945-1946 twice a year (1945 is published in 1949, 1946 is published in 1948
  • *1947 quarterly –published in 1948
  • *1948 3 times a year (No: 2-3 published in 1950)
  • *1949 quarterly (No: 1, 3 and 4 published in 1952, No:2 in 1956)


Bibliografiia izdanii Akademii Nauk Uzbekskoi SSR = Ŭzbekiston SSR Fanlar Akademiiasi nashrlari bibliografiiasy. Tashkent: Izd-vo Akademii Nauk Uzbekskoi SSR

U of I Library Call Number:Central Asian Reference 015.587 Ak1b [1953-1969 only]

  • 1933-1942: publ. 1965, 243 pp., from when it was the Uzbek filial of the AN SSSR
  • 1943-1952: nearly 3,000 entries for works in Russian and Uzbek
  • 1953-1957: over 3,000 entries for works in Russian and Uzbek
  • 1958-1960: nearly 3,000 entries for works in Russian, Uzbek and Karakalpak
  • 1961-1963: nearly 4,000 entries for works in Russian, Uzbek and Karakalpak

these were preceded by some less substantial publications that apparently only provided entries for serial titles published by the Academy of Sciences (as opposed to entries for the individual articles appearing in those serials) and monographs, such as Katalog knig i zhurnalov Akademii Nauk Uzbekistana, no. 2 (Tashkent, 1949, 67 pages) and Katalog izdanii byvshego komiteta nauk UzSSR, no. 1 (Tashkent, Uzbekskii filial Akademii Nauk SSSR, 1940, 32 pages).

The sample entries below are from the section listing Academy publications intended for a mass audience from the volume for 1958-1960.

Sample entries from page 332 of BIBLIOGRAFIIA IZDANII AKADEMII NAUK UZBEKSKOI SSR : KNIGI I STAT'I ZA 1958-1960 GG. (UIUC call number Central Asian Reference 015.587 Ak1b 1958-60)


Ukazatel’ doktorskikh i kandidatskikh dissertatsii, zashchishchennykh v Uzbekistane v 1936-1951 gg.: obshchestvennye nauki, estestvennye nauki, matematika. Sredneaziatskii gosudarstvennyi universitet: materialy k bibliografii; vyp. 4).

Tashkent : Izd-vo SAGU, 1954.
OCLC Number: 18765114

Entries for 595 Uzbek-language and 234 Russian-language dissertations.

Ŭzbekistonga oid dissertatsiialar bibliografiiasi, 1936-1963.

Ageev, A. I. and Viktorova, A. A.
Toshkent : UzSSR FA Fundamental kutubkhonasi, 1967, 298 pages
OCLC Number: 40207669

Alisher Navoii nomidagi Uzbekiston millii kutubkhonasiga … iilda kelib tushgan adabiëtlar katalogi: Uzbek tilidagi iangi kitoblar, dissertatsiia va avtoreferatlarning bibliografik kursatkichi.

Toshkent : Alisher Navoii nomidagi Uzbekiston millii kutubkhonasi nashriëti,2008- “Description based on: 2008 iil birinchi iarim”
OCLC Number: 277230171

Letopis’ retsenzii = Taqrizlar solnomasi.

Tashkent: Gos. kn. palata UzSSR, 1976-
OCLC Number: 27827387

In the 1970s, this bibliography of reviews published in the periodical press of Uzbekistan appeared four times a year (in issues #3, #6, #9 and #12) as part of Gazeta maqolalari solnomasi/Letopis’ gazetnykh statei.

Proizvedeniia kompozitorov Uzbekistana : ukazatel’ muzykal’noi literatury (1890-1983).

Madzhidova, A. R. and Zakhirkhodzhaeva, S. Kh.Tashkent : Gos. kn. palata UzSSR, 1984.
Russian National Library record: http://primo.nlr.ru/07NLR_VU1:07NLR_LMS006018593

Containing over 1,800 entries for musical works appearing in books, journals and newspapers published in Uzbekistan for the better part of a century, Proizvedeniia kompozitorov Uzbekistana features an impressive depth and breadth that compensates for the somewhat irregular treatment of published works of music in other national bibliographic publications. Musical works published by composers from Uzbekistan elsewhere in the world (i.e., in Moscow) are also included. While most entries are for works written in or having Uzbek or Russian titles, there are also some for works composed (or titled) in Karakalpak, Tajik, Tatar, Uighur, Ukrainian and English. The material is organized by type of music (i.e., vocal, instrumental, soundtrack, etc.), and indexes of languages, names and titles are provided.

Ŭzbekiston SSR vaqtli matbuot nashrlari solnomasi va notalar: ŬzSSR davlat bibliografik kursatkichi = Letopis’ periodicheskikh izdanii Uzbekskoi SSR i noty: organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii UzSSR.

Tashkent: Gos. kn. palata UzSSR, 1968-
OCLC Number: 9499229

Published as part of

Ŭzbekiston SSR matbuoti solnomasi/Letopis’ Pechati Uzbekskoi SSR

From 1968 to 1975, this bibliography began to appear as a stand-alone annual in 1976, and continued through at least 1987. The “notalar/noty” part of the title presumably refers to an annual compilation of entries for musical works published in Uzbekistan (or outside its borders by Uzbek composers). See the previous entry for a retrospective equivalent of this bibliography of published musical works.

It should be noted that entries for published musical works were included in Kitob letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ from 1958 to 1967.

Izoizdaniia Uzbekskoi SSR.

OCLC Number (Volume 1): 21563230
OCLC Number (Volume 2): 21446863

2 vols. Tashkent: Gos. kn. palata UzSSR, 1986-1987.

Based on the State Book Chamber’s holdings of published works of pictorial art, this two-volume retrospective bibliography indexes posters, portraits, fine art reproductions, engravings, postcards, coffee-table books, calendars, and other printed works consisting of visual art. The entries are organized by type of publication. While consisting mainly of works whose text or title is in Uzbek or Russian, works in (or titled in) Kazakh, Karakalpak, Tajik and Uighur are also represented.

Volume 1, published in 1987, includes nearly 2,500 entries for pictorial art publications dating from 1926 to 1964. Volume 2, published one year earlier in 1986, includes 4,372 entries for works published between 1965 and 1985. Separate indexes of artists/photographers/architects, authors/compilers, and persons depicted (in the works of art themselves) are provided.