Stuart David and Sophia Belzer Engstrand Collection

By Nicole Connell

The Stuart David and Sophia Belzer Engstrand Collection has been processed and cataloged, and is now open to researchers at RBML!

Stuart David Engstrand (1904-1955) was a best-selling author, publishing primarily in the 1940s. His works include Beyond the Forest, A Husband in the House, The Invaders, More Deaths Than One, The Scattered Seed, The Sling and the Arrow, Son of the Giant, Spring 1940, and They Sought for Paradise. His wife, Sophia Belzer Engstrand (1908-1963), was an author in her own right, writing the novels Julie Morrow, Miss Munday, and Wilma Rogers. She also served as an editor for her husband, contributing heavily to his works. As a duo, the two also wrote short stories and works for the stage and screen.

The Engstrand collection contains both print and archival materials. Included are manuscripts and published copies Engstrands’ works, correspondence concerning their writing, reviews, and financial documents.

If you want to know more about their writing process, read novels that were popular in the 1940s, or look at midcentury discussions of gender and sexuality, check out this collection! You can explore archival materials in our Manuscript Collections Database, or browse titles in the Special Collections Catalog.

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