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Placing Items on Physical Reserve

When we need your materials

  • Lists for the next semester should be submitted no later than two weeks before the first day of instruction.
  • You will need to submit a new reserve list each semester that the course is taught, even if the materials are being carried over from a previous semester.

Placing Library Items on Reserve

  • Please download and complete the form available at  Physical Reserves Form or ask for a physical copy at the library.
  • Completed forms can be submitted via email to Josh Hollingsead (jholling@illinois.edu) or a physical copy of the form can be dropped off at the Music & Performing Arts Library service desk.
    • Reserve requests are processed in the order received.
    • We often have to recall certain items that have been checked out by another patron, which can take three weeks or more.
    • If the library does not own a particular item on your list, we will be happy to order it; however, please note that this process can take up to eight weeks or longer, especially if the title is out of print.
    • We will notify you of any items that must be recalled or ordered so that you can plan your assignments accordingly, and perhaps bring in a personal copy of the item if you own one.
    • Only items from UIUC libraries may be placed on reserve. Materials that belong to other institutions cannot be placed on reserve, even if they are charged out to an individual instructor.

Placing Personal Copies on Reserve

  • You are welcome to submit personal or departmental items for reserve, either single or multiple copies. However, please be aware that your personal copies may be damaged or stolen during the course of the semester.
  • The reserves staff will send you an e-mail reminder at the end of the semester to pick up your personal materials, both personal copies and photocopies. Due to the high volume of material, we cannot mail back your items unless there are extenuating circumstances, so it is very important for you to come pick them up. We do not have the space to store unclaimed material.

Reserve Item Loan Periods

  • Items on reserve may be checked out for 2 hours and used in library only.
  • These loan periods are firm and will not be extended to days or weeks; therefore, if you anticipate that certain materials will be needed by students for more than two hours, please do not place them on reserve.

Locating Physical Items on Reserve

You and your students may locate reserves via the Online Library Catalog. Search for the material by course and instructor and then take the call number to the circulation desk.

Copyright Policies

The Library photocopy policy is based on the National Copyright Law that became effective January 1, 1978. The law is designed to allow reasonable use of copyrighted materials. However, law does prohibit copying as a substitute for the purchase of books, periodicals, or reprints. Any photocopies placed on reserve should comply with the Agreement on Guidelines for Classroom Copying in Not-for-Profit Educational Institutions and must meet the standards of educational fair use as outlined in Section 107 of the copyright law. Any instructor placing photocopied materials on reserve to supplement classroom instruction is responsible for contacting the copyright owner for those items requiring copyright permission, whether the photocopied materials are provided by the instructor or the teaching department. If it is determined that the material being placed on reserve does not comply with the library’s copyright policies, that material will be taken off reserve and the instructor notified.

Course Materials and Copyright for Professors guide: http://guides.library.illinois.edu/coursematerialsandcopyrightforprofessors


Contact Josh Hollingsead (jholling@illinois.edu) at the Music and Performing Arts Library with questions.