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Comparison of LC and Dewey classification systems for scores


Library of Congress


Monuments of Music M2 M780.82
Collected works
of individual masters
M3 – M4 M780.81
Instrumental Music
   1 instrument, unaccompanied
M5 – M1450
M6 – M176
     Organ M6 – M19 M786.8
     Piano M20 – M39 M786.41
     Violin M40 – M44 M787.1; M787.141
     Viola M45 – M49 M787.2; M787.241
     Violoncello M50 – M54 M787.3; M787.341
     Double-Bass M55 – M58 M787.4; M787.441
     Flute M60 – M64 M788.51; M788.5141
     Oboe M65 – M69 M788.7; M788.741
     Clarinet M70 – M74 M788.62; M788.6241
     Bassoon M75 – M79 M788.8; M788.841
     Horn M80 – M84 M788.41; M788.4141
     Trumpet and Cornet M85 – M89 M788.1; M788.141
     Trombone M90 – M94 M788.2; M788.241
     Tuba M95 – M99 M788.48; M788.4841
     Saxophone M105 – M109 M788.66; M788.6641
     Harp M115 – M119 M787.5; M787.541
     Guitar M125 – M129 M787.61; M787.6141
     Drums M146 M789
   2 or more solo instruments M177 – M993
    Duos M177 – M298
     Piano (1 instrument, 2 performers) M200 – M212 M786.49; M786.491
     Piano & violin M214 – M216 M786.49; M786.492
     Piano & viola M217 – M 223 M787.1; M787.142
     Piano & violoncello M224 – M228 M787.2; M787.242
     Piano & double bass M229 – M236 M787.3; M787.342
     Piano & flute M237 – M239 M787.4; M787.442
     Piano & oboe, English horn M240 – M244 M788.51; M788.5142
     Piano & clarinet M245 – M247 M788.7; M788.742
     Piano & trumpet, cornet M248 – M252 M788.62; M788.6242
     Piano &trombone, baritone M253 – M254 M788.8; M788.842
     Piano & tuba M255 – M259 M788.41; M788.4142
     Piano & saxophone M268 – M269 M788.66; M788.6642
     Piano & harp M272 – M273 M787.5; M787.542
     Piano & 2 string instruments M286 – M287 M787.042; M787.143; M787.243, etc.
     Piano & 2 wind instruments M288 – M289 M788.042; M788.143; M788.243, etc.
     Other duos M290 – M298 M785.72
  Trios M300 – M385
     Piano & 2 strings M310 – M314 M787.0446; M787.144; M787.244, etc.
     Piano & 2 winds M315 – M319 M788.0446; M788.144; M788.244, etc.
     Piano & 2 other solo instruments M320 – M344 M785.73
     String trios M349 – M353 M787.043; M787.143; M787.243, etc.
     Wind trios M355 – M359 M788.043; M788.143, M788.243, etc.
     Other trios M360 – M385 M785.73
  Quartets M400 – M485
     Piano & 3 strings M410 – M414 M787.0446
     Piano & 3 winds M415 – M419 M788.0446
     Piano & 3 other solo instruments M420 – M449 M785.74
     String quartets M450 – M454 M787.044
     Wind quartets M455 – M459 M788.044
     Other quartets M460 – M485 M785.74
  Quintets M500 – M585
     Piano & 4 other instruments M510 – M549 M787.75; M787.0456; M788.0456
     String instruments M550 – M554 M787.045
     Wind instruments M555 – M559 M788.045
     Other quintets M560 – M585 M785.75
  Sextets M600 – M685 M785.76; M787.0466; M788.0466; M787.046; M788.046
  Septets M700 – M785 M785.77; M787.0476; M788.047
  Octets M800 – M885 M785.78; M787.048; M788.048
  Nonets M900 – M985 M785.79; M787.049; M788.049
Orchestral, band music M1000 – M1360
   Full orchestra M1000 – M1075
     Symphonies M1001 M785.1
     Symphonic Poems M1002 M785.3
     Suites, Partitas, etc. M1003 M785.8
     Overtures, Preludes, etc. M1004 M785.5
     Concertos M1005 – M1041
         Organ M1005 – M1006 M785.668
         Piano M1010 – M1011 M785.6641
         Strings M1012 – M1019 M785.671, etc.
         Wind M1020 – M1035 M785.681, etc.
   String Orchestra M1100 – M1160 M785.47
   Band M1200 – M1270 M785.12
Juvenile Instrumental Music M1375 – M1420
Music before 1700 M1490
Vocal Music M1495 – M2199
   Secular M1497 – M1998
     Dramatic M1500 – M1527 M782.1
     Choral Music, part songs, etc. M1528 – M1608 M784.1
     Songs for one voice M1611 – M1626 M784.3; M784.31
     Songs of special character M1627 – M1998
         National (folk, patriotic, etc.) M 1627 – M1853 M784.4
     Juvenile M1990 – M1998 M784.624
   Sacred Vocal Music M1999 – M2199
     Oratorios, masses, services, etc. M2000 – M2017 M783.3
     Cantatas, anthems, part songs M2018 – M2099 M783.4
     Songs for one voice M2102 – M2114 M783.671
     Hymn, Psalm, choral books M2115 – M2146 M783.9
     Liturgy and ritual M2147 – M2188 M783.2; M783.5