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Celebrating 60 Years of Excellence in Musicology at the University of Illinois

About the Exhibit

Instruction in the history and social contexts of music has long been an important part of teaching in the School of Music at the University of Illinois, making it hard to pinpoint a moment of foundation for the Musicology Division. However, the years 1953-54 represent a critical moment in that process, since this was when three eminent scholars, John M. Ward, Claude Palisca, and Dragan Plamenac, joined the faculty and sowed the seeds for what has become one of the USA’s leading musicology programs, with strengths and resources in many areas, including ethnomusicology.

During the last sixty years, many internationally-known musicologists have taught at the University of Illinois, both as faculty and visitors. Many graduate students have taken degrees here (the first PhD in 1957) and have gone on to illustrious careers and faculty positions in significant colleges and universities.

In 2011 the Graduate College of the University of Illinois acknowledged the quality of the Musicology PhD program with a “Sustaining Excellence in Doctoral Programs Award.” This recognition helped shape the fall symposium, “Sixty Years of Excellence in Musicology at Illinois” (25 October 2013), which was timed to coincide with the 2013 Bruno and Wanda Nettl Distinguished Lecture in Ethnomusicology.

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This exhibition gives glimpses of many of the musicologists who have contributed to the Division’s activities over six decades.

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Featured Faculty Items

  • Claude PaliscaHumanism in Italian Renaissance Musical Thought
  • Dragan Plamenac (Editor) – Johannes Ockeghem Collected Works
  • Scott Goldthwaite – Ornamentation in Music for the Keyboard
  • John M. Ward (Introduction) – The Königsberg Manuscript
  • First PhD Dissertation in Musicology at Illinois
    Emil Gustave Ahnell – The Concept of Tonality in the Operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau (August 6, 1957)
  • Photograph – Dragan Plamenac with alumnus Bartlett Butler
    at Plamenac’s honorary degree party, 1977

Featured Faculty Items

  • Photograph – Musicology Faculty behind Hill Annex, 1966/1967
    Pictured: Gerard Behague, Charles Hamm, Herbert Kellman, Bruno Nettl
  • Nicholas Temperley (Editor) – The London Pianoforte School 1766-1860
  • Bruno NettlThe Study of Ethnomusicology: Thirty-one Issues and Concepts
  • Herbert Kellman (Editor) – The Treasury of Petrus Alamire
  • Photograph – Seminar on Indian music given by visiting professor S. Ramanathan, 1966
  • Photograph – Charles Hamm and graduate student (from Ghana) William Amoaku, 1969
  • Charles HammYesterday’s Popular Song in America
  • Visiting Faculty George Hunter (Editor) – William Byrd: Five Part Consorts (sheet music)
  • Visiting Faculty Otto Kinkeldey – “Changing Relations within the Field of Musicology”

Items depicted from adjacent list.

Depiction of items in adjacent list.

Featured Faculty Items

  • PhotographNew Golden Rule Orchestra (organized by Lawrence Gushee) playing at a conference on the history of Ethnomusicology, 1988. Pictured: Lawrence Gushee (clarinet), Chris Waterman (bass), Tom Birkner (trumpet), Morgan Powell (trombone)
  • Gerard BéhagueMusic in Latin America: An Introduction
  • Visiting Faculty Peter Crossley-Holland – Tibetan Ritual Music
  • Lawrence GusheePioneers of Jazz: The Story of the Creole Band
  • Photograph – Seminar on Burgundian – Hapsburg Manuscripts, Belgium, 1999 Pictured: Herbert Kellman, Jesse Krusemark, Sarah Long, Jill McAllister, Eric Tenger, Trudie Ramson, Stacey Jocoy
  • Visiting Faculty Carl DahlhausFoundation of Music History
  • Alexander L. Ringer Arnold Schoenberg: The Composer as Jew
  • Anne Bagnall YardleyPerforming Piety: Musical Culture in Medieval English Nunneries

Featured Faculty Items

  • Photograph – Illinois group at a Society for Ethnomusicology meeting, 1983
    Pictured: Doris Dyen, Martha Davis, Charles Capwell, Sally Critchlow, Jordan Ellison, Isabel Wong, Marcello Sorce Keller, Carol Babiracki, Stephen Wild, Chris Waterman, Steven Whiting, Anthony Rauche, Victoria Levine, Robert Witmer, Gerard Behague, Daniel Neuman, Robert Ollikkala
  • Tom R. WardThe Polyphonic Office Hymn, 1400-1520: A Descriptive Catalogue
  • Charles CapwellThe Music of the Bauls of Bengal
  • John Walter HillRoman Monody,Cantata, and Opera from the Circles Around Cardinal Montalto
  • Thomas TurinoMusic as Social Life: The Politics of Participation
  • Isabel Wong – “The Music of China” in Excursions in World Music
  • Pamela PotterMost German of the Arts
  • Stephen Blum (Editor)Ethnomusicology and Modern Music History
  • David StigbergUrban Musical Culture in Mexico: Professional Musicianship and Media in the Musical Life of Contemporary Veracruz

Items depicted in adjacent list.

Photo of items in adjacent list

Photo of items in adjacent list

Featured Faculty Items

  • Gabriel SolisMusical Improvisation: Art, Education, and Society
  • Donna BuchananPerforming Democracy: Bulgarian Music and Musicians in Transition and Balkanalia CD
  • Photograph – Balkanalia performing at the reception for Croat Representative to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Žejlko Komšic, on October 1, 2013.
  • Michael Silvers -“Bandas Cabaçais”
  • Jeffrey MageeIrving Berlin’s American Musical Theatre
  • Christina BashfordThe Pursuit of High Culture: John Ella and Chamber Music in Victorian London
  • Christopher Macklin – “Plague, Performance and the Elusive History of the Stella Celi Extirpavit
  • Gayle Sherwood Magee – Charles Ives Reconsidered
  • William Kinderman and Katherine R. Syer A Companion to Wagner’s Parsifal
  • Susan ParisiThe Music Library of a Noble Florentine Family
  • Charlotte Mattax Moersch – CD “Nouvelles Suites de Pièces de Clavecin” by Charles Noblet
  • Lilli Gordon – Poster “In The Past The Was Tarab, Today There Is Technique”
  • David PattersonJohn Cage: Music, Philosophy, and Intention 1933-1950
  • Photograph – Musicology Faculty, 2001
    Pictured: Tom Turino, Donna Buchanan, John Hill, Herbert Kellman, Nicholas Temperley, Charles Capwell, Bruno Nettl, David Patterson, Stephen Zank, Isabel Wong
  • Poster – Musicology at Illinois Faculty
  • Poster – 60 Years of Excellence in Musicology at Illinois Celebratory Symposium
  • Philip YampolskyLokanata: A Discography of the National Recording Company of Indonesia 1957-1985
  • Photograph – Balkanalia performing at the reception for Croat Representative to the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Žejlko Komšic, on October 1, 2013.

Exhibit Photographs