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Collection Information


Jerome S. Shipman Jazz resources


Music and Performing Arts Library open stacks or Special Collections areas (printed materials), and University Press storage area (78 rpm and possibly some LP recordings).


Private collection of donor

When acquired

January 1993


Donation included 20 magazine titles (540 separate issues), of which duplicates of existing holdings may not have been retained; 140 78-rpm recordings; and 14 LP discs. Labels of 78-rpm records include (among others) American Music, Blue Note, Climax, Circle, and Session. Also included were 13 open-reel tapes produced by Arnold Bopp in the series Rare Jazz on Tape. Magazine runs included Record Changer, Jazz Record, The Needle, Jazz, Record Research, and others.


Journals in Music and Performing Arts Library’s open stacks or in Special Collections. All 78-rpm records in University Press storage area arranged by accession number or by manufacturer/serial number. LP discs either fully cataloged (in Special Collections), or in University Press storage area. As of 2019 recordings in Press Building were transferred to the Internet Archive for digitization.

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Collections File folder (“Shipman, Jerome S.”) includes complete lists (see below) of donated items (prepared by donor and by Music Librarian William McClellan), along with correspondence relating to donation and a copy of pages from the publication “Mr. Jelly Lord” by Laurie Wright listing contents of limited edition albums issued by Circle Records.

 Shipman Donation List (PDF)

Please expect limited access to LPs as they are uncataloged in off-site storage.

Index of terms

Jazz; Recordings: 78 rpm; Shipman, Jerome