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Powell, Morgan

Collection Information

CollectionMorgan Powell with Trombone

Morgan Powell donations of music materials


Sousa Archives and Center for American Music and Music Library circulating collection.


Gifts from Prof. Morgan Powell, faculty member of composition division, School of Music

When acquired

Mainly August -December 1994; individual items also donated in 1986 and 1988


In all, 55 scores of compositions by Morgan Powell (many including sketches, drafts, transparencies, pasted versions and/or proof copies as well as published editions); 27 published and unpublished scores by other twentieth century composers; 67 books; 66 charts for jazz ensembles; and other miscellaneous materials including sound recordings, serials, methods, publishers’ catalogs, and dissertations.


Monographic books added to Music and Performing Arts Library’s circulating collection.  Recordings and scores held by Sousa Archives and Center for American Music.

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Collections File folder (“Powell. Morgan”) includes three lists of 1994 donations (one presumably drawn up by Powell, two by Music Librarian William McClellan)(see below), as well as correspondence referring to earlier donations.  Two of the lists in the folder refer to Powell’s compositions and manuscripts which have been moved to the Sousa Archives.

 Powell Donation List (PDF) (not held in Sousa)

See the  Morgan Powell Music Manuscripts, 1958-2014 Finding Aid at the Sousa Archives and Center for American Music.

Index terms

Powell. Morgan; University of Illinois composers