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Collection Information


Edward Krolick (cash donations)


Materials purchased from funds donated by Krolick were largely cataloged individually for the circulating collection


Personal contributions by Krolick (former double bass professor in the School of Music)

When acquired

Two donations during 1992, following upon similar donations in 1980 and, possibly, other donations in previous years


Krolick’s several contributions have been provided for the purpose of purchasing printed editions and recordings of double bass music


Items cataloged individually, largely for the circulating collection

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Collections File folder (“Krolick, Edward”) includes order slips, lists, and printouts of titles ordered during 1980 and 1983 on funds donated by Krolick, as well as information concerning items not available for purchase, and general correspondence between Music Librarian William McClellan and Edward Krolick.  A small sample of purchased titles can be found below.

Krolick Donation Sample (PDF)

Index terms

Double bass music; Krolick, Edward