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Eddie Kokoefer record collection


Library’s University Press storage area; some LP records may have been added to cataloged holdings


Estate of Eddie Kokoefer (local retail record store operator prior to 1965), via Roman Farquhar, who had purchased Kokoefer’s estate.

When acquired



About 11,000 recordings, consisting of about 5,500 LP discs issued between 1949 and the 1980s; about 4,600 78 rpm discs issued between 1927 and 1948; and approximately 900 45 rpm discs issued since 1949. Includes classical repertoire, vernacular traditions, limited editions in boxed sets, jazz on early LP labels, and rare issues of vocal selections or operas on European labels. The collection was in excellent condition; the majority of records had never been played.


Dispersed among other holdings of recordings in the Music and Performing Arts Library; those not added to the collection were arranged by Record Company/Serial number in the University Press storage area, which as of 2019 were transferred to the Internet Archive for digitization.

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Unfortunately, no list exists of individual records from this purchase. Collections File (“Kokoefer”) includes copies of correspondence relating to the acquisition of these materials.

Index terms

Kokoefer, Eddie; Recordings, 78 rpm; Recordings, 45 rpm; Recordings, LP