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Illinois State Library

Collection Information


Illinois State Library sound recordings


Music and Performing Arts Library and University Press Building Library storage area; items in the latter location were transferred in 2019 to the Internet Archive for digitization.


State Library – Springfield, Illinois

When acquired

June, 1980


Of an estimated 10,050 recordings transferred to the University in 1980 (approximately 6,300 music LPs, 1,350 spoken word LPs, 2,400 78 rpm discs, plus a number of 7″ tape reels), the Music Library was offered first choice among sound recordings.  Those not selected as well as the spoken word recordings were offered to the Undergraduate Library and the Illini Union Browsing Room. It cannot be easily determined how many recordings were distributed to each unit, or the number disposed of at that time or during subsequent years. Of the music recordings, the majority consisted of works from the classical repertory, with smaller portions devoted to jazz, popular, and folk music.


Some items retained by the Music and Performing Arts Library have been integrated into cataloged collections. Uncataloged recordings have been added to holdings arranged alphabetically by manufacturer name, then by serial number in the University Press Building Library storage area.

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

The Illinois State Library shelf list, on two reels of 16mm microfilm, was received by the University Library at the time the collection was deposited. Copies of memos and correspondence relating to the transfer are filed in the Collections File folder (“State Library Recordings”). Cataloged holdings are accessible via online or card catalogs; uncataloged items may be accessed via the manufacturer/serial number arrangement in the University Press Building Library storage area. No lists exist of individual items, other than the Illinois State Library microfilm shelflist (which also would include materials which may not have been retained).

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