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Special Collections cataloging backlog cabinet (unknown location)


Items formerly owned by B. Cantrell

When aquired

February 1979


According to D. Krummel et al., Resources of American Music History, Cantrell donated programs of performances by the following American composers: William J. McCoy (1848-1926), Henry K. Hadley; and Henry Holden Huss. Letter (to D. Krummel, 7 Feb 1979) specifies programs, clippings, and letters, as well as a film (microfilm?) of a concerto by Mrs. Beach, and an unspecified quantity of printed music. “The things on William McCoy of San Francisco … are a quite rare nucleus for you, including letters from his daughter…”.



Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

See copy of Cantrell letter of 7 Feb 1979 in Collections File folder (“Cantrell”), as well as brief description in D. Krummel et al., Resources of American Music History (Urbana, University of Illinois Press, 1981), p. 113

Index terms

Beach, Amy; Huss, Henry Holden; Cantrell, Barton; McCoy, William J.; Hadley, Henry K.