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Henry Britton chamber music editions


Some items may have been cataloged for circulating collection.  Uncataloged editions may be located University Press Building (formerly listed as located in Smith Music Hall, Room 214); Manuscript collections (J. de Anguera and Benjamin Cutter) missing as of 2001, possibly among uncataloged materials. Arthur Foote Trio, op. 5, missing as of 1 September 2001


Formerly owned by Henry Britton of Plymouth, MA and Winston-Salem, NC

When acquired

June-November 1984


Collection of 808 chamber music editions (mainly performing editions for various combinations involving string instruments), including works for 4 violins (20 items); 4 cellos (8 items); violin, viola and cello (117 items); 2 violins and cello (47 items); 2 violins and viola (47 items); 3 violins (29 items); 3 cellos (3 items); 2 violins (142 items); violin and viola (39 items); violin and cello (50 items); viola and cello (17 items); 2 violas (8 items); 2 cellos (36 items); string methods (22 items); varying combinations of strings (14 items); piano 4-hands and strings (45 items); violin, viola, cello, bass and piano (5 items); 4 violins and piano (4 items); violin, viola, cello and piano (41 items); 2 violins, cello and piano (8 items); 2 violins, viola and piano (3 items); 3 violins and piano (5 items); 3 cellos and piano (35 items); violin, viola and piano (26 items); 2 violas and piano (1 item); viola, cello and piano (1 item); 2 cellos and piano (7 items); voice and guitar (29 items). Also includes presentation autographed edition (Boston, Schmidt, 1884) of incomplete score and parts to Arthur Foote’s Trio in C minor, op.5, with penciled changes in Foote’s hand; guitar manuscripts associated with or written by Boston musician J. de Anguera (ca. 125 manuscript pages); music manuscripts by Boston violinist Benjamin Cutter (1857 -1916), 27 works.


Chamber music incorporated within sequences arranged by medium/composer/title.

Access/Finding Aids/Bibliography

Folder in Collections File (“Britton”) includes detailed list of music received by University of Illinois (see below) (document headed by “Henry Britton” in red ink), as well as lists of music in Britton’s personal collection not purchased; Britton’s statement of his collection guidelines, and correspondence relating to purchase.

 List of music received (PDF)–some of these pieces may have been cataloged for the circulating collection.

Index terms

Britton, Henry; Guitar music; Chamber music; Manuscripts; Foote, Arthur; String music