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Collection Information


James C. Andrews collection of books relating to organ


Books: Music and Performing Arts Library Special Collections (individually cataloged and interfiled); Pamphlets: University Press storage area


Private collection purchased from James C. Andrews, student in University of Illinois Library School (see below)

When acquired

Academic year 1949/50


1949/50 Music Library Annual Report (Jay Alien), p.3: “…over 700 volumes of material on the organ, reputed to be the most complete in the United States, and one of the two most complete in the world. The publication dates go back to the eighteenth century.” J.C. Andrews: “My agreement was to supply everything on pipe organs from my own collection that was not in the Illinois libraries at that time …I was not under contract, so to speak, to supply materials on reed organs, although I did turn over a few items that I had in duplicate…” (Private correspondence).


Books were individually cataloged and interfiled among holdings in Special Collections Unit.  (Most, if not all, were transferred to Music Library Special Collections during the 1990s).

Access/Finding Aids/Bibiography

Refer to Andrews’ bibliographies: J.C. Andrews. A bibliography of the organ . (Urbana, 1949; 016.7865 An26bi) [238 leaves]

J.C. Andrews. Basic list of books on organ history and construction . (q016.7865 An26b) [21 leaves, with call number annotations]

Collections File (“Andrews”) contains personal correspondence from Andrews (dated 3/9/82) with details of how collection was formed and subsequently transferred in part to the University of Illinois.

Index terms

Andrews, James C.; Organ history/construction