Distinguished Lecture

29th Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecture Presents 

The Evolving Library Profession and Education Driving Social Justice: A Perspective from the Global South

15 November 2019 | 5:00 pm
School of Information Sciences, Room 126 | ISchool
Free and Open to the Public

Dr. Reggie Raju()

Professor Jaya Raju ()

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The Evolving Library Profession and Education Driving Social Justice: A Perspective from the Global South


At the epicenter of a changing higher education landscape is the rapid development of technology. This has significantly influenced the shaping of the higher education landscape. The academic library is not exempt from this influence of technology; in fact, it ought to be adding a new layer of support in this changing higher education landscape. Within this paradigm, there is continuous demand for re-calibration of LIS practice and pedagogy, supported by commensurate technology, to deliver library and information services that address the issue of social justice.

At no time in the history of academic librarianship have libraries been so vulnerable to becoming redundant. Paradoxically, this presents an ideal opportunity to exploit the potential to become noteworthy partners or collaborators in the evolving teaching and learning and research processes of the higher education sector. The development of flexible and robust academic library services that meet the demands of an evolving user community and that remain relevant and fit for purpose in a technology-driven age, are opportunities to be exploited. The re-calibration of services and the introduction of new ones make provision for the delivery of new and innovative services responding to the need for a paradigm shift in 21st century academic librarianship.

In this digital era that propagates the advancement and re-definition the traditional roles and responsibilities of libraries, one of the golden threads is that of social justice and the inclusion of the marginalized. There is growing demand for the free exchange of knowledge between the global north and global south to address the challenges of the global knowledge village. By the same token, there are demands for unique and relevant services such as the demand for support of a decolonized higher education which has the domino effect of growing diamond open access scholarly communication, specifically publishing, with a de-northernization agenda. This presentation explores such a social justice perspective in relation to evolving LIS practice and pedagogy.

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