The Mortenson Center for International Library Programs strengthens international ties among libraries and librarians worldwide for the promotion of international education, understanding, and peace.


We engage in partnerships (e.g., professional development, strategic planning, research, etc.) to advance the goals shared with our partnering organizations. In collaboration, we identify professional development and other needs, develop appropriate educational or other programs, and help find resources to sustain those programs.  Contact us.


We welcome library professionals, scholars, and stakeholders who wish to visit the Mortenson Center and/or libraries in the United States to learn and/or conduct research on the Center’s work or library and information science related to the Center’s mission. The duration may be less than a day or up to a year (e.g., visiting scholar or librarian). Contact us.


We are interested in individuals who wish to gain supervised practical experience in international librarianship and contribute to the mission of the Mortenson Center. The unpaid internship may be virtual, in-person or hybrid. Contact us.


We invite you to donate to promote international education, understanding, and peace. Your generous gift will contribute to the development of librarians worldwide and positive change in their communities through the Center’s programs and services. Thank you for your generosity!