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Visiting Scholars

Individualized Research & Instructional Resources

During the research process, graduate students and junior faculty are encouraged to apply for an individualized, bibliographic-focused consultation with the Slavic Reference Service. SRS staff will develop a personalized, project-based program for each researcher covering electronic tools and software, print and electronic bibliographic resources, applicable databases, archival sources, vernacular-language search techniques, keyboard options, full-text resources, and online consultations with information specialists located in Eurasia and Eastern Europe. The SRS supports scholars who wish to visit the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and utilize the resources of the SRS at any time during the year; however, funded research trips are only provided to scholars during the Research Labs outlined below.  

For information on more generalized instructional sessions, researchers are encouraged to check back with the SRS as the Summer Research Lab approaches. These instructional sessions explain how to use the library’s resources, including online catalogs, printing, database usage, and more. For more information about our library, please visit the Main Library’s Help & Services page.

IAS Technology

The IAS library provides access to multiple technologies that will streamline and enhance the research process for scholars.  

  • KIC Knowledge Imaging Center: The KIC Knowledge Imaging Center is a top-of-the-line scanner that allows for highly detailed, preservation-quality scanning of text and photograph-based materials. Editing capabilities and wireless/USB transfer of scanned materials are also able to be carried out on the KIC scanner, allowing for a highly-flexible and intuitive scanning experience for researchers.  
  • ScanPro 2000 Microfiche/Microfilm/Opaque Card and Micro- Card Reader and Scanner: The IAS Library currently has access to two ScanPro 2000 Scanners. These machines allow researchers to efficiently read, scan, and duplicate library materials found on microfiche, microfilm, opaque card, and micro-card formats  
  • Internet Access 

When visiting for the Summer Research Lab, researchers are provided with guest credentials for connecting to the university’s wireless network, which allows for access to the library catalog and databases both on campus and off outside of library hours.

Research Laboratories

The Summer and Open Research Laboratories on Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia are open to all scholars with research interests in the Russian, East European and Eurasian region. The Summer Lab is open for eight weeks during the summer from mid-June through the first week of August, and scholars are invited to stay as long as they need to conduct their research. The Open Research Laboratory for 2022 will be conducted in-person and virtually from January 18th to May 4th. For more information on the Summer Research Lab, please consult our Events and News page and view ourIntroductory Guideto both the SRS and the SRL. For more information on the Open Research Laboratory, please visit the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center’s page detailing the specifics of the events series. If more specific questions arise, please consider contacting SRS staff through the “Directory” of our About Us page.