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Russian Emigre Bibliographic Resources

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This is a list of general bibliographies of monographs and periodicals as well as bibliographies on different subjects, such as literature, politics, and religion. We list indexes to journals and newspapers that are presently available as individual publications. We also include information on published catalogs of émigré materials in different institutions in the United States and Russia.

The information on publications by individual authors can be found in the section on Bio and Biobibliographic Resources. One of the sources for individual bibliographies is a series issued by the Bibliotheque russe de l’institut d’etudes slaves; Serie ecrivains Russes en France.

The use of the subject word “bibliography ” in combination with the words “Ecrivains” and “russes” as the series title in a WorldCat search will bring a list of these publications.

We also included two Internet sites that provide extensive lists of bibliographies.


General Bibliographic Resources

Rossiia i sovremennyi mir vypusk 3(20),1998; vypusk 4(21),1998

URL: http://www.inion.ru/product/russia/bibliogr.htm

Bibliografiia. Russkoe zarubezh’e

URL: http://www.inion.ru/product/russia/bibliogr4.htm

These two sites actually include bibliographic sections of two issues of the journal Rossiia i sovremennyi mir , a publication by the Russian Academy of Sciences. The bibliographic list of 482 items includes books, articles from journals and newspapers, and dissertations. The compiler, I.L. Belen’kii, divided the list by subjects. Each entry is followed by a complete bibliographic record. Annotations are not provided.

Russkoe Zarubezh’e. Rekomendatel’nyi spisok literatury (2000-2008)

Compiled by the Pomor State University library, this bibliography can serve as a continuation of the previous two. It lists monographs and journal articles published in Russian between 2000 and 2008. The bibliography contains more that 100 items arranged thematically: Russian emigration, Russian army abroad, Emigre organizations and political parties, Emigre culture, etc.

The above link is not currently working, however, this resource is available here.

Bibliografiia Rossiiskogo pravoslavnogo zarubezh’ia

OCLC: 61282453

This bibliography is based on the materials provided in the book Rossiiskoe pravoslavnoe zarubezhe : istoriia i istochniki : s prilozheniem sistematicheskoi bibliografii. Popov, A. V. Moskva: IPVA, (2005) (OCLC: 61282453). It contains more than 3500 records of major works devoted to the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad that were published both in Russia and outside it. The bibliography encompasses the period of 1918-2004. The main criterion for inclusion of sources into the bibliography was the level of their pertinence to the history of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad; as a result, it does not include purely liturgical and catechetical literature published abroad.

Harbin Russian imprints: bibliography as history, 1898-1961: materials for a definitive bibliography 

Bakich, Ol’ga Mikhailovna. New York: Norman Ross, 2001. 584 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 011.29171 B179h

No other work could demonstrate a more enormous amount of research and dedication to the cause than this bibliographic compilation. The book serves two main purposes: to be a bibliographic resource that contains a total of 4,261 entries, comprising, by the compiler’s estimate, 80-85% of Harbin imprints; and to provide insight into the life of the Harbin Russian community. Table of contents below shows the scope of this remarkable new source on “Russia Abroad.”


Harbin Russian imprints table of contents

Bibliografiia russkoi literatury, izdannoi v Finliandii 1813-1972. 

Hellman, Ben. Helsinki: Helsingin yliopiston kirjasto, 1988. 96 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 015.4897 H368s

This bibliography lists monographs, periodicals, commercial publications and catalogs, textbooks, and multilingual dictionaries, about 2000 entries in all. The bibliography is based on the Russian collection of the Helsinki University Library. It is organized alphabetically, by the author’s name or by the title, if there is no author, and by subjects. Serial publications are registered separately. It also includes publications in Ukrainian, Belorussian, and Serbo-Croatian languages.

Bibliography of Russian refugees in the Kingdom of SHS (Yugoslavia) 1920-1945.

Kachaki, I.N. Arnhem : Proteus & Hygieia BV, 1991. 351 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.32521K155b

The book – in addition to the extended bibliography listing more than 1437 publications – monographs, periodicals, and musical scores, published by Russian refugees in Yugoslavia in Russian and in Serbo-Croatian languages – has some interesting statistical data on publishing, sphragistics (seals) of Russian refugee publishers, typographies, libraries, clubs and associations in Yugoslavia. The following Indexes are provided: for non-periodicals – authors, subjects, geographical, publishers, printers, and series/collections, for periodicals – editors, publishers, geographical, and genres.

Materialy dlia bibliografii russkikh nauchnykh trudov za rubezhom. Volume 1 1920 – 30; Volume 2 1930 – 40.

Spektorskii, E.V., ed. V Bielgradie: Izd. Russkago Nauchnago Instituta, 1931-1941. 2 vols.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 015.47 B41m1963

The idea of collecting and publishing materials for a bibliography of the Russian émigré scientific activities abroad was initiated by the IV Congress of the Russian Academic organizations Abroad in Belgrade, 1929. Only two volumes were issued. 13,371 entries arranged alphabetically by the author name present a bibliography of books and articles in periodicals by 811 persons. The first volume has a name index.

Russkaia pechat’ v Estonii, 1918-1940: bio-bibliograficheskie i spravochnye materialy k izucheniiu kul’turnoi zhizni russkoi emigratsii v dvukh vypuskakh.

Figurnova, Ol’ga. Moskva : “Nasledie”, 1998. 462 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.0774798 R911

Both parts of this two-part set are actually included in one volume. The first part consists of the following: (1) 382 bibliographic records of books, published in 1918-1940 in Estonia. The organization of the materials is alphabetical – by author or title; (2) 56 journals, listed alphabetically. (3) 75 newspapers in alphabetical order. (4) Listed alphabetically by name 297(!) Russian émigré Institutions in Estonia (societies, libraries, publishing houses, schools and others). Every entry for the periodicals has an excellent description of the title and provides a list of frequent contributors. Part two is an alphabetical list by authors of publications in Estonian periodicals in Russian. Indexes are arranged according to authors, location, publishers, and names.

Institut fuer Erforschung der Geschichte und Kultur der UdSSR.

Ukazatel’ periodicheskikh izdanii emigratsii iz Rossii i SSSR za 1919-1952 gg.

Miunken: Institut po izucheniiu istorii i kul’tury SSSR, 1953. 165 p.
U of I Call Number: Russian Reference 947.086 In7Ii, n.6
OCLC : 7396044

This bibliography covers periodical publications in languages used by different ethnic groups inside the émigré population from the Russian Empire: Russian, Ukrainian, Byelorussian, Caucasian languages, etc. The 2,356 titles are arranged by language. Each citation provides a full title and publication dates

Periodiques en langue russe publies en Europe de 1855 a 1917.

Ossorguine, Tatiana. Paris : Institut d’etudes slaves, 1976- . (Bibliotheque russe de l’Institut d’etudes slaves t. 40).
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.077 B17em

This is a photocopy of an article on pp.629-709 from the Cahier du monde russe et sovetique , v.11, n.4 (Oct/Dec. 1970). The University of Illinois Library has bound it as a monograph since it is a unique bibliographic source. For each title locations and holdings are provided. 279 titles are listed in all. Indexes are arranged according to titles and names. The compiler used the following bibliographies:

article from the Cahier du monde russe et sovetique

Osteuropaeische Bibliographie fuer das Jahr 1920-1923.

Osteuropa Institut in Breslau. Breslau: Priebatsch, 1920-1923.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Microform (Slavic) MFICHE 016.947OS8, v.1-4 (1920-1923)

This is an annual compilation of books and journal articles concerning Eastern Europe and Russia published in German and the Slavic Languages. Each volume has an author index. The volume for 1923 has a section on émigré publications.

Half a century of Russian serials, 1917-1968: cumulative index of serials published outside the USSR.

Schatoff, M. New York: Russian Book Chamber Abroad, 1970-72. 4 vols. Vols. 1-3 “1917-1956, A-Z”, Vol.4 “1957-1968, A-Z”
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057Sch1h, v.1-4

This is the most comprehensive list of the Russian language émigré periodicals published in the West for the defined period. Serials entered in this index include almanacs, annuals, bulletins, calendars, journals, newspapers, proceedings, registers, and yearbooks which appeared periodically. It includes publications issued in camps for deported persons, children’s journals, etc. However, serials published on Soviet-occupied territory outside the USSR during World War II are omitted. Titles are listed in alphabetical order either by issuing organization or by title. There are four Index Directories in Vol. 3 for the first three volumes: Subjects, Historical Periods, Editors and Publishers, and Countries and Territories of Publication. Vol.4 has its own Subjects, Editors and Publishers, and Countries and Territories of Publication Index Directories.

Guide to the American ethnic press: Slavic and East European newspapers and periodicals.

Wynar, Lubomyr Roman. Kent, Ohio : Center for the Study of Ethnic Publications, School of Library Science, Kent State University, 1986. 280 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies General Slavic Reference (Slavic) and Oak Street Facility 071.3025 W99g

This guide was the first annotated encyclopedic directory of current Slavic periodicals published in the United States. The Russian language press section (pp. 143-152) has 57 titles. Every entry provides publishing and circulation information, names of editors and sponsoring organizations, and editorial addresses . The book provides some statistical analysis and tables. The index has two parts: geographical and alphabetical title index. The table of contents serves as a subject index.

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Bibliografiia russkoi zarubezhnoi literatury, 1918-1968 = Bibliography of Russian Emigre Literature, 1918-1968.

Foster, Ludmila A. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1970. 2 vols.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 F81b

This publication was actually the first serious attempt to put together bibliographic records of Russian literature written by Russian emigrants and published outside of Russia for the period between 1918 and 1968. There are 17,000 entries that represent publications by and/or about 1800 authors. The lists of bibliographic sources (pages 1-18) and journals, collections, and anthologies (pages 19-89) that the compiler used demonstrate the scope of this fundamental work. Description of the methodology and symbols at the beginning of first volume and detailed table of contents provide significant help in using this source.

Poeziia russkogo rasseianiia, 1929-1977.

Shtein, Emmanuil. Ashford, Conn.: Lad´ia, 1978, cl977. 182 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 Sh8p

In this bibliographic guide the compiler attempted to register poetic works by Russian authors in exile. By compiler statement, this genre was not represented in depth in Fosters’ bibliography. The book has two parts: 1. bibliographic records for books written by individual poets organized alphabetically by author name, with pseudonyms provided where they were used; 2. Alphabetical listing by titles poetic almanacs, anthologies, and collected works with description of their content. There are more than 1300 entries.

Literatura russkogo zarubezh’ia: knigi 1917-1940: materialy k bibliografii.

Alekseev, A.D. Muratova, K.D. Sankt-Peterburg : “Nauka”, 1993. 200 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.891708 Al25l

This compilation is based on card catalogs of the Russian émigré collections in special depositories of the Russian State Library (Lenin Library), The Russian National Library (Saltykov-Shchedrin Library), and The Library of Academy of Science USSR. Entries for many books are followed by a list of reviews published in the émigré press around the time of publication. The organization of material is alphabetical by author’s name. There are 2601 entries of titles and reviews overall. The book has an index of authors who used pseudonyms. Also about 80 periodical titles are listed.


Materialy k bibliografii russkoi voennoi pechati za rubezhom.

Gering, A.A. Parizh: Passe Militaire, 1968. (Voenno-istoricheskaia biblioteka “Voennoi Byli” ; no.13). 133 p.
U of I Call Number: Main Stacks 016.3550947 G31m

According to the compiler’s statement, this work is not by any means a complete bibliography of the publications on military subjects that appeared in “Russia Abroad”, but only an attempt to put together some materials that were available at the time of compilation. Nevertheless, the list of publications is impressive. It includes more than 800 annotated entries for works on the history of World War I, the Civil War, and the history of the Russian army and fleet. The bibliography covers books, periodicals, and pamphlets that were published between 1920 and 1960. The arrangement of material is by subject. A separate chapter is dedicated to publications about Cossacks.

How we lost the Civil War: bibliography of Russian émigré memoirs on the Russian Revolution, 1917-1921.

Arans, David. Newtonville, Mass. : Oriental Research Partners, c1988. 200 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.9470841 Ar14h

This bibliography contains 559 titles in Russian and other languages. The compiler included only those memoirs that were published separately or were included in collections of memoirs. All entries are in Russian and are arranged in Russian alphabetical order. The Russian entry is followed by the name of the author and an annotation in English that lists the major events and people described in the book. The bibliography is divided into several parts according to subject. The index lists, in alphabetical order, names, geographical locations and places of publication.


Bibliografiia osvoboditel’nogo dvizheniia narodov Rossii v gody Vtoroi Mirovoi voiny, (1941-1945).

Schatoff, Michael. New York: All-Slavic Publishing House, 1961. 208 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.9409347 Sc18b

The purpose of this book is “to list all materials that could be located and which are connected with the history of the ODNR (Liberation Movement of the Peoples of Russia)”. The main source for the materials was the ROA (Rossiiskaia Osvoboditel’naia Armia) archive, kept at Columbia University. This unique guide lists about 2500 titles – books, leaflets, articles in periodicals, newspapers and journals, documents and manuscripts dating from 1941 to 1960. Materials on the Vlasov Movement, and on the national movements connected with it, are listed as completely as the available sources permit. The table of contents gives an idea of the scope of the materials covered in the bibliography. At the end of the book there is an index of names, including author’s names and pseudonyms, subjects, and important events.

Bibliograficheskoe opisanie izdanii Vol’noi russkoi tipografii v Londone, 1853-1865.

Berkov, P.N. Moskva : Izd-vo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1935. 198 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 015.47 B45B 1975 – this is a photocopy of the original, 1935, publication + Main Stacks

This compilation is the best of all attempts to list publications by Gertsen’s publishing house in London. The material in this guide (books, periodicals and supplements to separate issues) is divided in two parts: publications issued in the “Vol’naia russkaia tipografiia” and materials published in Zenon Sventoslavskii’s (Z. Swietoslawski) printing house. Publications are listed in chronological order. The detailed bibliographic records often include descriptions of the title page (most of material was studied de visu). Two indexes are provided: the alphabetical list of all publications and a name index.

Russkaia podpol’naia i zarubezhnaia pechat’: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’. I. Donarodovol’cheskii period. 1831-1879. Vyp.1.

Klevenskii, M.M. Moskva: Izd-vo Vsesoiuznogoo obshchestva politkatorzhan i ssyl’no-poselentsev, 1935. 222 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.947 K67r

The bibliographic guide gives a detailed description of about 950 titles (books, pamphlets, leaflets,) in the Russian language that were published between 1831 and 1879 in Russia, illegally or outside of Russia, due to the restrictions of censorship. It mostly covers literature of a political nature and related subjects. It contains indexes of names, titles, geographical location of publishers and their names, a chronological index and an index of names of organizations and societies responsible for the published material.

Soviet dissident literature, a critical guide.

Woll, Josephine.; Treml, Vladimir G. Boston, Mass. : G.K. Hall, c1983. 241 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 W83so1983

The compiler chose samizdat publications (1300 annotated entries), that appeared in the West before roughly January 1982 in the following categories: all belletristic samizdat that could be found in Western periodicals or books; all nonfiction books; articles and essays, as well as substantial pieces of documentation, which seem to the editor to contribute information, views, insights or analyses of some significance. All works included were written in the Soviet Union. Also included are works published officially but in censored form whose uncensored texts circulated in samizdat. Records are entered in alphabetical order by author’s name. Author’s index at the end of the book is divided by subject headings, which helps to locate a publication on a specific subject in often lengthy list of publications by an author. It also helps a researcher to identify an author’s writings on a particular subject.

CATALOGS – print and online

Politika, ideologiia, byt i uchenye trudy russkoi emigratsii, 1918-1945: bibliografiia: iz kataloga biblioteki R.Z.I. Arkhiva.

Postnikov, S.P.; Blinov, S. G. New York : Norman Ross Publishing, 1993. 2 vols.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) Q. 016.947 P846p

This is a publication of a work by S.P. Postnikov (1883-1965) which represents a major contribution to the bibliographic documentation of the first twenty-eight years in the life of the Russian emigration. Postnikov’s work is a systematic, de visu catalogue of one of the richest, most comprehensive collections of the first wave émigré material to be found anywhere: the vast holdings of the library of the Russkii Zagranichnyi Istoricheskii Arkhiv. In the form prepared by Postnikov in 1950, and edited by Blinov, it is divided into two volumes. The first volume deals with books, and brochures, published between 1918 and 1945 and includes 3,775 works, divided into ten parts. Volume two lists and describes 1,435 journals and 1, 030 newspaper titles from the same period. There are three lengthy indexes to Postnikov’s work: personal, subject, and by place of publication.

Russkoe zarubezh’e: katalog izdanii, postupivshikh v Rossiiskuiu natsional’nuiu biblioteku v 1991-1993 gg.

Adrianova, T.I. Sankt-Peterburg : Izd-vo RNB, 1997- .
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference 016.02744721, v.1

As follows from the publisher’s statement this is the first compilation of succession of catalogs whose purpose is to cover the acquisitions of Russian publications outside of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the present time by the Russian National Library. This publication covers materials – 1545 entries – that came to the library during the period 1991-1993. The catalog includes monographs and serial publications. Besides publications in Russian by the Russian authors issued mainly by publishing houses established by Russian emigrants, there are also those translations to Russian of foreign authors which were performed and annotated by the Russian émigré writers. The catalog also lists publications by dissident authors in the Soviet Union that were issued in the West due to the political situation of the time.There is a supplement that lists publications in Ukrainian and Belarussian of the Ukrainian and Belarussian emigration. The indexes are arranged according to names and geographic location.

Russkoe zarubezh’e: 1917-1991: katalog izdanii iz fonda biblioteki – arkhiva.

Tolstykh, G. A. Moskva: Dom Mariny TSvetaevoi, 1992- .
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 T588r

This is the first publication of a printed catalog of “Russia Abroad” materials from the Russian International Cultural fund. It includes 875 bibliographic entries for items published between 1917 and November 1, 1991. The catalog is organized into two sections: monographs and serial publications (journals and newspapers). It includes very helpful indexes of authors, titles, places of publication, publishers and publishing houses, and others.

Kniga russkogo zarubezh’ia v sobranii Rossiiskoi gosudarstvennoi biblioteki: 1918-1991; bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ ch.1. A-K.

Kharlamov, V.I. Sankt-Peterburg : Izd-vo Russkogo Khristianskogo gumanitarnogo instituta, 1997- . (Knizhnyi mir Rossii; vyp. 4).
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 K7422

This is the first volume (letters A – K) that includes 3078 entries of a planned bibliographic source whose purpose is to register all kinds of publications in Russian by the authors of Russian origin that were issued outside of the Soviet Union during the years 1918-1991. The material is organized in alphabetical order by the author’s name or by title if the publication is a collected work. Tables of contents are provided for collections (with the exception of poetry collections). A valuable feature of this source is the notes in the introduction which provide information about different information sources (books and articles) on publishing activities of “Russia Abroad”

Literatura russkogo zarubezh’ia vozvrashchaetsia na rodinu: vyborochnyi ukazatel’ publikatsii, 1986-1990.

Danchenko, V.T. Moskva : Rudomino, 1993- .
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 L7124 v.1, p. 1,2

This bibliography lists publications of writings by the Russian émigré authors that appeared in the Soviet Union during “perestroika”, in 1986-1990. Although the compilers do not claim that their bibliography is complete, this source is particularly valuable since it lists not only monographs but also publications in more than 50 Soviet periodicals. The material is organized in alphabetical order by the author’s name: v.1 p.1 (A -O); v.1 p.2 (P – IA)
Each entry is supplemented by a list of a literary criticism. The first 114 entries are articles and annotations to recently published books on the literary heritage of “Russia Abroad”. The material is arranged in alphabetical order by the author ‘s name.

Zarubezhnye nelegal’nye i zapreshchennye izdaniia 1901-1917 na russkom iazyke: katalog kollektsii.

Shitskova, L.B. Moskva : Gos. publichnaia istoricheskaia biblioteka, Otdel redkikh knig, 1986. 85 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.09812 G699z

The catalog is a compilation of materials from the rare book collection in the State Public Historical Library in Moscow. Titles listed in the catalog are mostly of a political nature and belong to writers, journalists, and political figures not emigrants, whose writings were forbidden for publishing and/or circulation in pre-Revolutionary Russia. The items (460 entries) are organized in alphabetical order by the author’s name.

Bibliografiia russkikh knig, izdannykh za predelami SSSR: 1980-1989.

Arans, David. Vashington [D.C.] : D. Arans, 1990. 244 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 011.249171 Ar14b

This is actually a catalog of about 1,700 books from the collection of the Library of Congress that were published in Russian language outside the Soviet Union during 1980s. It does not include translations into Russian except for items that were written by the Russian authors in other languages. A bibliographic description of every item is followed by a short annotation. The catalog has 9 chapters divided by subject, with entries inside every division organized in alphabetical order by the author’s name. Indexes of names and titles are provided.

a sample entry from Svodnyi katalog periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii russkogo zarubezh'ia v bibliotekakh Moskvy: 1917-1996 gg

Svodnyi katalog periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii russkogo zarubezh’ia v bibliotekakh Moskvy: 1917-1996 gg.

Bardeeva, A.I., Briankina, E.A., Shumova, V.P. Moskva: ROSSPEN, 1999. 461 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and Oak Street Facility 016.0571 Sv513

This catalog lists more than 1700 titles. It includes bibliographic information about journals, almanacs, and periodicals issued by scientific institutions (part 1) and about newspapers (part 2) that were published in “Russia abroad”. It does not include Russian language titles published by Soviet organizations and joint ventures outside Soviet Union.
The detailed record of holdings for each item is very helpful for the researcher.

Svodnyi katalog russkikh zarubezhnykh periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii v bibliotekakh Sankt-Peterburga 1917-1995 gg.

Mikheeva, G.V. Sankt-Peterburg: Izd. RNB, 1996. 2-e izd. 199 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 Sv51 1996 + 1st edition
International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 Sv51 + 016.057 Sv512001

This is the second and expanded edition of the original “Svodnyi katalog” which covers the period between 1917 and 1992. The book contains bibliographic and holding information on about 570 periodical titles in Russian that were published by Russian émigré communities outside of the Soviet Union. The following indexes are provided: names, places of publication, and names of organizations. In 2001 a supplement was published that covers additional materials plu new acquisitions for the years 1996-1999.

Russian émigré serials: a bibliography of titles held by the University of California, Berkeley, Library.

Urbanic, Allan. [Berkeley] : Library, University of California at Berkeley, [1989?]. 125 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.057 Un31r

The bibliographic entries for this catalog (675 titles) were downloaded from the Berkeley Library on-line catalog and appear in alphabetical order according to the main entry. There is information on the place of publication and publisher together with data on holdings for every title. Indexes are provided for editors (when known), organizations associated with the production of the serial, variant titles, and place of publication. All materials included in this catalog are available through Interlibrary Lending.

L’emigration Russe en Europe: catalogue collectif des periodiques en langue Russe. v.1 1855-1940; v.2 1940-1970

Ossorguine-Bakounine, Tatiana. Paris : Institut d’études slaves, 1976- . (Bibliothèque russe de l’Institut d’études slaves t. 40
Paris. Université. Institut d’études slaves. Bibliothèque russe ; t. 40). 2 vols.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.077 B17e v.1

There are about 1900 titles listed in both volumes that cover a wide spectrum of periodical publications by the Russian émigré community in Europe. Material is organized in Cyrillic alphabet order. Every entry is supplied with complete publishing information – periodicity, place of publication, name of editor(s), and/or supporting organization(s). Each title is provided with a list of its holdings in more than 40 French, Belgian, Swiss, and German libraries. Both volumes have indexes of transliterated in the Latin alphabet names, places of publication, and organizations.

Catalogue des periodiques russes des origines a 1970, conserves a la Bibliotheque nationale .

Belin de Ballu, Eugene; Ossorguine-Bakounine, Tatiana; Grall, Jean. Paris : La Bibliothèque, 1978. 550 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 015.47034 F844c

Although this catalog includes Soviet periodicals in its listing, we decided to annotate it as another source for finding periodical titles of the Russian émigré press as it suplies the holdings of the French National Library. Unfortunately, there is no index for place of publication, which would help “to sort out” the émigré titles. So the user has to browse through the whole list – 410 pages – in order to find just those published outside of Russia. French translations of the Russian titles and a list of organizations are provided.

Russian Foreign Historical Archives at the Czech National Library

The National Library of the Czech Republic scanned 38,629 cards of their Russian Foreign Historical Archive and made them available online. The card catalog contains records of documents relating to the history of Russian social and revolutionary movements, reports on the activities of Russian political parties and associations, and life of Russian émigrés abroad. The records are handwritten and are listed alphabetically in several series of publications by language: in addition to publications in Russian the catalog has works in Czech, English, German, French and other languages.

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INDEXES to periodicals and collected works

Emigration russe: revues et recueils, 1920-1980: index general des articles.

Gladkova, T.L. Ossorguine-Bakounine, Tat’iana. Paris : Institut d’études slaves, 1988. (Bibliothèque russe de l’Institut d’études slaves ; t. 81). 661 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 011.34 Em44

This work presents the contents of 45 periodicals and 16 collections of general cultural and historical interest, all together 25,260 items. The index includes articles by well-known as well as obscure authors belonging to three generations of the emigration, among them 1,935 unsigned notes. Left out of the index are weeklies, dailies and all publications meant for a specific, closed circles of readers – military units, political or professional organizations, parishes – and also any publications found to be incomplete in the Paris libraries. The articles are listed in Cyrillic alphabetical order; and anonymous articles are indexed at the end of the list under specific headings: leading articles, book reviews, interviews, private viewings, R.S.Kh.D., and obituaries. There is also a list of the names mentioned in the titles of these articles.

Materialy k bibliografii russkikh literaturno-khudozhestvennykh al’manakhov i sbornikov. 1900-1937.

Bogomolov, N.A. Moskva : Lanterna-Vita, 1994- .
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 016.8917 B634m v.1

The organization of this book is in accordance with the classical bibliographic source – “Literaturno-khudozhestvennye al’manakhi i sborniki,” in 4 volumes. This work can be viewed as a supplement to the existing source with the extremely valuable addition of Russian diaspora publications, and titles that were excluded from the original compilation for the political reasons. The book describes 445 publications, among them more than 100 from outside the borders of the Soviet Union of the period. The compilation of records is in chronological order; indexes of titles, topographical, and authors are provided. There is also an index of works published anonymously.

Russkoe pechatnoe slovo v Latvii, 1917-1944 gg.: Bio-bibliograficheskii spravochnik.

Abyzov, IU. Stanford : [Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literatures, Stanford University], 1990-1991. (Stanford Slavic studies v. 3). 4 vols.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) and 016.8917 Ab99r, v.1-4

This bibliographic source contains extended information on publications by the Russian diaspora in Latvia. The main and most valuable part of this work is a detailed listing of the contents of two important émigré newspapers in Latvia – “Segodnia’, and “Slovo”. In addition, the book includes information about other Russian language publications, including very small editions, such as books, journals, and others. The short period of 1940-1941, when the Baltic was under Soviet influence, is not reflected. Records are arranged in alphabetical order by the author’s name.

Gazeta “Segodnia” 1919-1940: rospis’: chast’ 1 1919-1930, chast’ 2 1931-1940.

Abyzov, IU. Riga : Latviiskaia natsional´naia biblioteka, 2001. 2 vols.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 057.1 SGOD v.1 index, v.2 index

This work might be considered as a supplement to Abyzov’s Russkoe pechatnoe slovo v Latvii, 1917-1944 where the contents of Segodnia was presented primarily as an index of the articles written by its main contributors. The later publication is broader in scope but remains a selective list of contents of individual daily issues, organized in chronological order. It also has a listing of the contents of evening editions. The book has the index of authors and names. It also crosslists the author’s names with any pseudonyms they had used.

“Golos minuvshego” (Moskva, 1913-1923), “Na chuzhoi storone” (Berlin, Berlin-Praga, Praga. 1923-1925), “Golos minuvshego na chuzhoi storone”(Parizh, 1926-1928); sistematicheskaia rospis’ statei i zametok.

Emel’ianov, IU.N. Moskva : In-t rossiiskoi istorii RAN, 2001. 304 p.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 077 Em31g

The compiler begins his book with an extended article on the publishing history of journal titles which had the same editor, S.P. Mel’gunov, during all 15 years of their existence, first in Russia, and after the Revolution in “Russia Abroad”. During this time, 87 issues were published. The index covers the contents of these issues as if they represented one title. There is a listing of 1117 publications – articles, reviews, and even a separate alphabetical listing of portraits and illustrations. Organization of material is in alphabetical order by author’s name or title when the author is unknown.

Sovremennyia zapiski, ukazatel’: no.no.I-LXV = Annals contemporaines.

Paris: Annales Contemporaines, 1937. 93 p.
U of I Call Number: Oak Street Facility 057 SO v.1-70 index; History, Philosophy, & Newspaper FILM 057 SO v. 1-70

This index covers 65 volumes of the periodical for the period 1920-1937. It is divided into three parts: 1. Belles letters, 2. articles on literary, art, and on different political and social subjects; 3. bibliographic reviews. In each part the records are organized in alphabetical order by author’s name.

Abstracts of Soviet and East European émigré periodical literature.

[Pacific Grove, CA] : Abstracts of Soviet and East European Emigré Periodical Literature, 1981-1992.
U of I Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 947.005 AB 1981-1990, lacks 1985 and 1986

The purpose of this quarterly publication was “to aid Western scholars to better orient themselves in the steady flow of émigré publications” on the life, culture, history, politics and economy of the Soviet Union and East European countries.” At the beginning of each issue there was a list of the Russian émigré periodicals from which the articles were abstracted. The list of titles was not consistent and changed from issue to issue, except for the traditional and well established émigré publications, such as Novyi zhurnal ; Grani ; Novoe russkoe slovo and others. The table of contents listed general subjects areas alphabetically and specific subjects under their general headings. Each group of abstracts was followed by a list of related abstracts that appear in other section. Every issue had an index of authors, and an index of names mentioned in the abstracts. About 19000 articles were registered in 8 volumes of this periodical during its existence.

Zarubezhnaia periodicheskaia pechat’ na russkom iazyke: ezhekvartal’nyi zhurnal referatov.

Berkeley, Calif. : Informatics & Prognostics, c1992-
U of I Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 947.005 AB1, 1992-2003 some issues missing

This quarterly is a continuation to the Abstracts of Soviet and East European émigré periodical literature.
The choice and organization of the annotated material is the same as for the Abstracts… The editorial notes in the first issue specified that due to the absence of any bibliographic control for Russian émigré periodical publications, it was practically impossible to compile a comprehensive source. Nevertheless, there is an impressive number of 28,480 abstracts that were included in v.9-17, issues 1-2 (the latest one the library has received), of the periodical.

The selection of indexes above was based on the fact that their primary purpose is to help access materials published in “Russia abroad.” Besides these sources, there are several extended and detailed bibliographic compilations on different subjects related to the vast field of the Russian studies, of which “Russia abroad” is but one topic.

Below is compilation of a list of such sources, some of them transferred in electronic format and can be located in many academic libraries’ on-line resources. Except for the INION (the bibliography of the Russian Academy of Science), most of the records are of non-Russian languages works-books, articles, reviews, and others that were published in the West.


The Russian Review; an American quarterly devoted to Russia past and present.

Cumulative index to volumes 1-30, 1941-1971.
Stanford, 1972.
U of I Call Number: International & Area Studies Russian Reference (Slavic) 905 RUSS v.1-30 index; International & Area Studies Serials 905 RUSS (recent issues); Main Stacks 905 RUSS, v. 1973 issues 1 & 2; Oak Street Facility for previous issues v. 1941-2010

As was stated by its first editor, Dimitri von Mohrenschildt, in the introduction to the index, the purpose of the journal was “to interpret impartially Russia’s past and present and to promote a better understanding of Russia by Americans”. From 1941 to 1948 The Russian Review was published semi-annually, becoming a quarterly in 1949. The index lists more than 1000 articles and records some 3000 book reviews by specialists in the field. The index of articles is organized in alphabetical order of author-subject (the list of subjects is at the beginning of the book, and “emigries” is one of them). The records of the book reviews are entered in alphabetical order by author’s name and the list of reviewer’s names is at the end of the book.
Volumes 1-54 (1941-95) are accessible electronically through JSTOR at subscribtion institutions

URL: http://www.jstor.org./journals/00360341.html

European bibliography of Soviet, East European and Slavonic studies Bibliographie europeenne des travaux sur I’URSS et I’Europe de I’est = Europaische Bibliographie der Sowjet – und Osteuropastudien.

Hnik, T. Birmingham, Eng. : University of Birmingham, 1975-1989. + Paris: Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales : Institut d’études slaves, c1994- .
U of I Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 016.947 Eu7

The subject area of this annual bibliography is the study of the USSR and the eight Communist countries of Eastern Europe. It lists records of books, articles from periodicals and simposia, and scholarly reviews of materials that originated in England, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Material published in the languages of the USSR and Eastern Europe is also listed. The way to access the records is by using the table of contents, where subjects are listed in numerical order. The subject “dissent, opposition and political samizdat” is listed under number 7.8; the subject “defectors and émigrés” has number 9.5. The electronic version of this bibliography lists records from 1991.

American bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies

Columbus, OH:1956-
U of I Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 016.9496 Am3, 1956-1994; Oak Street Facility Z2483 .A65, 1965-1972; Oak Street Facility 016.9496 Am3 1960-1991.

This is the current name of the annual publication that was initiated by the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. When it started, most of the references were to the works of professional interest published in America or by Americans anywhere. Eventually it expanded and at the present time it includes English-language and selected foreign language materials published in the United States and Canada.

From 1961, the Table of Contents that is considered a broad subject index, started to include “émigrés and refugees” as a subject. The latest hardcopy of this bibliography was issued in 1999 and lists citations for books, journal articles, government publications, conference proceedings, dissertations, and book reviews, published in 1994.
The online version is available by subscription only. The subject headings for the online version are as follows
Soviet Union – Emigration and Immigration; Soviet Union – Refugees; Russia – Emigration and Immigration; Russia (Federation) – Emigration and Immigration; Russia – Refugees.

Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences (INION), Russian Academy of Science Bibliographies

The database covers a wide spectrum of topics in the humanities. This powerful reference tool provides excellent access to materials that began to be published in Russia and former Soviet Republics in the beginning of the 1990s on “Russia abroad”. For example, the use of a combination of keywords such as “Russkie” and “Emigranty” in a recent search brought up about 600 entries for publication between 1991 and 2001 in Russian. INION can be accessed through the library catalog here.

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