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Periodical Resources for Macedonia (FYR)

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In addition to the resources glossed on this page, please peruse those appearing on the page devoted to Periodical Resources for Former Yugoslavia which are all relevant for Macedonia. Information and holdings of recent periodicals often can be found readily in online catalogs. The online catalog of the National and University Library in Skopje is annotated on the page for National Bibliography of Macedonia. The catalog also includes many records for articles from Macedonian periodicals so it can serve as a periodical index in some cases.


Bibliographies/Periodical Indexes

Makedonska bibliografija. 1944- 

Skopje: Narodna i Univerzitetska Biblioteka, 1951-.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 015.4956 Sk5m 1944-1969 [U of I lacks 2.del of 1968-1969] [U of I lacks all volumes of all series from 1970- present]

This national bibliography covers Macedonian books, music, and articles from the end of 1944 through the present day. Over the years the title has changed format and undergone several title changes, but the initial part of the title has always been Makedonska bibliografija . The compilations are based on items received as a result of the depository laws. The first volume of this set, 1944-1949, by Nada Petrova is the first Macedonian bibliography compiled using modern bibliographic methods. Each subsequent volume covers two years of publications and is divided into sections for books (1.del) and articles (2.del) from Macedonian periodicals. Within these two section the citations are arranged by subject. There are indexes for authors and a list of periodicals from which the articles were culled. In 1972 this title became an annual publication instead of a biennial, but the University of Illinois does not hold any volumes after 1968-1969. In 1980 the title split into two separate serials called Makedonska bibliografija. 1. serija, Monografski publikacii and Makedonska bibliografija. 2. serija, Statii i prilozi . In 1993 a third series emerged which covers periodicals, Makedonska bibliografija. 3. serija, Seriski publikacii. The first volume of series 3 was retrospective covering 1944/1984, the second 1985, and the third, 1986-1993. For more recent years the national bibliography is part of the online catalog described above. There are no sample entries below for periodicals since the University of Illinois lacks all three volumes of series 3, but instead the image depicts citations for several articles that appeared in the 1954-1955 volume under the heading “Statistics.”

citations for several articles that appeared in the 1954-1955 volume under the heading "Statistics"