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Bosnia and Hercegovina Periodical Resources

Periodical Resources

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On this page are annotated some printed bibliographic sources that cover periodicals from Bosnia and Hercegovina that are held by the University of Illinois. Others that are not in our collections may be mentioned, but will not be annotated since we did not have the privilege to view them in person. Since there are few sources specifically on B & H periodicals, the researcher must also be aware of sources seemingly related to just one of the former Yugoslav republics that may contain information on B & H as well. The pages for periodical resources for the individual countries are linked in the navigational table above. Do not overlook the sources on the page for Periodical Resources for Former Yugoslavia, for all of those sources are relevant to B & H.

The online union catalog of libraries in Bosnia and Hercegovina includes records for periodical titles. It is annotated on the page for National Bibliography for Bosnia and Hercegovina. Besides the online catalog, B & H has begun to issue its own printed national bibliography in three parts: Bosanskohercegovacka bibliografija monografskih publikacija. Niz A for monographs, Bosanskohercegovacka bibliografija serijskih publikacija. Niz B for periodicals, and Bosanskohercegovacka bibliografija priloga i clanaka u serijskim publikacijama. Niz C for articles from selected Bosnian periodicals. Unfortunately, the University of Illinois does not hold any of these titles in its collection, but you can read more about them at the website of the National and University Library of Bosnia & Hercegovina which produces them. Coverage of monographs and articles begins with 1992 and coverage of serial titles begins with 1997. Using outside sources for information about B & H periodical bibliography such as the article entitled “Bibliografija” in Enciklopedija Jugoslavije, volume 1 [U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 914.97 En16] or Murlin Croucher’s guide Slavic Studies is important since the Slavic collection of the University of Illinois is not strong in this area.

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Bibliografija knjiga i periodicnih izdanja stampanih u Hercegovini, 1873-1941.

Stitic, Lina; Dizdar, Hamid. Mostar: Izdanje Savjeta za kulturu Narodnog odbora Sreza Mostar, 1958. 132 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ref Slavic- Former Yugoslavia Q.016.4395 St5b

Arranged chronologically by publication date, this bibliography presents citations for over 800 Hercegovinian books, books in series, and periodicals from 1873 through 1940. The bibliography is divided into 2 sections, books and periodicals. Each section has its own indexes including author, periodical title, and subjects. The series are listed at the end of the books section along with a compilation of books whose date of publication are unknown. The introduction is an overview of the history of Hercegovinian publishing. There is no statement in the introduction to indicate how comprehensive this work may be. See the image below for the serial Srpski vjesnik which was published in Mostar from 1897-1903.

The serial Srpski vjesnik entry


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Bibliografija stampe Bosne i Hercegovine.

Pejanovic, Djordje. Sarajevo: Veselin Maslesa, 1961. 222 p.
U of I Library Call Number: History, Philosophy & Newspaper Library FILM 015.49742 P359b

Stampa Bosne i Hercegovine 1850-1941.

Pejanovic, Djordje. Sarajevo: Svjetlost, 1949. 135 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ref Slavic- Former Yugoslavia 016.07395 P35s

Two editions of this work have been published. They both cover newspapers from Bosnia and Hercegovina from 1850-1941. The second edition is an updated, improved version of the first with over 200 more titles. The second edition has more bibliographic and publisher information than the first. It also gives total volume and date enumeration and editorships. Both editions have an alphabetical title index to compensate for the chronological listing of the titles in the main body of the work. The introduction is an historical overview of newspaper publishing in B & H. The first edition has as part of its introduction a brief quasi-index of titles by type or subject of newspaper. The image below reproduces part of this quasi-index showing the section for Sokol and sports newspapers.

Part of this quasi-index showing the section for Sokol and sports newspapers.

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