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Turkmen Periodical Bibliography

This section is divided into two subsections, Bibliographies of Periodicals and Periodical Indexes. In addition to the sources described below, several of the bibliographies described on the Turkmen national bibliography page index periodical publications, individual journal and newspaper articles, or both (see, for example, Bibliografiia izdanii Akademii nauk Turkmenskoi SSR … gg. and many of the works described under “General Resources”). The Ministry of Communications of the Turkmen SSR also published at least one small annotated catalog of the journals of Turkmenistan (Katalog zhurnalov Turkmenskoi SSR annotirovannyi, Ashkhabad, 1970).


Periodicheskie izdaniia Sovetskogo Turkmenistana, 1924-1984: gosudarstvennyi bibliografichesii ukazatel’ = Sovet Tu̇rkmenistanynyng periodiki neshirleri, 1924-1984: dȯvlet bibliografiiasynyng gȯrkezijisi.

Ashkhabad: “Turkmenistan,” 1989.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Central Asian Reference (Slavic) 016.0599436 So89

This comprehensive and extremely detailed bibliography of Turkmen-, Uzbek-, Persian-, Kazakh- and Russian-language periodicals published in Turkmenistan (or for distribution there) was mainly compiled based on the holdings of the State Book Chamber of the Turkmen SSR, with additional information drawn from the the collections of the National Library of Turkmenistan, the Library of the Turkmen Academy of Sciences, unspecified “other institutions,” and the bibliographic publications of the All-Union Book Chamber (i.e., presumably, Periodicheskaia pechat’ SSSR, 1917-1949) and the book chambers of the other union republics (presumably for the handful of titles that were published outside Turkmenistan). Nearly all of the 143 journal and 219 newspaper titles indexed here were examined de visu. Indexes of names, journal titles, newspaper titles, places of publication, and publishers are provided. The title indexes list Turkmen-language titles first, followed by Russian-language (etc.) titles.

Covering nearly the entire Soviet era, Periodicheskie izdanii Sovetskogo Turkmenistana is divided into two main sections, one for newspapers and the other for other types of periodical publications, i.e. journals. As is common in this type of source, the entries for journals are organized by subject, while those for newspapers are organized both geographically and by intended circulation; in this case, newspapers intended for circulation throughout Turkmenistan are listed first, followed by regional (oblastnye) newspapers listed alphabetically by oblast’, “county” (raionnye) newspapers listed by oblast’ and raion, and then special types of newspapers such as those published at educational institutions, kolkhozy (collective farms), or for soldiers at the front during the Russian Civil War. Within all sections Turkmen-languages titles are listed first, followed by Russian-language ones. The bibliographic descriptions are based on the most recent and/or last issue of the periodical, such that periodicals whose titles changed over the course of their lifetime, i.e. the Iolotan-region newspaper Stalin ëly/Kolkhozchy/Taze durmush, are entered under their later title. No cross-references are provided, so researchers searching for earlier titles should use the title indexes to find the appropriate entries. Only the latest/last titles of Turkmen-language periodicals are translated into Russian for the convenience of Russian speakers.

The entries are among the most detailed scholars are likely to see for 20th-century publications, providing each periodical’s publication history (including print run, cost, changes in editorship, etc.), detailed information on any errors in numbering that may have occurred (see the entry for the mid-1930s Khojambaz-region Communist Party newspaper Bol’shevik, above), detailed information on supplements to journals and newspapers, etc. Publications with individually-titled issues or issues that belonged to a number of different sub-series, such as Uchenye zapiski Turkmenskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta im. A. M. Gor’kogo (U of I Library call number: History, Philosophy & Newspaper FILM C.585AS3J), are described on an issue-by-issue basis (see above).

Unfortunately, no mention is made in the introduction to Periodicheskie izdanii Sovetskogo Turkmenistana/Sovet Tu̇rkmenistanynyng periodiki neshirleri of four previously-published volumes with the very similar title Tu̇rkmenistan SSR-ning (dȯvu̇rleiin) periodiki neshirlerii,: bibliografik gȯrkeziji = (Letopis’) Periodicheskie(/kh) izdaniia Turkmenskoi SSR,: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’, covering 1920-1958 (published 1962), 1959-1965 (published 1970), 1966-1970 (published 1976), and 1971-1975 (1980). It is unclear, therefore, at the time of this writing, whether the present work constitutes a compilation and extension of the other four volumes or not. The former seems likely, except for the fact that, for some reason, the years 1920-1923 are covered in Tu̇rkmenistan SSR-ning periodiki neshirlerii, 1920-1958 but not in the present work.

Dȯ vu̇rleiin neshirlering letopisi/Letopis’ periodicheskikh izdanii.

Ashgaba: Knizhnaia palata Turkmenskoi SSR, 1970-

This bibliography of the periodical publications of Turkmenistan appeared annually in issue 1 of Tu̇rkmenistan SSR-ning metbugat letopisi/Letopis’ pechati Turkmenskoi SSR, indexing all periodicals and continuing publications issued in Turkmenistan during the previous year. Entries are organized broadly by publication type (journals, newspapers, serially-published sborniki), then alphabetically by title, with the exception of newspapers, which are organized according to their geographic scope (i.e., Turkmenistan-wide, regional, city, etc.).

Within each section, Turkmen-language periodicals are listed first, followed by Russian-language ones. While the information in Dȯ vu̇rleiin neshirlering letopisi from 1970 to 1984 is presumably all compiled in (and superseded by) Periodicheskie izdanii Sovetskogo Turkmenistana, 1924-1984/Sovet Tu̇rkmenistanynyng periodiki neshirler, 1924-1984 (see previous entry), apparently this is the only available bibliography of Turkmen periodical publications for the period from 1985 on. About 100 titles were indexed per year in the early 1990s.


Zhurnal ve gazet makalalarynyng letopisi = Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh statei.

Ashgabat: Knizhnaia palata Turkmenskoi SSR, 1939-

OCLC Accession Number: 235810470

In the early 1990s, Zhurnal ve gazet makalalarynyng letopisi/Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh statei appeared as part of the monthly national bibliographic publication Tu̇rkmenistanyng metbugat letopisi/Letopis’ pechati Turkmenistana. While the journal articles indexed here constitute a very good approximation of the totality of Turkmen publishing in this arena, indexing of newspaper articles was not comprehensive (for non-centrally-published newspapers, only “the most important articles” relating to the life of the region, city, or institution covered by the newspaper in question were included). New sections were added to the subject-based organization of the entries on an ad-hoc, temporary basis, based on the occurrence of special anniversaries or other significant events that were widely reflected in the press.

Within each subject category, Turkmen-language articles appeared first, followed by Russian-language articles. At the end of each issue, a list of periodicals indexed in that issue was provided. Over 1,000 articles were being indexed per month in the early 1990s. In 1939 and 1940, newspaper articles were indexed in a separate publication entitled Gazet makalalarynyng letopisi/Letopis’ gazetnykh statei, which was folded into Zhurnal ve gazet makalalarynyng letopisi/Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh statei after only four issues.

Zhurnal makalalarynyng letopisi = Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei: organ gosudarstvennoi analiticheskoi bibliografii TSSR.

Ashkhabad: Gos. kn. palata TSSR, 1951.

Published in two parts (covering the years 1941-1945 and 1946-1947), this retrospective bibliography of Turkmen-language journal articles is one of several little-known efforts to address the gaps in the national bibliographic coverage of Turkmenistan during the WWII and immediate post-war years (see below for some additional examples). 1,001 articles from 1941 to 1945 are indexed in the first part, and 452 dating from 1946 to 1947 are indexed in the second part. Unlike most national bibliographic sources from Central Asia, bibliographic description of these articles is provided only in the original language (in this case Turkmen), without the customary translation of the titles into Russian. Articles are organized by subject, and a name index is provided (but only for the first part). The exact Turkmen-language parallel title of this publication could not be verified at the time of this writing.

Letopis’ pechati Turkmenskoi SSR, 1941-1945: knigi i stat’i na russkom iazyke.

Polonskii, V. A. Moskva: Izd-vo Vsesoiuz. kn. palaty, 1948.

OCLC Accession Number: 752432675

The second part of this rarely-seen bibliography indexes 868 Russian-language journal articles published in Turkmenistan during World War II and not systematically indexed in any other source (although many of them may appear in the first volume of Bibliografiia izdanii Akademii nauk Turkmenskoi SSR … gg.). Entries are organized by subject, and author and title indexes are provided. (The first part of this bibliography indexed 277 Russian-language monographs published in Turkmenistan during World War II, but entries for these can also be found in Kitap 1 of Sovet Tu̇rkmenistanyng kitaplary.)

Turkmenistan SSR-ning zhurnal ve gazet makalalarynyng letopisi, 1941-1950 = Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh statei Turkmenskoi SSR, 1941-1950.

Shelevaia, K. P.; Pirilev, A. & Panova, V. P. Ashkhabad: Gos. kn. palata TSSR, 1961.

Filling in (most of) the gaps left by the retrospective bibliographies of WWII-era Turkmen publications compiled during the previous two decades (see previous two entries), Turkmenistan SSR-ning zhurnal ve gazet makalalarynyng letopisi, 1941-1950 indexes Turkmen- and Russian-language newspaper articles from 1941 to 1950, Turkmen-language journal articles from 1949 and 1950, and Russian-language journal articles from 1946-1950. For unknown reasons, Turkmen-language journal articles from 1948 appear to have never been indexed.

The nearly 3,900 entries are organized by subject, with Turkmen-language articles listed first within each subject category, followed by Russian-language articles. Unusually for this type of bibliography, articles are listed alphabetically by author or title regardless of whether they originally appeared in journals or newspapers. As in the earlier Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei: organ gosudarstvennoi analiticheskoi bibliografii TSSR, the titles of Turkmen-language articles are not translated into Russian. The name index is divided into two sections based on whether the article the person is associated with was written in Turkmen or in Russian. A list of the newspapers and journals indexed in the bibliography is provided.