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Guide to Tajik Periodical Resources


Letopisʹ pechati Tadzhikskoĭ SSR/Gosudarstvennyĭ komitet Tadzhikskoĭ SSR po delam izdatelʹstv, poligrafii i knizhnoĭ torgovli. Gosudarstvennai︠a︡ knizhnai︠a︡ palata Tadzhikskoĭ SSR.

Dushanbe: Gos. kn. palata Tadzhikskoĭ SSR, 1939-1990s.

U of I Library Call Number: 015.586 L569 International and Area Studies Library, Central Asian Reference [non-circulating]. U of I Holdings. OCLC Accession Number: 214935819.

The Book Chamber of Tojikiston [Palatai Kitobḣoi RSS Tojikiston = Knizhnaia Palata Tadzhikskoi SSR] started publishing Solnomai matbuoti RSS Tojikiston = Letopis’ pechati Tadzhikskoǐ SSR in 1939.  It was published four times a year and consists of four parts: Solnomai kitobḣo (Knizhnaia letopis); Solnomai maqolaḣoi zhurnalu gazetḣo (Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh stateǐ); Solnomai taqrizḣo (Letopis’ retsenziǐ); Tadzhikskaia SSSR v pechati Sovetskogo Soiuza (~ “Tojik SSR within the publishing output of the Soviet Union”).

Solnomai kitobḣo registers books, brochures, continuing publications, music, maps, dissertation abstracts (in the language of the original with a brief Russian translation). The material is organized systematically, according to the Soviet classification system used for national bibliographies, and includes an author index.  Solnomai Kitobḣo contains materials in Tojikī, Uzbek, and Russian.  An alphabetical index of authors for Solnomai kitobḣo encompasses all three languages in a single index. The main subject headings are in Tojikī and Russian.

Solnomai maqolaḣoi zhurnalu gazetḣo consists of three independent parts – in Tojikī, Uzbek, and Russian, which lists articles, archival materials, and literary works published in the periodicals of the republic.   Each section is introduced in the vernacular language.  For example, the Tojikī section contains, “va zaboni Tojikī,” which allows the user to browse through each section efficiently and with ease.  The “Tojikī section” contains approximately 30 subject categories for journal and newspaper articles published in Tojikiston.  Under each individual subject category, journal and newspaper articles appear in the same section [images for newspaper and journal articles].  Researchers will notice similarities and content organization with Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh stateǐ [Moskva: Izd-vo Vsesoiuznoǐ knizhnoǐ palaty], which is available online [1956-1975] through Indiana University Digital Library Program.

Solnomai taqrizḣo lists reviews and literary criticism on the printed works published in Tojikiston.  The description was written de visu.  The bibliographic part consists of two parts: the first one describes the reviewed work, while the second lists the reviews.   The reviews are arranged systematically, and this section contains an alphabetical list of authors of the reviewed works and names of reviewers.

Tadzhikskaia SSSR v pechati Sovetskogo Soiuza lists books and articles on Tajikistan published outside of the republic.  The description is provided in Russian translation; the language of the original is indicated.

A separate and continuous numeration is given for Solnomai kitobḣo, Solnomai maqolaḣoi zhurnalu gazetḣo, Solnomai taqrizḣo, and Tadzhikskaia SSSR v pechati Sovetskogo Soiuza.

Solnomai matbuoti Jumḣurii Tojikiston = Letopis’ pechati Respubliki Tadzhikistan. Palatai davlatii kitobi Jumḣurii Tojikiston.

Dushanbe: Vazorati farḣangi Jumḣurii Tojikiston: Palatai davlatii kitobi Jumḣurii Tojikiston.

UIUC Call Number: 015.586 L5691 International & Area Studies Library, Central Asian Reference [non-circulating].  U of I HoldingsOCLC Accession Number: 152608548.

Solnomai matbuoti Jumḣurii Tojikiston (Letopis’ pechati Respubliki Tadzhikistan) continues Solnomai matbuoti RSS Tojikiston (Letopis’ pechati Tadzhikskoǐ SSR) in tracking published materials (monographs, journal and newspaper articles, reviews, collected works, and academy publications) in the Republic of Tojikiston.  Solnomai matbuoti Jumḣurii Tojikiston was originally published as an annual and later changed to two issues per year.  It contains four sections: Solnomai kitobḣo (Knizhnaia letopis’); Solnomai maqolaḣoi majallaḣo (Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh stateǐ); Solnomai maqolaḣoi rῡznomaḣo (Letopis’ gazetnykh stateǐ); Solnomai taqrizḣo (Letopis’ retsenziǐ).  Moreover, each section includes the following: index of authors, alphabetical listing of publications, Index of publishing institutions and organizations, index of places of publication. To assist researchers, the compilers have also included geographic identifiers for newspapers in the form of publication type (city, regional, and national newspapers), which will enable researchers and information professionals to correctly identify, locate, and examine newspaper publications in Tojikiston.  There are approximately 49 main subject headings used to organize the four sections [See: Contents Chart for 2006, Issues: 7-12].

In describing materials in Uzbek, the names of authors are given in Russian.  Within the description, the abbreviations and acronyms are also given in Russian.  Due to a limited number of bibliographic entries, not all the rubrics used by the Soviet bibliographic classification system are used.   Bibliographic entries are separated into sections by language: Tojikī, Russian, and Uzbek.  Within each section the arrangement is alphabetical.  Cross references for Tojik entries are marked by “Nig,” while for Russian entries by “Sm”. The numeration of the bibliographic entries in each section is consecutive within the year.  In the heading of the section, numbers of bibliographic entries are shown in parentheses.  Works printed in Arabic script are described in Tojikī and the language of the original is shown in a footnote.

Solnomai kitobḣo includes information on materials on a wide variety of subjects: scientific, politics, history, religious studies, literary, works intended for youth and children, etc.  Works published outside of the Tojik republic and ordered by institutions and organizations in Tojikiston are also included.  Separate volumes of continuing publications and sborniki, which bear individual titles, are listed in Solnomai kitobḣo.

Solnomai maqolaḣoi majallaḣo and Solnomai maqolaḣoi rῡznomaḣo show materials published in journals and newspapers published in Tojikiston in Tojikī, Uzbek, and Russian.  Listed are articles, documentary materials, and works of literature.  There are special subject headings devoted to important political, economic, and cultural life of the republic, as well as those devoted to anniversaries of important personages and jubilees of organizations.  Titles of publications indexed in each issue are listed at the end.  It contains the following indexes: Index of authors, Alphabetical listing of publications, Index of publishing institutions and organizations, Index of places of publication.

entries_Solnomai_matbuoti_Jumhurii_TojikistonSolnomai taqrizḣo lists reviews published in the Tojik press.   The description is composed of two parts: the first gives the bibliographic description of the reviewed item, the second gives the bibliographic description of the review itself. Each issue of Solnomai taqrizḣo includes a list of authors and editors, as well as a list of reviewers.

The bibliographic description of reviewed books published abroad in foreign languages or in Arabic script is provided in Tojikī.  In the cases where there is more than one review for a given work, the reviews are listed alphabetically by name of the author of the review (or titles of the review if the name of reviewer is not available). Each section of Solnomai matbuoti Jumḣurii Tojikiston ends with a name index.  The name index includes the names of authors, editors, translators, artists, and others mentioned in the bibliographic description. At the end of each bibliographic description, in parenthesis Solnomai matbuoti Jumḣurii Tojikiston gives the number of the registration of the work in the Tojik Book Chamber.  First editions are marked with the Cyrillic letter “P,” consecutive editions are shown by a letter “V.” In the final issue of each year the Solnomai matbuoti Jumḣurii Tojikiston provides statistical tables showing the print output for that year.