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Kyrgyz National Bibliography

Toreutic artefact, Enisei Kyrgyz, c. 1300 AD, from figure 21 of V. Ia. Butanaev & Iu. S. Khudiakov's ISTORIIA ENISEISKIKH KYRGYZOV (Abakan, 2000; UIUC call number Main Stacks 957.5 B97i)

Users can consult Gazety SSSR 1917-1960: Bibliograficheskii spravochnik 5 for a list of newspapers published in Kyrgyz during these years.

This page is divided into the following sections: Library Catalogs, Bibliographies of Bibliographies, General Resources, Monographic Resources, Academy Publications, and Other Formats. A guide to resources for Kyrgyz periodicals, including national bibliographic publications and catalogs, is available here.



Rossiiskaia natsional’naia biblioteka. Otdel literatury na natsional’nykh iazykakh. Katalog literatury na kirgizskom iazyke [microform].

New York : N. Ross, 1998. U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Microforms Room Slavic Reference MFICHE 016.95843 R736; circulating copy also available

This set consists of 45 microfiche containing about 26,000 catalog cards for Kyrgyz-language monographs held at the Russian National Library as of 1998. About 360 cards for monographs published in the Arabic script (which was used in the 1920s) appear first, followed by about 2,300 cards for monographs published in the Latin script (used in the 1930s). Cards for monographs published in the Cyrillic script make up the remainder.

All titles are given in the original Kyrgyz as well as a Russian translation. Most records occupy two cards, making the actual number of monographic publications reflected in this catalog closer to 13,000.

Sample card from the Russian National Library's KATALOG LITERATURY NA KIRGIZSKOM IAZYKE

While the Russian National Library had no particular mandate to collect materials from the non-Russian republics of the former Soviet Union, its collection of Kyrgyz-language works is certainly one of the best outside Kyrgyzstan. In theory, copies of items in this catalog can be ordered from the Russian National Library’s Document Delivery Service.

Natsional’naia Biblioteka Kyrgyzskoi Respubliki. Elektronnye katalogi.

(list of catalogs is in the right-hand sidebar)
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What is now the National Library of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan was founded as the State Republican Library in 1934, as a result of the merger of the Frunze Central Municipal Library and the State Scientific Library of the Soviet of People’s Commissars of the Kirgiz ASSR. Later names included the N. G. Chernyshevskii State Republican Library of the Kyrgyz SSR and the V. I. Lenin State Library of the Kyrgyz SSR. Today its collection exceeds 6,000,000 items, of which a few hundred thousand are in Kyrgyz and nearly all of the remainder are in Russian. As of August 2009, online bibliographic access is available for only a fraction of these items. Several different online catalogs are maintained, most of them based on different types of materials, including books (Elektronnyi katalog – knigi), periodical publications (Elektronnyi katalog – periodika), and Russian-language articles with a Kyrgyz focus (Elektronnyi katalog “Kyrgyzstan”). Union catalogs of books (Svodnyi katalog knig bibliotek Kyrgyzstana) and periodical publications (Svodnyi katalog periodicheskikh izdanii bibliotek Kyrgyzstana) are also listed, but these did not appear to be functional at the time of this writing.

While results from each of the catalogs must be viewed separately, terms searched in one of the catalogs are automatically and simultaneously searched in others, and users can then navigate among the various lists of results. In addition to the usual information, some of the records indicate whether a particular item contains a bibliography (and if so, how extensive it is) and/or a brief annotation describing the contents of the item. The search capabilities tend to differ from catalog to catalog. In the “Periodika” catalog, for example, users can browse lengthy alphabetical lists of authors, article titles, and keywords, while this is not possible in other catalogs. Records in the “Books” catalog can also be browsed by subject category through the use of the GRNTI interface, although many parts of the elaborate subject scheme are not (yet) actually linked to catalog records. This catalog also includes some records for avtoreferaty of dissertations.

It is also possible to review the recent acquisitions of the National Library on a month-by-month basis back to January of 2003 (about 8,000 titles per year) on the “Novye postupleniia” page.

Additional resources are available on-site in Bishkek. For example, in 2007 the online “Kyrgyzstan” catalog contained about 50,000 records, all for items published between 1991 and 2001. Its on-site card file counterpart, however, contained over 2,000,000 records, for Kyrgyz-language materials dating back to 1924 and for Russian-language materials dating back to 1850.

Two of the online catalogs mentioned above are described in more detail under “Kyrgyz Periodical Resources.

Svodnyi katalog : resursy bibliotek Kyr gyzstana

http://uc.net.kg/index.html (main page) (site is down)
Baza dannykh knig (site is down)

Baza dannykh statei (site is down)

The Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium’s (site is down) “Svodnyi katalog” contains records for about 32,000 books and 8,000 journal and newspaper articles held at Kyrgyz libraries, most of them dating from 1996-2006. While this, of course, represents only a small fraction of the actual holdings of Kyrgyz libraries (and of the output of the Kyrgyz periodical press), the project does enable scholars to search a range of material that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to review in an efficient manner. The records are quite complete and often include an annotation describing the contents of the work. At present the catalog consists of records contributed by 12 major state, university, regional and specialized libraries in Kyrgyzstan, although the only holding institution listed for the vast majority of items is the National Library. The range of material suggests that usefulness to a general Kyrgyz library patron is a main criterion for inclusion.

As of August 2009, the overwhelming majority of the catalog records for books are for those published since the mid-1970s, although scattered publications dating back as far as 1847 can be found. Many of these are Soviet or Russian works having nothing specifically to do with Kyrgyzstan or Central Asia. There appears to be a lag time of three to four years for entering newly published works into the catalog, as the number of records for works published in a given year drops off dramatically after 2005. The earliest articles indexed in the “Baza dannykh statei” are from 1999, with broader coverage of the Kyrgyz periodical press beginning only in 2003 and ending (at the time of this writing) in 2006. In addition to records for individual articles, records for entire individual issues of journals and newspapers (with a more or less complete listing of their contents) are also included.

Annotated catalog record for a 2006 newspaper article from the Union Catalog Library Resources of Kyrgyzstan (http://uc.net.kg/index.html)

In theory, photocopies and/or digitized copies of all items in the union catalog can be ordered using an online form.

* * *

Links to additional Kyrgyz library catalogs are available at the Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium’s “Electronic Library Resources of Kyrgyzstan” page.


Bibliografiia bibliografii o Kirgizii, 1852-1967 : annotirovannyi ukazatel’ literatury.

Novichenko, E. I. Frunze : Izd-vo “Kyrgyzstan”, 1969.

OCLC accession number: 18360120

The most notable bibliography of bibliographies relating to Kyrgyzstan, Bibliografiia bibliografii o Kirgizii contains 1,242 annotated entries for bibliographic sources published between 1852 (V. V. Zav’ialov’s “Ob istochnikakh i posobiiakh dlia izucheniia Orenburgskago kraia i sosedstvennykh zemel’ Srednei Azii,” Orenburgskiia gubernskiia vedomosti, 1852:34, 1853:1,3) and 1967. Entries are organized according to an elaborate subject scheme, with subsections ranging from geochemistry to art. Within each subsection, the entries are arranged chronologically according to publication date. An index of personal names is included.

Sample entry from the yak husbandry section (p. 102) of E. I. Novichenko's BIBLIOGRAFIIA BIBLIOGRAFII O KIRGIZII, 1852-1967 -- note translation of Kyrgyz title into Russian and description of the contents

While many of the sources listed have an explicit focus on Kyrgyzstan, bibliographies that include material on Kyrgyzstan as part of a larger focus (i.e., Zav’ialov) are also included. An effort has been made to cite sources for each subject area even if a complete or authoritative bibliography on that subject does not exist, meaning that bibliographies of “recommended” sources, bibliographic review essays, lists of sources accompanying books and articles, heavily-footnoted articles, and other somewhat marginal sources are included with some frequency. Bibliographies that existed only in typescript or manuscript form were included only if they were available to users at the time of publication (i.e., perhaps, by requesting to see them at the reference desk of the library of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences).

At a minimum, the annotations include information on the extent and the linguistic and chronological parameters of the source in question. Additional information (types of materials, indexes, etc.) is usually provided. Novichenko compiled his bibliography on the basis of the collection of what is now the National Library of Kyrgyzstan, on the publications of the All-Union Book Chamber ( Knizhnaia letopis’, Bibliografiia sovetskoi bibliografii , etc.) and on previously published bibliographies-of-bibliographies (i.e., Bisnek & Shafronovskii’s “Bibliografiia bibliografii Srednei Azii,” Bibliografiia Vostoka , vyp. 8-9, 1935, pp. 152-194; U of I Library call number International & Area Studies Russian Reference 016.95 Ak1b no. 7-10). All items were examined de visu by the compiler.

Bibliografiia izdanii Gosudarstvennoi Respublikanskoi biblioteki Kirgizskoi SSR im. N. G. Chernyshevskogo (1948-1958 gody).

Kuznetsova, M. I. Frunze, 1959.

This brief work indexes 68 Russian-language bibliographic and research guides published by what is now the Kyrgyz National Library between 1948 and 1958. Entries are organized by subject.

Kyrgyz SSRinin N. G. Chernyshevskii atyndagy mamlekettik respublikalyk kitepkanasynyn bibliografiialyk basmasy (1951-1957 zhzh.) = Bibliograficheskie izdaniia Gosudarstvennoi respublikanskoi biblioteki Kirgizskoi SSR im. N. G. Chernyshevskogo (1951-1957 gg.).

Toktobaeva, R. Frunze, 1958.

This companion to the previous work indexes 47 Kyrgyz-language bibliographic and research guides published by what is now the Kyrgyz National Library between 1951 and 1957. Entries are organized by subject, and an index of compilers’ names is included.

Kyrgyz SSRinin N. G. Chernyshevskii atyndagy mamlekettik kitepkanasynyn basma ishterinin bibliografiiasy (1958-1973 zh.zh.).

Adamovskaia, G. L. Frunze, 1973.

A continuation of the previous bibliography, Adamovskaia’s work does not appear to be held in the West, and does not appear in the relevant volumes of Bibliografiia sovetskoi bibliiografii (UIUC call number Main Stacks Reference 015.47 V96b). Its extent and method of organization are unknown.

* * *

For more recent years, a section entitled “Bibliografiialyk koldonmolordun kȯrsȯ̇tku̇chu̇ = Ukazatel’ bibliograficheskikh posobii” is included in some issues of Kyrgyz SSRinin/Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy .

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Several of the most important sources for the national bibliography of Kyrygzstan index works in multiple formats (i.e., monographs, serials, journal articles, newspaper articles, reviews, avtoreferaty of dissertations, musical works, pictorial art publications, etc.).  These sources are described below.

Sovettik Kyrgyzstan : adabiiattardyn annotatsiialangan kyskacha kȯrsȯ tku̇chu̇.

Abubakirova, S. et al. Frunze : Kyrgyz SSRinin N. G. Chernyshevskii atyndagy mamlekettik respublikalyk kitepkanasy (Bibliografiialyk bȯlu̇m), 1961.

OCLC accession number: 36526034

Organized by subject, the nearly 1,400 entries in this bibliography cover books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and other materials published in Kyrgyz in Kyrgyzstan prior to 1961. The entries are annotated, and (in some cases) include citations to reviews of the work in question. The contents of sborniki (particularly literary sborniki) are listed in full, and an index of personal names is provided. The vast majority of entries are for works published in the 1950s.

Sample entries on Kyrgyz orthography from page 161 of SOVETTIK KYRGYZSTAN : ADABIIATARDYN ANNOTATSIIALANGAN KYSKACHA KORSOTKUCHU (Frunze, 1961)

Sovetskii Kirgizstan : krat kii annotirovannyi ukazatel’ literatury.

Guzhin, G. S. et al. Frunze, 1961.

This counterpart to the previous work contains over 2,000 entries for Russian-language books, journal and newspaper articles, and “other materials” published prior to 1960. Entries are organized by subject, and an index of personal names is included. The relationship of this and the previous source to Kyrgyzstandyn bibliografiiasy / Bibliografiia Kirgizii (see below) is unclear at the time of this writing.

Bibliografiia Kirgizii : v 4-kh t omakh.

Frunze : Gos. resp. b-ka Kirgiz. SSR im. N. G. Chernyshevskogo (Otd. nats. bibliografii), 1963-1989. 4 vols.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 016.915843 F94b [v. 4 pt. 6 and v. 3 pts. 2, 3, and 4 only]

This substantial set indexes Kyrgyzstan-related books and articles (whether from sborniki, journals or newspapers) published in Russian between 1918 and 1960 (not including 1937-1945). Materials published in Kyrgyzstan and elsewhere in the Soviet Union (i.e., Moscow) are included, and nearly all subjects are covered.

Volumes 1 and 2 include entries for works on all subjects for the period 1918-1936, while volumes 3 and 4 were issued in multiple parts, with each part devoted to a different subject or group of subjects in a particular range of years (e.g., politics/government/law from 1956-1960 in tom 4, vypusk 2; agriculture from 1946-1955 in tom 3, vypusk 5; etc.). Each separately-published item in the set (whether “volume” or “part”) is organized according to detailed subject categories and includes name and geographic indexes, as well as a list of the sources used to compile that volume. Individual volumes/parts may include additional indexes. (Volume 1, for example, contains a supplementary subject index, while part 6 of volume 4 includes a chronological index of the Russian-language works of individual Kyrgyz authors.)

Sample entries from page 161 of vypusk 3 of tom 3 of BIBLIOGRAFIIA KIRGIZII (Frunze, 1963)

The number of entries per individual volume/part range from about 1,500 to over 4,000. A small percentage of entries (those with ambiguous titles, for example) include brief annotations and/or citations to reviews of the cited work. The volumes and parts were not published in consecutive order. For example, volume 3, issue 3, part 2 (covering industry, transport and communications from 1946-1955) was published in 1965, while volume 1 was not published until 1968.

Kyrgyzstandyn bibliografiiasy : tȯ rt tomduk.

Frunze, 1960-1974.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 016.915843 F94b [v. 3, pt. 6 only]

The counterpart to the previous source for Kyrgyz-language materials, Kyrgyzstandyn bibliografiiasy also indexes books and articles in all subject areas, and includes name and geographic indexes and a list of sources in each volume. The complete set was intended to cover the years 1924 to 1960, but it appears that volumes 1 and 2 were never published. Those parts of volumes 3 and 4 which have appeared cover materials published on most subjects from 1946-1955, and on selected subjects (i.e. agriculture, literature, art and linguistics) from 1956-1960.

Sample entry from page 89 of part 6 of volume 3 of KYRGYZSTANDYN BIBLIOGRAFIIASY (Frunze, 1973), giving the entire contents of a book of poems by Alykul Osmonov and a citation to a review

Some idea of the extent of the (incomplete) set can be gained from the first three parts of volume three, which contain about 8,000 entries, and from part 6 of volume three, which contains nearly 4,000. It appears that all volumes and parts include name and geographical indexes, while some (i.e., those covering literature) contain chronological indexes of individual author’s works. Some also contain a list of works used to compile the bibliography. The parts focusing on literature list the entire contents of sborniki and other books containing a number of smaller works, and reviews of the book in question (if any) are also cited in some cases (see above).


Kirgizskaia SSR v 1961 godu: ukazatel’ literatury.

Novichenko, E., Frunze : Gosudarstvennaia respublikanskaia biblioteka Kirgizskoi SSR im. N. G. Chernyshevskogo (Otdel natsional’noi bibliografii), 1966.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 016.95843 K58 v. 1961

Kirgizskaia SSR v 1963 g.: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ literatury.

Belkova, G. N. Frunze : “Kyrgyzstan,” 1967.

Conceived as an annual continuation of Bibliografiia Kirgizii (see previous entry), only two volumes of Kirgizskaia SSR v … godu were ever compiled. A similar range of material continued to be indexed on a monthly basis in Kyrgyz SSRinin basma sȯz zhylnaamasy/Letopis’ pechati Kirgizskoi SSR (later Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy/Letopis’ pechati Respubliki Kyrgyzstan see entry below).

Sample entries from page 518 of E. Novichenko's KIRGIZSKAIA SSR V 1961 GODU (Frunze, 1966)

Each volume contains roughly 5,000 entries for Russian-language books, articles (from journals, newspapers and sborniki), and reviews published during the year indicated (i.e., 1961 or 1963). In addition to works devoted entirely to Kyrgyz-related topics, general works containing substantial information on Kyrgyzstan are also included. Entries are organized by subject, and indexes of personal and geographical names are provided. The 1961 volume also indexes musical and pictorial art publications, but, unlike the 1963 volume, does not index local publications (such as newspapers from smaller Kyrgyz cities). If the subject of a cited work is unclear from the title, a brief annotation is provided (see example above).


Kyrgyzstan 1961-zhylda: bibliografiialyk kȯrsȯ tku̇ch .

Bishkek: Kyrgyzstan Resp. V. I. Lenin at. maml. k-kanasy (Krai taanuu zh-a uluttuk bibliogr. bȯlu̇mu̇), 1991.

OCLC accession number: 44720946

Kyrgyzstan 1962-zhylda: bibliografiialyk kȯrsȯ tku̇ch .

Kydyrmysheva, T. Frunze: “Kyrgyzstan”, 1987.

Kyrgyzstan 1963-zhylda: adabiiatardyn kȯrsȯ tku̇ch u̇.

Mukanova, K., Frunze: “Kyrgyzstan,” 1966.

OCLC accession number: 35607934

Each volume of this Kyrgyz counterpart to the previous source contains about 3,000 entries for Kyrgyz-language books and articles published during the designated year. Entries are organized by subject, and name and geographical indexes are included.


Kyrgyz SSRinin basma sȯz letopisi: mamlekettik bibliografiialyk kȯrsȯ tku̇ch = Letopis’ pechati Kirgizskoi SSR: gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Frunze, 1948-

Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy: mamlekettik bibliografiialyk kȯrsȯ tku̇ch = Letopis’ pechati Respubliki Kyrgyzstan: gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Bishkek : “Akyl”, 1991-
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 015.5843 K989 [1991:6, 1991:9-12, 1992:4, 1992:11-12, 1993:1, 1993:4-12, 1994:1-4 only]

A monthly omnibus publication like Kazakhstan’s Baspasȯz shezhīresī , Kyrgyz SSRinin/Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy bundles a number of different national bibliographic publications together in each issue. This “bundle” did not always consist of the same titles, since some of them (like Kitep letopisi ) were published as stand-alone serials during certain periods. In the early 1990s, the mix consisted of the following:

  1. Kitep zhylnaamasy = Knizhnaia letopis’
  2. Zhurnal makalalarynyn zhylnaamasy = Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei
  3. Gazet makalalarynyn zhylnaamasynda = Letopis’ gazetnykh statei
  4. Retsenziialar zhylnaamasy = Letopis’ retsenzii
  5. Su̇rȯ t ȯnȯ rchu̇lu̇gu̇nu̇n zhylnaamasy = Letopis izoizdanii
  6. Nota zhylnaamasy = Notnaia letopis’
  7. Bibliografiialyk koldonmolordun kȯrsȯ̇tku̇chu̇ = Ukazatel’ bibliograficheskikh posobii
  8. Mezgil-mezgili menen chykkan zhana ulantylyp berilu̇u̇chu̇ chygarmalardyn zhylnaamasyna = Letopis’ periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii

Each of these titles indexed items published in Kyrgyzstan in a particular format (books, journal articles, newspaper articles, reviews, pictorial art publications, music publications, bibliographic materials, and periodical titles). Every title did not appear in every issue; numbers 4 through 7 on the above list, for example, appeared only in issues #6 and #12 each year.

Many aspects of the publication history are irregular. The first issue, for example, appears to have covered only materials published in Russian during the first quarter of 1948, while the second did the same for Kyrgyz-language materials published in early 1949. Thereafter Kyrgyzstandyn basma sȯzu̇nu̇n letopisi/Letopis’ pechati Kirgizii (as it was known in its early years) appeared only once a year until 1956, and appeared on a quarterly basis for a period beginning in the mid-1960s. Citations to journal and newspaper articles were generally not included, with the exception of the years 1948-1949, 1953-1956, and a period beginning around 1991.

The current status of this publication is unclear. Kyrgyzstan: entsiklopediia (Bishkek: Tsentr gosudarstvennogo iazyka i entsiklopedii; U of I Library call number Central Asian Reference 037.1 K998), published in 2001, states that the Kyrgyz Book Chamber was at that time compiling separate bibliographies of books, journal articles, newspaper articles, periodical publications, reviews, bibliographic sources, published musical works, and pictorial art publications on a monthly basis, although it makes no mention of these bibliographies being published. No Western library appears to hold any issues beyond the year 2000.

Kyrgyz Respublikasy bashka mamleketterdin basma sȯzu̇ndȯ : bibliografiialyk kȯrsȯ tku̇ch = Respublika Kyrgystan v pechati drugikh gosudarstv : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Bishkek, 1991(?)-

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies– Central Asian Reference 016.95843 R312 [1991-1993, some issues missing]

Respublika Kyrgyzstan v pechati SSSR i zarubezhnykh stran Published since 1965, this resource indexes works in all formats (books, journal and newspaper articles, avtoreferaty of dissertations, reviews, pictorial art publications, etc.) pertaining to Kyrgyzstan but published outside its borders. It has appeared under various titles ( Respublika Kyrgyzstan v pechati SSSR i zarubezhnykh stran/Kyrgyz Respublikasy SSSRdin zhana chet ȯ lkȯ lȯ rdu̇n basma sȯzu̇ndȯ and Kirgizskaia SSR v periodicheskoi pechati Sovetskogo Soiuza/Kyrgyz SSRi Sovetter Soiuzunun basma sȯzu̇ndȯ , etc.) with varying frequencies (mostly quarterly), and has had a convoluted publication history (from 1969 to 1978, for example, it was published as a special section of Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh statei/Zhurnal zhana gazeta makalalarynyn letopisi ).

Entries are primarily organized by subject, with a number of separate sections based on format (e.g. avtoreferaty) or provenance (e.g., Western publications). Name, subject, geographical, and language indexes (as well as indexes of the individual issues of journals and newspapers that generated entries) are provided. Sample entries from page 13 of issue 1-2 of KYRGYZ RESPUBLIKASY BASHKA MAMLEKETTERDIN BASMA SOZUNDO for 1991 Non-Russian materials are described entirely in Russian, or at least with a Russian translation of the title. The entries are compiled on the basis of cards sent from the book chambers and central libraries of other former Soviet republics and regions, and on the efforts of what are now the Kyrgyz National Library and the library of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences. In the early 1990s Kyrgyz Respublikasy bashka mamleketterdin basma sȯzu̇ndȯ contained approximately 500-700 entries per year.

For scholars studying relations (or mutual perceptions) between Kyrgyzstan and other regions, this resource can be a very effective, though not necessarily comprehensive, shortcut. Most other former Soviet republics (i.e., Kazakhstan ) have a similar publication.


Sovettik Kyrgyzstandyn kitebi: zhyiyntyktalgan bibliografiia, 19..-19.. zhzh. = Kniga Sovetskoi Kirgizii: svodnaia bibliografiia, 19..-19.. gg.

Frunze: Kyrgyzstan mamlekettik kitep palatasy, 1962-1977. 6 parts.

OCLC accession number: 16388726

This multi-part union catalog of books published in Kyrgyzstan between 1924 and 1970 contains over 18,000 entries and an index of personal names in each part. Separately-published volumes cover the years 1924-1938, 1939-1949, 1950-1954, 1955-1959, 1960-1965, and 1966-1970. The early volumes of this set were intended to compensate for the fact that Kyrgyzstan’s serially-published national bibliography did not begin until 1951, and are an excellent source for early Kyrgyz monographic publishing. The early volumes also include entries for books intended for Kyrgyz consumption but published in Kazan’, Moscow, Samarkand and Tashkent.

Unfortunately, holdings of Sovettik Kyrgyzstandyn kitebi in the West are poor, presumably due, in part, to the small print runs (500-700 copies per volume).

Entries are organized by subject in a manner similar to that used in the all-Union Knizhnaia letopis’ , as is common. In all but one of the volumes, Kyrgyz- and Russian-language entries are separated into their own self-contained sections. Russian-language books are described in Russian, Kyrgyz-language books are described in Kyrgyz (with a Russian translation of the title provided), and books in other languages (e.g. Dungan) are cited entirely in Russian translation. Books published before the conversion of Kyrgyz to the Cyrillic alphabet around 1941 are cited in Cyrillic, with a note that the original publication was in the Latin or Arabic script (see sample entry below). Dungan-language books published in Kyrgyzstan are reportedly indexed in all six parts, while books in Karachai-Balkar, Chechen, Ingush and German were only indexed in the volume for 1955-1959 (see the following entry for more information on works in these languages).

Sample entry from page 53 of the "Government and Law" section of SOVETTIK KYRGYZSTANDYN KITEBI, 1939-1949 (Frunze, 1962); note that this item was originally published in the Latin script ("Latyn tamgasynda")

The volume covering 1924-1938 was compiled based on the private collections of Kyrgyz authors as well as the collections of major Kyrgyz academic institutions and what were then the Lenin Library in Moscow, the Book Chambers of the Kyrgyz SSR and the USSR (as reflected in Kitep letopisi and Knizhnaia letopis’ ) and the N. G. Chernyshevskii State Republican Library of the Kyrgyz SSR (now the Kyrgyz National Library). All later volumes were compiled on the basis of the latter three collections only, but only those items held at the Kyrgyz Book Chamber (i.e., the vast majority of them) are indicated as such.

Ukazatel’ literatury na dunganskom, karachaevo-balkarskom i checheno-ingushskom iazykakh, izdannoi v Kirgizii (1930-1960 gg.).

Sergievskaia, I. S.; Tantasheva, G. Kh. & Saatova, B. Frunze : Kirgiz. gos. knizhnaia palata, 1962.

Although not available for review and probably not held in the West, this short (16-page) bibliography may be useful to scholars studying Kyrgyz minorities and/or the Stalin-era deportations of peoples to Central Asia. Intended as a supplement to Sovettik Kyrgyzstandyn kitebi (see previous entry), it covers books published in Kyrgyzstan in the Dungan, Karachai, Balkar, Chechen, and/or Ingush languages between 1930 and 1960 — 177 titles in all. Unfortunately, it appears that these are cited in Russian rather than in the original. Entries are organized by language and, in the case of Dungan, by subject. An index of personal names is provided.

Kitep letopisi: Kyrgyz SSRinin mamlekettik bibliografiiasynyn organy = Knizhnaia letopis’: organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii Kirgizskoi SSR.

Frunze: Kyrgyz SSRinin kitep palatasy, 1949-

Kitep letopisi indexes books and brochures published in Kyrgyzstan, as well as (at various times) periodical publications, avtoreferaty of dissertations, and published works of music and art. Published annually until 1956 and quarterly thereafter, its entries are organized by subject, with Russian translations provided for all titles. Kyrgyz-language works are also indexed in the original, while works in other languages (i.e., Uighur) are indexed in Russian only. Russian- and Kyrgyz-language works appear in separate sections, and an index of personal names is included in each issue.

While the Kyrgyzstan Kitep Palatasy/Kirgizskaia Knizhnaia Palata/Kyrgyz Book Chamber was founded in 1939 and had prepared the first issue of Kitep letopisi by 1940, the onset of World War II prevented any such publication from appearing until 1951. Books (but not other types of materials) published between 1924 and 1950 were eventually indexed in Sovettik Kyrgyzstandyn kitebi.

Kitep letopisi has a long and tortured relationship with its sometime parent publication, Kyrgyz SSRinin basma sȯz letopisi/Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy. At times it has appeared as a stand-alone publication. Circa 1991, Kitep letopisi was renamed Kitep zhylnaamasy , and continued to be published as a constituent part of Kyrgyz Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy/Letopis’ pechati Respubliki Kyrgyzstan.



Bibliografiia izdanii Kirgizskogo filiala Akademii Nauk SSSR 1943-1956 gg.

Erman, L. M. & Gerasimova, M. M. Frunze, 1957.

Bibliografiia izdanii Akademii Nauk Kirgizskoi SSR … gg. = Kyrgyz SSR Ilimder Akademiasynda basylyp chykkan emgekterdin bibliografiiasy … zhzh. Frunze : Izd-vo “Ilim,” 1961-1989.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 015.5843 Ak13b [1957-1964, 1965-1969, 1970, 1971-1972, 1975-1986]

This major set of bibliographies indexes the publishing output of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences and its institutes and departments from 1943 through 1986. There is a fair amount of variation in the amount of material included in each volume. The volume for 1943-1956, for example, contains 1,181 entries for Kyrgyz- and Russian-language monographs, educational/popular books, and articles from sborniki and periodical publications. The volume for 1960-61 contains 1,214 entries for books, articles (from sborniki and periodical publications), and avtoreferaty of dissertations in Russian, Kyrgyz and Dungan, organized by subject. The volume for 1962-1964 includes only 385 entries for books and articles, with no avtoreferaty of dissertations and no Dungan-language publications. Each volume includes indexes of personal names, while most contain lists of the publications indexed in that volume, and some include an index of titles. Entries for Kyrgyz- and Dungan-language works include a Russian translation of the title.

* * *

For 355 items by members of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences published or presented in foreign countries, see L. M. Kaliakina’s Publikatsiia rabot uchenykh Akademii Nauk Kirgizskoi SSR v zarubezhnoi pechati, 1959-1985 gg.: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’, 2nd ed., Frunze, 1988 (U of I Library call number Main Stacks 015.3785843 K124p1988).


In addition to the following, several alternative formats (musical and art publications, reviews, avtoreferaty of dissertations, etc.) are included in the umbrella publication Kyrgyz SSRinin/Respublikasynyn basma sȯz zhylnaamasy and in Kitep letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ .

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Avtoreferaty dissertatsii, 1948-1978 : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ v dvukh tomakh.

Chevelev, V. A. Frunze : Izd-vo “Ilim,” 1980. 2 vols.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 011.7095843 C428a v. 1-2

A joint project of the library of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences and the Kyrgyz State Book Chamber, this resource provides bibliographic access to nearly 4,300 avtoreferaty of dissertations written on Kyrgyz-related topics (or defended in Kyrgyzstan) between 1948 and 1978. Entries are organized first according to broad subject categories; then by type of dissertation (kandidat or doktor); then alphabetically by author. Volume 1 covers the hard sciences and social sciences, while volume 2 is devoted to engineering, agriculture and medicine. A brief supplement indexing additional avtoreferaty in the hard and social sciences appears at the end of volume 2.

Sample entries from page 452 of volume 1 of Chevelev's AVTOREFERATY DISSERTATSII, highlighting its strength in indexing Uighur- and Dungan-related dissertation abstracts

As mentioned above, this bibliography covers not only avtoreferaty of dissertations defended in Kyrgyzstan, but also those defended elsewhere (notably Tashkent and Almaty) that deal with Kyrgyzstan and/or make use of Kyrgyz-related materials. (This includes dissertations relating to the Uighurs and Dungans, both of whom have substantial populations within Kyrgyzstan’s borders.) Thus, it is a good source for reviewing a broad range of Soviet dissertation-level work with a Kyrgyz (or Uighur or Dungan) focus or aspect.

An index of personal names is included for each volume. Much of the foreword is devoted to a review of the development of scholarship in Soviet-era Kyrgyzstan. The bibliography was compiled based on the collections of what have now become the Russian State Library in Moscow, the National Library of Kyrgyzstan, the Library of the Kyrgyz Academy of Sciences, and the National Book Chamber of Kyrgyzstan, as well as on other bibliographic sources created by the old All-Soviet Book Chamber and various Kyrgyz educational institutions.

Obtaining copies of Soviet-era avtoreferaty (not to mention the underlying disserations themselves) can be quite difficult, so researchers may need to attempt to consult them in person in Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

After 1978, avtoreferaty of dissertations were indexed in a special subsection of Kyrgyz SSRinin basma sȯz zhylnaamasy.


Otkrytaia biblioteka = Achyk kitebkana


This is a database of open license books and includes Kyrgyz school textbooks, rare books from the library archive and dissertations. There are a total of 784 documents available on the website at the time of writing. The dissertation archive is always being updated with new materials as they come out. All materials are accessible for electronic download as .pdf files. Users can search the library in Kyrgyz and in Russian or they can browse materials by type and topic. For each document the website gives a title, a description and information about the number of times the item has been downloaded. The period of coverage for this database is not given. Please note that due to maintenance issue this website may time out – but this can be corrected by refreshing the page.

search page for open kyrgyz library

Toktom: Informatsionno-pravovoi portal


Toktom is a database of Kyrgyz legislation (it also includes some documents from other CIS countries). Users can search by keyword or they can browse new documents. The site can be navigated in Russian and in Kyrgyz and both Kyrgyz language and Russian language documents are available. Users can obtain an account through their google account which will allow them to access various legislative documents. Please note that due to maintenance issue this website may time out – but this can be corrected by refreshing the page.