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Kazakh National Bibliography

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Printed works in the Kazakh language began to appear around the turn of the nineteenth century, although Tatar remained the major literary language for speakers of Kazakh until 1917. Initially a modified Perso-Arabic script was used, followed by a Latin-based script in the late 1920s, followed about ten years later by the Cyrillic-based script that is still in use today. Early centers of Kazakh-language publishing included Qazan/Kazan’, Orynbor/Orenburg, and Oral/Ural’sk. The first bibliographies of works published in or relating to Kazakhstan were compiled by Russian scholars in the late 19th century, but a national bibliography as such was not initiated until the founding of the Qazaq SSR kītap palatasy/Knizhnaia palata Kazakhskoi SSR/Book Chamber of the Kazakh SSR in 1937. The early efforts of the Book Chamber were soon overwhelmed by the events of World War II. In subsequent years, however, many retrospective bibliographies covering both the war years and the period before 1937 were published by the Book Chamber (and what is now the Kazakh National Library), giving nearly unbroken coverage of Kazakh publishing output in many formats from its beginnings to the present. The economic difficulties of 1998 in Kazakhstan caused national bibliographic publications to slow down or cease entirely, and some do not appear to have recovered.

For more information on the history of bibliography in Kazakhstan, a good place to start is with the sources listed on page 68 of B.L. Kandel”s Otechestvennye ukazateli bibliograficheskikh posobii, 2nd ed. (Leningrad, 198 — U of I Library Call Number International & Area Studies– Russian Reference 016.01547 K131o 1989). For a portrait of the non-Russian libraries of the early 20th century in Vernyi (now Almaty) and the context in which they existed, see V. Z. Galiev’s Tiurkskaia biblioteka v Vernom (Almaty, 2001 — U of I Library call number Main Stacks 027.05845 G133t).

This page is divided into the following sections: Library CatalogsBibliographies of BibliographiesGeneral ResourcesMonographic ResourcesPeriodical Resources, Academy Publications (forthcoming), and Other Formats (forthcoming). Bibliographies confined to a specific subject area, as well as resources for Kazakh archives, biography, encyclopedias, etc., will be included in future pages. For more information about these (or any other) resources, please contact the Slavic Reference Service.

It should be noted that the Kazakh people were generally known to speakers of Russian as “Kirgiz” before the mid-1920s, and that the Kazakh SSR was not established as such until 1936.


Rossiiskaia natsional’naia biblioteka. Otdel literatury na natsional’nykh iazykakh. Katalog literatury na kazakhskom iazyke [microform].

New York: N. Ross, 1998. U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Microforms Room Reference and Circulating Fiche MFICHE 016.95845 R736k

While the Russian National Library (a.k.a. the Saltykovka) had no particular mandate to collect materials from the non-Russian republics of the former Soviet Union, it was a depository library, and its Kazakh-language collection is certainly one of the best outside Kazakhstan, particularly for the pre-WWII period. The many card catalogs maintained by the Saltykovka included dozens based strictly on the language of publication, i.e., separate card catalogs were created for the library’s holdings in all of the major and most of the minor languages of the USSR. The Saltykovka’s Kazakh catalog contained approximately 40,000 bibliographic records as of 1998, and these cards are here reproduced on microfiche.

Nearly all the records are for monographs, and the few for periodicals do not include holdings information. They are divided by script into three sections, the first for works published in Cyrillic script (approx. 32,500 works, published beginning in about 1940), the second for approximately 2,500 works published in the Arabic script before 1930, and the third for approximately 5,000 Latin-script works published primarily in the 1930s. Within each section, cards are alphabetized by author (or title if no author is listed). In the Cyrillic section, surnames/titles beginning with q, gh, ū, u̇, ȯ, ă, and ḣ are filed at the end of the alphabet, after ia, as was the practice in the early years of Cyrillic-script Kazakh. Surnames/titles beginning with ī were, however, filed between y and ė, as they are today.

There are obvious benefits to a card catalog reproduction such as this, including the fact that once desired materials are identified, they can then be requested or purchased in various formats from the Russian National Library’s Document Delivery Service. In some cases the Slavic Reference Service can order microfilm copies of Russian National Library holdings if an item is not held in the United States.

Qazaqstan Respublikasy Ulttyq Kitapkhanasy. Elektrondyq katalogy. =

Natsional’naia Biblioteka Respubliki Kazakhstana. Elektronnyi katalog. =
National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Electronic catalogue.
http://www.nlrk.kz (library homepage)

Founded in Vernyi (now Almaty) in 1910 as the Vernyi Municipal Library, the National Library has been the depository library for monographs, regional and national periodical publications, newspapers, dissertations, avtoreferaty of dissertations, government documents, maps, musical works, audio-visual materials and other materials published in Kazakhstan since 1931. As of early 2007, it held over 5.5 million printed volumes in 100 languages, over 1,000 current journal subscriptions (including about 140 to Kazakh-language journals), over 1,000 current newspaper subscriptions (60 Kazakh), and about 25,000 rare books and manuscripts.

Three catalogs containing a total of about 500,000 bibliographic records were available online as of early 2008. These are entitled “Kazakhstanika” (containing 100,000+ records), “Kazakhstan: proshloe i nastoiashchee (rus)” (200,000+ records, all for Russian-language works), and “Kazakhstan: proshloe i nastoiashchee (kaz)” (225,000+ records, all in Kazakh). While this represents only a fraction of the library’s holdings, these catalogs give valuable access to one of the major strengths of the Kazakh National Library’s collection (namely, of course, the breadth and depth of its Kazakh-related material).

Sample entries from the National Library of Kazakhstan's "Kazakhstan: proshloe i nastoiashchee (kaz)" database

Also, the latter two catalogs, like many of the national library catalogs in Eastern Europe, contain large numbers of bibliographic records for individual newspaper articles, journal articles, papers from conference proceedings, and other types of works rarely found in Western library catalogs. Many of these are for items published quite recently. The “Kazakhstanika” catalog appears to exclude articles. The three catalogs can be searched together or separately.

Sample entries from the National Library of Kazakhstan's "Kazakhstan: proshloe i nastoiashchee (kaz)" database

The National Library’s website also features a small collection of digitized texts relating to Kazakh history (most from before 1917) in its Elektrondyq Sandyq Muraghat/Tsifrovoi Elektronnyi Arkhiv/Digital Electronic Archive. Additional online catalogs (of rare books, etc.) may be available on site in Almaty. For more (if potentially outdated) information, see the CD-ROM published by the National Library of Kazakhstan on the occasion of its 90th anniversary in 2000 (Natsional’naia biblioteka Respubliki Kazakhstan = National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, 2000) (held at the University of Washington).

Kazakhstanskii tsentr korporativnoi katalogizatsii.


The National Library of Kazakhstan has maintained this online union catalog of 13 of Kazakhstan’s major libraries since 2002. It currently includes about 1 million records, some for items dating back as far as the early 19th century, with a large majority reflecting the holdings of the National Library itself. The remainder of the catalog consists of records from regional libraries whose holdings of regionally-published materials are presumed to be comprehensive. The catalog is comprised of three databases: “Kazakhstanika”, Russian-language articles, and Kazakh-language articles. These can be searched together or separately by author, title, place or year of publication, and several other criteria, singly or in combination. Specific holdings of periodical titles are provided only by records for individual issues, which do not appear to be comprehensive. The catalog must be searched in Cyrillic (Russian or Kazakh).

A search for Orynbor (Orenburg) as a place of publication in the Kazakh-language articles database.

Note that holdings of major libraries such as the Central Scientific Library of the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science and the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan in Astana are not included in this union catalog.

Kazakhstanskii tsentr korporativnoi katalogizatsii banner



Petroglyphs of men with tails/people in animal skins from Shul'binsk, near Semipalatinsk, 2nd mellenium B.C.E (from ARKHEOLOGICHESKIE PAMIATNIKI V ZONE ZATOPLENIIA SHUL'BINSKOI GES, p. 268)


Bibliografiia bibliografii Kazakhstana: ukazatel’.

Tsarev, G.P.; Andronnikov, V.V. & Galiev, V.Z., Alma-Ata : “Kazakhstan”, 1982.
OCLC accession number: 12555682

Qazaq bibliografiiasynyng bibliografiiasy : bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh (1917-1980 zhzh.) = Bibliografiia kazakhskoi bibliografii (1917-1980) : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Dusmailova, B. & Dzhumadilova, S., Alma-Ata : Gos. kn. palata KazSSR, 1986.

Intended as complementary works, these two bibliographies attempt to include citations to the vast majority of bibliographic works published in or about Kazakhstan prior to 1976/1981. About 4,000 Russian-language bibliographies compiled between 1850 and 1975, including unpublished typescripts held at the Kazakh National Library, are covered by Bibliografiia bibliografii Kazakhstana. Entries are annotated and organized by subject, with additional access provided by means of personal name and geographical indexes. Nearly 3,000 Kazakh- and Uighur-language bibliographies held in the Kazakh Book Chamber’s Arkhiv Pechati, at the Kazakh National Library, and at other Kazakh libraries are indexed in Qazaq bibliografiiasynyng bibliografiiasy, with personal name and title indexes. Both works include not only bibliographies published in monographic form, but bibliographic material that appeared in periodical publications. Bibliographies relating to Kazakhstan but published outside its borders are also included.

Qazaq SSR bibliografiialyq qūraldar kȯrsetkīshī = Ukazatel’ bibliograficheskikh posobii Kazakhskoi SSR.

Almaty : Knizhnaia palata KazSSR, 1988-1991

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 015.5845 Q112 1990

Qazaqstan Respublikasynyng bibliografiialyq qūraldar kȯrsetkīshī = Ukazatel’ bibliograficheskikh posobii Respubliki Kazakhstan.

Almaty : Ūlttyq memlekettīk kītap palatasy, 1994-

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies –Central Asian Reference 015.5845 Q11 1991-1992

This irregularly-published source provides citations to bibliographic material (broadly defined) that was received at the Kazakh/Kazakh SSR Book Chamber in a particular year (or group of years) between 1981 and 1996.  Bibliographies published in monograph form, individual issues of serially-published bibliographies, monographs and journal articles with accompanying bibliographic material, and lists of authors’ works included in avtoreferaty of dissertations are included.  Annual issues from the early 1990s contain several hundred entries, the majority of which are citations to individual journal and sbornik articles that contain some sort of bibliography or list of sources, which are often quite brief–most consist of fewer than 15 citations, with a minimum of 9 (see sample page belowfrom the Economics section of the 1992 volume).  The vast majority of works cited are in Russian, with only a handful in Kazakh.  Presumably because of differing publishing conventions, many more works are cited from the physical sciences than from the social sciences and humanities.

Sample entries from the Economics section of the volume for 1992

The material is organized by subject according to the standard Soviet version of Universal Decimal Classification.  Individual issues end with a name index, a title index, a list of sources used to compile that issue, and a table of contents.  Annual issues covering 1987 to 1992 were published between 1988 and 1994, preceded by a two-part volume covering the years from 1981-1985, and followed by two issues covering 1993/1994 and 1995/1996.  It appears that no issue was published for 1986, and no library appears to hold any issue beyond the one for 1995/1996.


Several of the most important sources for the national bibliography of Kazakhstan include citations to more than one type of material (monographs, serials, journal articles, newspaper articles, reviews, avtoreferaty of dissertations, musical works, pictorial art publications, etc.).  These sources are described below.

Ukazatel’ knig, zhurnal’nykh i gazetnykh statei i zamietok o kirgizakh.

Alektorov, A.E., Kazan’ : Tipo-litografiia Imperatorskago Universiteta, 1900.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 016.915845 Al2u

HathiTrust full-text link: http://hdl.handle.net/2027/inu.30000077527087

Until about 1925, Kazakhs were known to Russians as “Kirgiz”, hence the potentially-confusing title of this remarkable bibliography.  Published as an enormous (969-page) supplement to Izviestiia obshchestva arkheologii, istorii i etnografii pri Imperatorskom Kazanskom Universitetie, it features an impressive depth and breadth of material, with many hundreds of lavishly annotated entries and extremely detailed lists of contents for monographs and other major publications.  Alektorov’s roughly 6,000 entries are one of the most comprehensive sources for what was being written in Russian about the Kazakhs and their lands during the 19th century.  The vast majority of entries deal with Kazakh history, ethnography, and economic relations, but works relating to the natural environment of Kazakhstan, and other subjects, are also included.

The entries are unnumbered, in one long list alphabetized by author, title, or (in the case of unsigned articles) periodical title.  There are no indexes of any kind, which is an unfortunate barrier to access to the wealth of material gathered here, including not only citations to books, journal and newspaper articles, reviews, letters to the editor, translations of Christian texts into Kazakh, selected works of fiction, etc., but also lengthy excerpts from authoritative works, brief articles reproduced in their entirety, biographical information about authors, publication history and editorship of periodicals, statistical tables reproduced from articles cited, snippets of songs and poems, etc., all in addition to the rich annotations and descriptions of contents already mentioned.

Articles from newspapers published in or near what is now Kazakhstan (e.g., Akmolinskiia oblastnyia viedomosti, Astrakhanskii viestnik, Kirgizskaia stepnaia gazeta, Orenburgskii listok, Stepnoi krai) are heavily cited.  A brief supplement includes several Kazakh-language works published in Kazan’ in the Arabic script, which are among the very few non-Russian works indexed.  Works published before 1800 or outside the Russian Empire are also few and far between.  Citations to newspaper and journal articles consist only of author, article title, periodical title, year, and issue number, i.e., in no case are page or volume numbers provided.

Sample entries featuring a typical annotation and extensive biographical information in a footnote

According to Bisnek and Shafranovskii’s “Bibliografiia bibliografii Srednei Azii” (Bibliografiia Vostoka, vyp. 8-9 (1935), pp. 152-194), Alektorov included all materials cited in A. N. Kharuzin’s “Bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ statei, kasaiushchikhsia etnografii kirgizov i karakirgizov : s 1734 po 1891 g.” (Etnograficheskoe obozrienie, god 3-i, kn. IX, no. 2, 1891, Pribavlenie, pp. 1-68; U of I Library call number International & Area Studies Microforms Room MFICHE 572.05 ETNO v. 3-4, fiche #49-50) and his own previous serially-published bibliography on the Kazakhs that appeared over the course of 42 issues of Orenburgskii listok in 1892 and 1893.  (At least some of Kharuzin’s material, however, does not appear to have been incorporated here.) Alektorov was Inspector of Schools in various parts of the Kazakh steppe beginning in 1886, and wrote prolifically about the Kazakhs and their oral literature.  The TsNB MON RK (Central Scientific Library of the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science) apparently maintains a pdf copy of this bibliography for on-site users.

Kazakhstan na stranitsakh “Turkestanskogo sbornika.” 

Ivanchikova, E.I., Almaty: Tsentral’naia nauchnaia biblioteka, 2002.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies– Central Asian Reference 016.95845 K1892

Derived from an eponymous card file compiled at the library of the Kazakh Academy of Sciences beginning in the 1960s, this is a valuable source for the study of Kazakhstan prior to 1917.  It gathers together over 2,000 entries relating to Kazakhstan from the index to V.I. Mezhov’s massive Turkestanskii sbornik (1878-1917), many of them richly annotated.  The raw material for the annotations was apparently gathered by the library staff during pre-1991 “expeditions” to the major libraries of the Soviet Union (particularly what is now the National Library of Uzbekistan, where Turkestanskii Sbornik was consulted directly).  The foreword to the present work implies that it was not possible to fully annotate all entries (nor even, necessarily, to complete the process of selection) before preparations for publication commenced, and that the work was carried forward based on what had been done as of 2000.


Citations to both the original sources (including many of the major journals and newspapers of pre-revolutionary Russia) and to the item’s eventual placement in Turkestanskii sbornik itself are included (see sample entry).  Some indication of the breadth of subject matter here extracted from Turkestanskii sbornik can be given by the following subsection titles:  “Uigury i dungane, pereselenie v Kirgizskuiu (Kazakhskuiu) step'” (19 citations); “Pokhoronnye obychai” (10 citations); “Gosudarstvennaia duma i Kirgizskaia (Kazakhskaia) step'” (28 citations); “Torgovye otnosheniia Rossii i Kirgizskoi stepi s Kitaem” (15 citations); etc.  The material is organized by subject (exhibiting a level of detail similar to that of the above examples), and alphabetically by author or title within each subsection.  Most subsections end with a list of cross-references to entries elsewhere in the bibliography that also contain information on that subject.  An index of personal names is included.

As with Alektorov’s bibliography (above), the TsNB MON RK apparently maintains a pdf copy of this bibliography for on-site users.

Kazakhstanika: spisok kraevedcheskoi literatury dlia respublikanskogo svodnogo kataloga (1851-1930 gg.).  Vyp. 1.

Alma-Ata, 1976.

Kazakhstanika : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ kraevedcheskoi literatury, imeiushcheisia v fonde GB KazSSR im. A.S. Pushkina za gody 1931-1950.  Vyp. 1.  2 parts.

Chestnykh, V.G. Alma-Ata, 1990.

Kazakhstanika: respublikanskii svodnyi katalog: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ kraevedcheskoi literatury, imeiushcheisia v fonde NB RK.

Almaty, 1994-1999
Vyp. 3 (1950-1970).  2 parts.  D.N. Nurkaeva, K.T. Kasymzhanova.
Vyp. 4 (1971-1980).  2 parts.  D.N. Nurkaeva.
Vyp. 5 (1981-1990).  D.N. Nurkaeva.
Vyp. 6 (1991-1995).  Sh.B. Usenbaeva.

This group of bibliographies, published in extremely small print runs of 30 to 60 copies per issue, is held at the National Library of Kazakhstan and was not available for review.  The exact relationships among this, the publication of the same title that began in 1967 (see below), the “Kazakhstanika” card file of the National Library of Kazakhstan, and the “Kazakhstanika” database searchable in the National Library’s online catalog are unknown at the time of this writing.  Likewise, the relationship between the issues published in 1976 and 1990 (both numbered “1”), and the significance of the apparent lack of issue 2, is unclear, although the progression of dates covered in each issue is orderly enough.  Individual issues average roughly two hundred pages each.  Published under the auspices of the Otdel Katalogov of the National Library of Kazakhstan.  Vypusk 3 also known as Respublikanskii katalog “Kazakhstanika” : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ kraevedcheskoi literatury.

Izdaniia ogranichennogo rasprostraneniia : svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ : 1935-1975 gg.

Kovaleva, P.A.; Zhamankulova, A.Zh. Alma-Ata, 1981.

This bibliography is held at the Russian National Library and was not available for review.  It is, perhaps, a retrospective Kazakh equivalent of Spisok izdanii ogranichennogo rasprostraneniia postupivshikh vo Vsesoiuznuiu knizhnuiu palatu v … goda (1956- ), an all-Union bibliography of “limited circulation” materials, which contains citations to materials of potential political, military or legal significance (goverment documents, reports, medical and legal treatises, avtoreferaty of dissertations on sensitive topics, etc.) that were not available to the general public.

Qazaq SSR baspasȯzderīnīng letopisi = Letopis’ pechati Kazakhskoi SSR.  Almaty : QazSSR mem. kitap palatasy, 1957-1973   [no known holdings outside the CIS]

Baspasȯz shezhīresī  = Letopis’ pechati : organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii Kazakhskoi SSR.  QazSSR mem. kitap palatasy, 1974-1982

OCLC accession number: 234321176

Baspasȯz shezhīresī : QazSSR-ining memlekettik bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshī = Letopis’ pechati : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Kazakhskoi SSR.  Almaty : QazSSR mem. kitap palatasy, 1983-1992

OCLC accession number: same as above

Baspasȯz shezhīresī : Qazaqstan Respublikasy memlekettik bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshī = Letopis’ pechati : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Respubliki Kazakhstan.  Almaty : Palatasy, 1992-

U of I Library Call Numbers: Main Stacks 015.5845 B293 [1991-1997, incomplete]. International & Area Studies– Central Asian Reference 015.5815 B293 [1998, 2002-2008, incomplete]

Baspasȯz shezhīresī is an umbrella title that encompasses (or has encompassed) a number of independent serially-published bibliographies, such as “Kitap shezhīresī/Knizhnaia letopis,” “Dissertatsiialardyng avtoreferattary/Avtoreferaty dissertatsii,” “Beineleu oneri basylymdarynyng shezhīresī/Letopis’ izoizdanii,” and others, although the types of materials indexed have changed somewhat over the years.  Baspasȯz  shezhīresī was formed from the merger of two other publications (Kitap letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ and Zhurnal maqalarynyng shezhīresī/Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei) in 1957, and since then, at various times, has included citations to books, pamphlets, periodical publications, periodical and newspaper articles, avtoreferaty of dissertations, reviews, musical works, and pictorial art publications (including maps)-i.e., the majority of the publishing output of Kazakhstan.  In theory, all of the entries in Baspasȯz shezhīresī are derived from works held at the National Library of Kazakhstan as a result of Kazakhstan’s (and the Kazakh SSR’s) depository laws, which can be of great help to researchers trying to identify Kazakh library holdings (see also “Library Catalogs” section).

Baspasȯz shezhīresī was published quarterly from 1957 to 1971.  In 1972, journal articles, newspaper articles, and reviews were removed from Baspasȯz shezhīresī and given their own, separate publications (Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresīGazet maqalalarynyng shezhīresī, & Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī), at the same time that Baspasȯz shezhīresī began to appear on a monthly basis.

Baspasoz sheziresi: sample entries from the avtoreferaty of dissertations section from issue 5-6 for 1998

n the 1990s, each issue was split into two main sections, one for Russian-language works and the other for works in other languages, mainly Kazakh.  Each section was further subdivided by type of material (books, music, art, etc.).  Entries in most of these subsections were arranged systematically by subject, while music was listed in alphabetical order by name of composer.  Each issue generally included an index of personal names and a broad subject index.  Most issues had separate indexes for Russian- and Kazakh-language materials.  In the early 1990’s, Baspasȯz  shezhīresī contained about 1,500 entries for books per year, about 300 entries for avtoreferaty of dissertations, and about 100 entries each for musical and pictorial art publications.  By the late 1990’s, these numbers had decreased by about half.  Publication appears to have ceased altogether in mid-1998 and resumed at the beginning of 2001.  The current status of this publication is unclear.

Researchers should note that the publication pattern of individual bibliographies within Baspasȯz  shezhīresī can be difficult to understand; for instance, the first two issues for 1990 contain only the sections for books and avtoreferaty of dissertations, with sections for music and art appearing in issues 3, 4, and 6, but not 5.  The lack of a true table of contents contributes to the confusion. It should also be noted that the first issue for each year (since 1972) includes a substantial bibliography of journals and newspapers published in Kazakhstan in the previous year, under the heading “Merzimdi basylymdar/Periodicheskie izdaniia.”  These entries include frequency, print run, founding date, and other information for periodicals published in Russian, Kazakh, Korean, German, and other languages.  Issue 1 for 1998, for example, provides bibliographic information on 596 periodical publications published in Kazakhstan in 1997.  (From 1964-1966 and 1968-1971, this section appeared in issue number 4 for the year in question.)

Kazakhstan v pechati SSSR : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’.

Alma-Ata: Gos. kn. palata KazSSR; Gos. b-ka KazSSR im. Pushkina, 1967-1984:3  [various issues are held at Stanford, Harvard, Washington, and the British Library OCLC accession number: 17351853]

Kazakhstan v pechati SSSR i zarubezhnykh stran : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ KazSSR.

Alma-Ata: Gos. kn. palata KazSSR; Gos. b-ka KazSSR im. Pushkina, 1984:4-1991

Kazakhstanika : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Respubliki Kazakhstan.

Almaty: Gos. knizhnaia palata Respubliki Kazakhstan, 1992-

U of I Library Call Number:  Main Stacks 015.5845 K185 (U of I holds 1992-1998:1, 2002-2009:1 some issues missing); International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 015.5845 K185 2008:3-4 and 2010:1-3

Published since 1967 and issued on a quarterly basis since 1977, Kazakhstanika and its predecessors include only works published outside of Kazakhstan itself, virtually all of them in Russian and virtually none of them in Kazakh.  It provides citations to monographs, journal and newspaper articles, reviews, avtoreferaty of dissertations, pictorial art publications and musical works relating to the political, economic and cultural life of Kazakhstan.  The works of Kazakhstan authors and scholars published abroad, and general foreign works that cover Kazakhstan along with other countries, are also included.  The material is separated by format (Books and Articles; Reviews; Avtoreferaty of Dissertations; Pictorial Art Publications; Musical Works) and is organized by broad subject categories within each section.  Analyzed records (i.e., full descriptions of contents) are provided for conference proceedings.  Non-Russian titles are given in both the original and in Russian translation.

Sample entries from the International Fiance section of issue 1 for 1997

For the mid-1990s, each issue includes an index of personal names, an index of geographical names, an indexed list of languages (other than Russian) in which materials were published, and a list of journals, newspapers, and sborniki from which articles were selected for that issue.  Individual issues contain roughly 1,000 entries apiece.  Sources used to compile Kazakhstanika include:  materials selected at or by Kazakhstan’s National Library, its Scientific & Technical Library, and the library of its Academy of Sciences; bibliographic entries in the national bibliographic publications of other CIS countries, particularly Russia; journals and newspapers subscribed to by Kazakhstan’s  National Book Chamber; an unspecified quantity of catalog cards sent to the compilers from commercial and academic publishers outside Kazakhstan, and from the “book chambers and central libraries of CIS countries”; and “other sources.”

The publication history of Kazakhstanika and its previous incarnations is typically convoluted.  From 1967 to 1970, it appeared as part of Baspasȯz shezhīresī/Letopis’ pechati Kazakhskoi SSR; from 1971 to early 1974, it was part of Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī/Letopis’ statei i retsenzii; and from 1975 to the present it has been published separately, with title changes in 1984 and 1992.  Prior to 1977 it was published twice yearly, and since then, in certain years, only three issues have appeared (or none, as seems to have been the case in 1999).  No Western library appears to hold any issue later than #2 for 2002, and one source claims that publication of Kazakhstanika has ceased.

*   *   *

For more materials on Kazakhstan published outside its borders, see A. N. Samoilovich’s Kazakhstan v izdaniiakh Akademii nauk, 1734-1935 (Moskva, 1936);  Kazakhstan : bibliografiia za … god [1952-1957] (Alma-Ata, 1953-1962); G.A. Demesheva’s Kazakhstan v izdaniiakh nauchnykh obshchestv, 1766-1955 : bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ (Almaty, 2000), etc.

*   *   *

The online catalogs of the Kazakh National Library and the Kazakhstanskii tsentr korporativnoi katalogizatsii include records for both monographs and articles, and can, therefore, also be considered “General Resources.”


Revoliutsiiagha deiin qazaq tilinde shyqqan adebi kītaptar 1807-1917 : annotatsiialanghan bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh.

Almaty, 1978.
[Held at the National Library of Kazakhstan]

Qazaq kītaptary : bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh : 1807-1917.

Esova, S.S.; Subkhanberdina, U̇.; Seifullina, D.S. Almaty : “Mektep”, 1986.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 011.2943 Es59q

Qazaq kītabynyng shezhīresī : 1807-1917: bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh.

Subkhanberdina, U̇. & D.S. Seifullina. Almaty : “Rauan”, 1996.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies– Central Asian Reference 016.002095845 Su15q

Qazaq kītaptary: zhiyntyq katalog 1806-1917.

Almaty: Qazaqstan Respublikasy ulttyq kitapkhanasy, 1998.
[Held at Library of Congress OCLC accession number: 54462150]

At least four bibliographies of pre-1918 Kazakh-language monographs were published between 1978 and 1998, only two of which are held at UIUC.  The second of these (published in 1986) contains citations to roughly 700 works; the third (1996), citations to about 1,000.  Both include a lengthy essay on the history of early Kazakh publishing and bibliography by compiler Subkhanberdina, as well as title and author indexes, lists of publishers, printers, and places of publication, a list of libraries whose collections were used in the compilation of the bibliography, and a glossary of terms unfamiliar to speakers of modern Kazakh.  Both also include reproductions of the title pages of some of the works included in the bibliography.  Entries are arranged chronologically by year, and alphabetically by title within each year, with separate sections for undated works and dictionaries and glossaries.  The fourth (1998) publication advertises itself as a union catalog, and can therefore be assumed to list holding libraries for each (or most) of the items cited.

parts of two entries from Qazaq kitabynyng shezhiresi (1996), with complete listing of contents

Sovettīk Qazaqstannyng kitaptary: bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh = Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana: svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’: 1917-1945.  2 vols.

D. Kazbekova et al. Alma-Ata : Kazmembas, 1961-1962.
[Held at the Russian National Library; at least one volume is held at Die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek]

Sovettīk Qazaqstannyng kitaptary: zhinaqtalghan bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh = Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana: svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’: 1917-1945 gg.  2nd, revised ed.  2 parts.

R. Kereeva et al., Alma-Ata : Gos. kn. palata KazSSR, 1986.
[Held at the Russian National Library; part 1 is held at UC Berkeley as Off-site storage Z2514.K3.K45 1986]

Sovettīk Qazaqstannyng kitaptary: bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh: 1946-1955 zhzh. = Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana: svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’: 1946-1955 gg.

P.A. Kovaleva et al. Alma-Ata :  “Kazakhstan”, 1966.
[Held at the National Library of Kazakhstan]

Sovettīk Qazaqstannyng kitaptary: bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh: 1956-1965 zhzh.

A. Zhamankulova et al. Alma-Ata :  “Qazaqstan”, 1970.
[Held at the National Library of Kazakhstan]

Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana: svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’: 1956-1965 gg.

P.A. Kovaleva, N. Ia. Nasyrova. Alma-Ata : “Kazakhstan”, 1970.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 015.5845 K742 1956-65

Sovettīk Qazaqstan kitaptary: zhinaqtalghan bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh: 1966-1970 = Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana: svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’: 1966-1970.

A. Zhamankulova et al. Alma-Ata : Qazaq SSR memlekettik kitap palatasy, 1974.
[Held at Library of Congress and Columbia OCLC accession number: 12613087]

Taken as a whole, this predecessor to Qazaqstan Respublikasy kītaptarynyng zhylnamasy/Ezhegodnik knigi Kazakhskoi SSR indexes over 35,000 monographic works published in Kazakhstan between 1917 and 1970 on all subjects, including over 10,000 from before 1945.  Works published “for Kazakhstan” in Leningrad, Moscow, Tashkent, and Orenburg are also included.  All citations are separated by language into two sections or volumes, one for Russian-language materials and one for Kazakh- and Uighur-language materials.  Russian-language citations to Dungan-, Korean-, Chechen-, Ingush-, Karachai-Balkar-, and German-language publications are also included in the Russian section for certain years.  The material is organized by subject, with indexes of personal names.  Whether a work cited was published in the Arabic, Latin or Cyrillic script must be inferred from the publication date, since all entries are in Cyrillic.  For the post-1945 period, Sovettīk Qazaqstan kitaptary was compiled based on the holdings of what is now the National Library of Kazakhstan, as well as citations included in Ezhegodnik knigi SSSR and the all-Union Knizhnaia letopis’.  For the period from 1917-1945, the Kazakh Kitap letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ and the holdings of the Library of the Kazakh Academy of Sciences and the Kazakh Book Chamber were also used.

Sample entries from Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana for 1956-1965, with Kazakh Book Chamber inventory numbers in brackets

The revised 1986 edition of the volumes for 1917-1945 presents a somewhat problematic picture.  It includes a number of citations to newly (re)discovered materials not included in the first edition, but also excludes about 4,000 citations that did appear in the first edition for reasons that are unclear at the time of this writing.  It also includes a title index, and does not separate Russian- and Kazakh-language material.  Researchers should consult both editions if possible.

Qazaq SSR kītaptarynyng zhylnamasy : zhuielengen kȯrsetkīsh = Ezhegodnik knigi Kazakhskoi SSR : sistematicheskii ukazatel’.

Alma-Ata : Kn. palata KazSSR, 1972-1991
[U of I has various volumes on uncataloged microfilm]

Qazaqstan Respublikasy kītaptarynyng zhylnamasy : zhuielengen kȯrsetkīsh = Ezhegodnik knigi Respubliki Kazakhstan : sistematicheskii ukazatel’.

Almaty : Ūlttyq memlekettīk kitap qazynasy, 1994-1998
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Central Asian Reference 015.5845 Q12  [1993-1996; 2006, 2008-2010]

This annual bibliography is derived from the monthly monograph and avtoreferaty sections of Baspasȯz shezhīresī/Letopis’ pechati, but is not as complete as the latter, failing to include from 5 to 20 percent of the citations in Baspasȯz shezhīresī depending on the year.  This unfortunate deficiency is counterbalanced by the fact that the remaining citations are cumulated in a single volume with a single name index, enabling much more efficient searching.  A title index is also included, but this is of dubious value to those looking for items on a particular topic.  Citations are organized by by subject, usually with separate sections for Russian- and Kazakh-language materials, and a separate section for avtoreferaty.  Uighur- and German-language publications are included, as well as Korean-language publications in certain years.

Sample entries from Qazaqstan Respublikasy kitaptarynyng zhylnamasy/Exhegodnik knigi Respubliki Kazakhstan for 1996

Kītaptarynyng zhylnamasy/Ezhegodnik knigi was intended as an annual continuation of the retrospective monographic bibliographies published as Sovettīk Qazaqstan kitaptary/Kniga sovetskogo Kazakhstana(which covered the period from 1917-1970).  It began with coverage for 1971 and indexed about 2,000 items per year through the mid-1980s, and slightly less thereafter.  Based on currently available information, the issue for 1997, published in 1998, appears to have been the last.

Qazaq tilinde basïlghan kitabtardï kȯrsetkish.  Qïzïl Orda : Qazaqïstan Mamleket Basbasï, 1926-1927.

[Held at New York Public Library OCLC accession number: 45946587 and 20342651]

More information on these very early bibliographies of Kazakh-language books printed in the Arabic script will be added as it becomes available.  The volume for 1926 consisted of 112 pages; for 1927, of 53 pages. Qïzïl Orda was home to Kazakhstan’s first Book Chamber at around this time (see p. 228, note 40 in Bibliotechnoe delo v Kazakhstane, 1918-1945), so it seems reasonable to suppose that these volumes are related to its work.

Kītap letopisi = Knizhnaia letopis’ : organ gosudarstvennoi bibliografii Kazakhskoi SSR.

Alma-Ata : Kazakhskoe gos. izd-vo, 1939-1962
[The University of Maryland at College Park may hold unspecified issues on microfilm OCLC accession number: 31503556]

Kītap letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ covered the monographic output of Kazakhstan on an annual basis from 1937-1939 and 1946-1956 (and on a monthly basis in 1962). Russian- and Kazakh-language materials were separated into two different sections or issues, as became common in later national bibliographic publications.  Materials in each section were organized by subject.  Issues published before 1952 contained no indexes of any kind; from 1952-1956 an index of personal names was included.  In 1957, Kītap letopisi/Knizhnaia letopis’ was absorbed into Baspasȯz shezhīresī/Letopis’ pechati, where it comprised a major part of that bibliography in the years to follow.  It reappeared briefly as a monthly publication in 1962.

More late Bronze Age petroglyphs from Arpauzen, southern Kazakhstan (from SVOD PAMIATNIKOV ISTORII I KUL'TURY KAZAKHSTANA : IUZHNO-KAZAKHSTANSKAIA OBLAST', p. 229)


This section is divided into two subsections, Bibliographies of Periodicals and Periodical Indexes. The Periodical Indexes subsection is, in turn, divided into three sub-subsections: General Periodical IndexesIndexes of Journal Articles, and Indexes of Newspaper Articles.


Dorevoliutsionnaia periodicheskaia pechat’ Kazakhstana.

Ivanchikova, E. I. & Akasheva, S.S. Almaty: Biblioteka MH-AN RK, 1998.
[Held at Library of Congress and University of Chicago; OCLC accession number: 43445860]

A union catalog of pre-1917 periodical publications from or relating to Kazakhstan. Both Russian- and Kazakh-language publications are included.

Qazaq SSR-nyng merzīmde baspasȯz shygharmalarynyng letopisī: 1917-1959 zhzh. = Letopis’ periodicheskikh izdanii Kazakhskoĭ SSR: 1917-1959 gg.: svodnyĭ bibliograficheskiĭ ukazatel’.

Kazbekova, E. & Skurishina, E.A. Alma-Ata : Knizhnaia palata KazSSR, 1963.

OCLC accession number: 83409581

This bibliography of journals, newspapers, and other periodicals published in the Kazakh SSR between 1917 and 1959 includes over 1,000 entries for Russian-language periodicals and over 500 for periodicals published in Kazakh. It is based on two earlier periodical bibliographies, namely Qazaq SSR baspasȯzderīnīng bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshterī: 1917-1939: II-bȯlīm: periodikalyq baspasȯzder = Bibliograficheskiĭ ukazatel’ pechati Kazakhskoĭ SSR: 1917-1939: chast’ II: periodicheskaia pechat’ (Alma-Ata : KazOGIZ, 1941) by A.A. Karnaukhova, N. Sabitov, & G.P. Tsarev, and Letopis’ periodicheskikh izdanii Kazakhskoi SSR: 1940-1955: bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ (Alma-Ata, 1957) by Z. Kasymova and E.A. Skurishina. These in turn are the result of compilations of the periodical holdings of the Leninka (now the Russian State Library), the Library of the USSR Academy of Sciences, the Central State Archive of the October Revolution (TsGAOR), the All-Union Book Chamber, the Kazakh Book Chamber, and what is now the Kazakh National Library, with additional information provided by Kazakh state newspaper archives, publishers, managers of collective farms and other local industries involved in periodical publication, and by typesetters, editors, etc. The material is organized somewhat haphazardly by language, type of publication, chronology, and geography, but the only index is comprised of titles of Russian-language publications.

Qazaq SSR merzīmdī zhane zhalghasty basylymdary (1917-1975 zhzh.): zhinaqtalghan kȯrsetkīsh = Periodicheskie i prodolzhaiushchiesia izdaniia Kazakhskoi SSR (1917-1975 gg.): svodnyi ukazatel’.

Zhamankulova, A.; Alekseeva, L.N. & Spanov, B. Alma-Ata : Gos. knizhnaia palata Kazakhskoi SSR, 1979.

Qazaq SSR merzīmdī zhane zhalghasty basylymdary (1976-1985 zhzh.): zhinaqtalghan kȯrsetkīsh = Periodicheskie i prodolzhaiushchiesia izdaniia Kazakhskoi SSR (1976-1985 gg.): svodnyi ukazatel’.

Tokazhanova, B. et al. Alma-Ata : Gos. kn. palata KazSSR, 1988.
[Held at the Russian National Library]

Qazaqstan Respublikasynyng merzīmdī zhane zhalghasty basylymdary (1986-1995): zhinaqtalghan kȯrsetkīsh = Periodicheskie i prodolzhaiushchiesia izdaniia Respubliki Kazakhstan (1986-1995): svodnyi ukazatel’.

Smagulova, S.K. & Tlepbergenova, A. Almaty: Palatasy, 1997.
[Held at Library of Congress and University of Michigan OCLC accession number: 43380546]

This group of bibliographies gives exhaustive coverage of the periodical publications of Kazakhstan, with the exception of newspapers, which are cited in the following group. Citations for periodicals published before 1959 are drawn from the previous bibliography; later and additional citations are derived from the holdings of several major Kazakh libraries and archives. The material is organized by language (Kazakh, Uighur, etc. in one section and Russian in another) and by type of periodical within each section. Name and title indexes are included.

Gazety Kazakhskoi SSR (1917-1975 gg.): svodnyi ukazatel’.

Zhamankulova, A. et al. Alma-Ata: Knizh. palata KazSSR, 1977.
[Held at Harvard, Michigan State, and the Association of Research Libraries OCLC accession number: 7002683]

Qazaq SSR gazetterī (1976-1985): zhinaqtalghan kȯrsetkīsh = Gazety Kazakhskoi SSR (1976-1985 gg.): svodnyi ukazatel’.

Kereeva, R. et al. Alma-Ata: Gos. kn. palata KazSSR, 1987.
[Held at the Russian National Library]

Qazaqstan Respublikasynyng gazetterī : zhinaqtalghan kȯrsetkīsh (1986-1995) = Gazety respubliki Kazakhstan: svodnyi ukazatel’ (1986-1995).

Smagulova, S.K. & Tlepbergenova, A. Almaty: Palatasy, 1996.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 070.095845 Sm14q

Like the previous group of bibliographies, citations to pre-1959 publications (newspapers in this case) are taken in large part from Qazaq SSR-nyng merzīmde baspasȯz shygharmalarynyng letopisī: 1917-1959 zhzh. The material is organized by language (one section for Russian-language newspapers and one for newspapers in Kazakh, Uighur, Korean, German, Tatar, Chechen, and Uzbek) and place of publication, with title indexes. In the volume for 1917-1975, there is a separate, two-page section for citations to Kazakh-language newspapers published at the front during World War II. As can be seen from the sample below, a complete publication history is provided for the period in question.

Sample entry for the newspaper of an asbestos plant in Zhetyqara, from the bibliography covering 1986-1995

Sample entry for the newspaper of an asbestos plant in Zhetyqara, from the bibliography covering 1986-1995

* * *

or annual bibliographies of periodicals published in Kazakhstan since 1963, see the “Merzimdi basylymdar/Periodicheskie izdaniia” section of Baspasȯz shezhīresī. From 1964-1966 and 1968-1971, this section appeared in issue #4 for the year in question; beginning in 1972, it appeared in issue #1 for each year. Baspasȯz shezhīresī was not published as such in 1967.



Kazakhstan: bibliografiia za … god. Alma-Ata: Izd-vo Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR, 1953-1962.

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 016.95845 K189 1955-1956

While intended for a popular audience and covering Russian-language publications almost exclusively, this source has been included here because it contains citations to articles in regionally-published journals and newspapers that were not indexed in the national bibliographic sources of the time. (It may now be superseded in part by Gazet maqalalarynyng kȯrsetkīshī: zhinaqtalghan bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh: 1919-1956). Materials that were included in the national bibliography are generally excluded. Covering the years 1952-1957, the material is organized by subject, and an index of names is included.

Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī: Qazaq SSR-ining memlekettīk bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshī = Letopis’ statei i retsenzii: gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Kazakhskoi SSR.

Alma-Ata : Palatasy, 1972-1991
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 015.5845 M27 [1990-1991, incomplete]

Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī: Qazaqstan Respublikasynyng memlekettīk bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshī = Letopis’ statei i retsenzii: gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Respubliki Kazakhstan.

Alma-Ata : Palatasy, 1992-

U of I Library Call number: Main Stacks 015.5845 G258 [1992-1998, 2002, incomplete holdings]

From 1982 to 1992, Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī united three distinct national bibliographic publications in each monthly issue, in separate sections entitled Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresī/Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh stateiGazet maqalalarynyng shezhīresī /Letopis’ gazetnykh statei, and Retsenziialar shezhīresī /Letopis’ retsenzii. Before and after this period, the composition of Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī was somewhat different, with some sections issued either as a stand-alone publications or as part of another umbrella publication (such as Baspasȯz shezhīresī). In its earliest years, for example, Maqalalar men retsenziialar shezhīresī also included what was later to become Kazakhstanika; and by 1996, Retsenziialar shezhīresī was appearing as a stand-alone annual publication.

Thus, the issues held by the University of Illinois have one section for journal articles, one for newspaper articles, and one for reviews. Citations to journal articles are drawn from non-newspaper periodical publications of various types, including serially-published sborniki. The citations to newspaper articles are drawn selectively from Kazakh newspapers. All reviews published in Kazakhstan (whether of works published in Kazakhstan or elsewhere in the Soviet Union) were, in theory, indexed in the Retsenziialar shezhīresī /Letopis’ retsenzii section. Three separate name indexes corresponding to the three sections are included at the end of each issue, along with a list of all periodical titles indexed in that particular issue.

Within each section, entries are organized by subject; within each subject, entries are organized alphabetically by author or title — Kazakh-language materials from A to Я first, followed by Russian-language materials from A to Я. Kazakh-language materials are cited only in Kazakh, without Russian translations of the titles. In 1990 and 1991, the number of journal articles indexed each month averaged about 650; newspaper articles, 1,500; and reviews, only 25.


Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresī = Ukazatel’ zhurnalnykh statei (1917-1930).

Alekseeva, L.N. et al. Alma-Ata : Gos. kn. palata KazSSR, 1985.

Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresī = Ukazatel’ zhurnalnykh statei (1931-1937). 2 parts.

Kereeva, R. et al. Alma-Ata : Gos. kn. palata KazSSR, 1987.

Indexing Kazakh- and Russian-language journal articles from the period before the establishment of the Kazakh national bibliography, this source fills in a major gap. The volume for 1917-1930 contains over 3,000 citations; the one for 1931-1937, over 5,000. Citations are derived from the holdings of several major Kazakh libraries, as well as from secondary sources. Articles from Kazakh journals published in Moscow, Tashkent, Leningrad and Orenburg (which was placed under Russian administration in 1934) are included. An index of names (and titles for unsigned articles) is provided.

Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresī : Qazaq SSR memlekettīk bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshi= Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Kazakhskoi SSR.

Alma-Ata, 1938-1982

Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresī : Qazaqstan Respublikasy memlekettīk bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshī = Letopis’ zhurnal’nykh statei : gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Respubliki Kazakhstan.

Almaty : Palatasy, 1992-
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 015.5845 Z61 [1992-1998:4, incomplete]

This index to the contents of journals published in Kazakhstan has a long and convoluted publication history. Full annotation forthcoming.


See Qazaq khalqynyng atamūralary for an index to the pre-revolutionary Kazakh journal Aiqap (1911-1915).


“Bibliograficheskii obzor gazety ‘Orenburgskii listok’ za 1876-1893 gg.” In Adres-kalendar’ i pamiatnaia knizhka Orenburgskoi gubernii na 1895 g.

Orenburg, 1894. (pp. 85-168)

In the absence of national bibliographic publications indexing the contents of pre-1917 newspapers from or relating to Kazakhstan, the researcher must turn to indexes of specific newspapers. This one is mentioned in Yuri Bregel’s Bibliography of Islamic Central Asia (Bloomington, In., 1995).

Qazaq khalqynyng atamūralary : mazmūndalghan bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh = [Naslediia kazakhskogo naroda : annotirovannyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’].

Subkhanberdina, U̇shkȯltaĭ. Almaty: Ortalyq ghylymi kītapkhana, 1999.

The culmination and compilation of a large part of Subkhanberdina’s work stretching back to 1961, Qazaq khalqynyng atamūralary is an annotated index to the contents of the Kazakh-language newspapers Turkīstan ualaiatynyng gazetī (1870-1882), Dala ualaiatynyng gazetī (1888-1902), Qazaqstan (1911-1913), Alash (1916-1918), Saryarqa (1917), Bī rlīk tuy(1917), and Qazaq (1913-1918), as well as the journal Aĭqap (1911-1915). Brief essays on the history of each of the publications indexed, a portrait gallery of pre-revolutionary Kazakh authors, editors, etc., short biographical entries on same, and a name index round out this very useful source for the study of pre-revolutionary Kazakhstan.

Sample entries from the DALA UALAIATYNYNG GAZETI section --note citations to 1992 reprints in the second and last entries

All entries are (briefly) annotated, and if an article has been reprinted in its entirety in one of Subkhanberdina’s earlier compilations (e.g., “Qazaq” gazetī: alash azamattarynyng rukhyna baghyshtalady, Almaty, 1998 [U of I Library Call Number Main Stacks 079.5845 Qa2], and “Dala ualaiatynyng gazetī”: adam, qogham, tabighat: 1888-1902 = “Kirgizskaia stepnaia gazeta”: chelovek, obshchestvo, priroda: 1888-1902, Almaty, 1994 [U of I Library Call Number Main Stacks 079.5845 Su15d]), then the reprint is cited as well as the original publication. Each newspaper/journal has its own separate section, with citations organized chronologically by year and then alphabetically by author or title within each year. There is no subject or geographic index.

Kazakhstan na stranitsakh dorevoliutsionnoi pechati : Sibirskaia gazeta, Turgaiskaia gazeta.

Galiev, V.Z. Almaty : Natsional’naia biblioteka Respubliki Kazakhstan, 2001.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 015.9584535 G133k

This bibliography provides citations to 1,146 articles relating to Kazakhstan that appeared in Turgaiskaia gazeta (the “unofficial” part of Turgaiskiia oblastnyia viedomosti, published in Orenburg from 1891-1910) and Sibirskaia gazeta (an exile newspaper published legally in Tomsk from 1881-1888). Only 129 articles from Sibirskaia gazeta are cited, with the remainder coming from Turgaiskaia gazeta (excluding, for reasons unknown, articles from 1910).

Issues of Turgaiskaia gazeta that were unavailable when the bibliography was being compiled are listed in an introductory essay.

A sample entry for Kazakhstan na stranitsakh dorevolutsionnoi pechati

Gazet maqalalarynyng kȯrsetkīshī: zhinaqtalghan bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīsh: 1919-1956 = Ukazatel’ gazetnykh statei: svodnyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’: 1919-1956.

Almaty, 1994.

[Held at Harvard and Library of Congress OCLC accession number: 38557096]

A union catalog of newspaper articles published during the early years of Soviet power in Kazakhstan. Full annotation forthcoming.

Gazet maqalalarynyng shezhīresī: Qazaqstan Respublikasynyng memlekettīk bibliografiialyq kȯrsetkīshī = Letopis’ gazetnykh statei: gosudarstvennyi bibliograficheskii ukazatel’ Respubliki Kazakhstan.

Almaty: Palatasy,

U of I Library Call Number:

  • Main Stacks 015.5845 G258 [1992:2-1998:3, 2002:8-12, incomplete]
  • Main Stacks  015.5845 G258a [2002-2007, incomplete]
  • International & Area Studies–Central Asian Reference 015.5845 G258a [2008-2010, incomplete]

From 1957 to 1971, Gazet maqalalarynyng shezhīresī was published as part of Baspasȯz shezhīresī. As is the case with Zhurnal maqalalarynyng shezhīresī, coverage of regionally-published newspapers is not complete (see entry for Kazakhstan: bibliografiia). Full annotation forthcoming.

A sample entry for Gazet maqalalarynyng shezhiresi

"Nomadic Kirghiz", 1911. (Kazakhs on the Golodnaia steppe, from the Prokudin-Gorskii collection, http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/empire/ethnic.html)