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Czech/Slovak Academics and Scholars

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Biographical Sources

The Czechs and Slovaks have produced a number of biographical dictionaries for professors and scholars from various institutions or disciplines. Only some of them have been annotated below.

This section includes mostly biographical dictionaries or sets that are not covered in the Czech and Slovakian biographical archive. Those few that are both in the CzSlBA and included here are of particular significance and are noted as such.

Ceskoslovenske prace o jazyce, dejinach a kulture slovanskych narodu od r. 1760. Biograficko-bibliograficky slovnik.

Kudelka, Milan and Zdenek Simecek. Praha: Statni pedagogicke nakladatelstvi, 1972. 560 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Reference (Czech/Slovak Reference) 016.9367 K95c

This bio-bibliographical dictionary furnishes the user with biographical entries on Czech and Slovak scholars of Slavic studies who were active during the 200 year period beginning in 1760. Some of the scholars who have entries in this work may be of other nationalities, but they have some connection to the Czech Republic or Slovakia, such as having taught in a Czechoslovak university. Many of the scholars included worked in the field of linguistics. Their educational and professional data is given along with statements on their main areas of activity. The entries also provide bibliographical references for works by the scholars and about them. Entries range in length from half a page to several pages and are signed by their contributors. There is a name index. See the entry below for Stanislav Petira. (This source is represented in the CzSlBA.)

entry for Stanislav Petira


Slavica na Masarykove Univerzite v Brne. Literarni veda, jazykoveda, historiografie, umenovedy.

Dorovsky, Ivan, ed. Brno: Masarykova Univerzita, 1993. 2. dopln. a rozsir. vyd. 255 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Reference (Czech/Slovak Reference) 491.8094372 Sl16 1993

This bio-bibliography of Slavists at Masaryk University includes scholars in all related academic disciplines. The work opens with brief surveys of the history of Slavistic topics at the various departments at MU. For example, under the Philological Department, history of Slavic linguistics, there are signed overviews of bohemistika, slovakistika, russistika, etc. The second part of the volume provides the bio-bibliographies of scholars. Entries include dates of birth, educational and career data, statements of research interests and a bibliography of published works. Many of the entries are quite long depending on the publishing output of the scholar involved. Below is an image of one of the shorter entries in the book, for Galina Binova, a literary scholar.

entry for Galina Binova

Ceska slavistika. Osoby a instituce.

Rachunkova, Zdenka. Praha: Narodni knihovna CR – Slovanska knihovna, 1999. 374 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Reference (Czech/Slovak Reference) 491.80922 R114c

Covering Czech institutions and scholars in all disciplines who are engaged in the study of Slavic, this volume provides valuable personal and contact information. The entries for institutions sketch the history of the institution, give its current address and director, and list the periodical publications produced by the institution. For individuals the entries show degrees earned, current address, area of specialty, memberships, and a brief bibliography of works. The index at the end lists the scholars by institution. See the entry below for a specialist in Czech-Bulgarian relations.

entry for a specialist in Czech-Bulgarian relations


Kto je kto v Slovenskej akademii vied.

Mackova, Maria. Bratislava: Veda, 2000. 196 p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Reference (Czech/Slovak Reference) 920.04373 M259k

This biographical dictionary covers members of the Slovak Academy of Sciences as of the year 2000. Members from all disciplines are presented with brief biographies and portraits. The biographies include date of birth, educational background, institutions of membership, overseas experience, and brief bibliographies of major works. Some entries also have email addresses for the scholars. All entries are in alphabetical order by surname. See the image below for the piece on the musicologist, Kliment Ondrejka.

image for the piece on the musicologist, Kliment Ondrejka