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Bulgarian Biographical Sources

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Biographical Sources

South-East-European Biographical Archive = Sudosteuropaisches Biographisches Archiv.

Kramme, U.; Urra Muena, Z. Munchen: K.G. Saur, 1997- .
U of I Library Call Number: Slavic Reference Mfiche 920.0496 Su943. (In the fiche cabinet near microfilm readers) 186 fiches so far.

As with the other K.G. Saur biographical archives on microfiche, they have copied the entries from biographical reference books and cumulated all of the entries for one individual together. Thus, the entries are replicas of the original source with a citation to the original source at the head of each entry. This source is valuable because it eliminates checking numerous books for information and also provides access to sources that the U of I Library may not own. The South-East-European biographical archive contains over 100,000 entries from over 175 sources published between 1711 and 1995. Entries include individuals from Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro. Depending on the original sources, the entries may or may not have bibliographical references and may appear in any of the languages spoken in the Balkans. Beware that sometimes the entries for different people with the same name may be conflated.

A list of the 175 sources covered in the archive is available on microfiche at the beginning of the set in case you want to see the range of biographical resources in this area. Publication of this set is not completed, with coverage up through the letter I. You can search for a person listed in the Baltic biographical archive in the World biographical index, which is available for U of I students and faculty through Online Research Resources (Databases). If you are not affiliated with U of I you may want to check with your institution or your local library: it is possible that they provide access to the World biographical index. However its entries contain only brief biographical data, not the actual entries that are on the microfiche. The results of the search will tell you which sets contain entries for the individual and from which reference books they were taken. Beware: Although this archive is a valuable resource, do not be deceived into thinking that use of this source is will cover all bases. It is impossible to include all of the biographical resources that exist. If you rely on the Archive alone, you will miss some potentially useful material.

Follow the link for two entries for Antun Asaj, a Croatian veterinarian, from two different sources as they appear on the microfiche.

For biographies of publishers, editors and some literary figures, see Bulgarskii periodicheski pechat ot vuzrazhdanieto mu do dnes (ot 1844-1890 god.) which is annotated on the page devoted to Bulgarian Periodical Resources.

For biographies of Bulgarian historians living abroad as well as foreign scholars studying Bulgaria, see Istoricheskata Bulgaristika v chuzhbina 1980-1985.