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Bibliography of Bibliographies for All Countries/Republics of Former Yugoslavia

Online catalogs are very good tools for locating bibliographies, for they allow multivarious types of searches which can locate the words “bibliography” and “bibliographies” in any part of an online record from the subject heading to the bibliographic description. Please note that all of the online catalogs of the countries of Former Yugoslavia are annotated on the national bibliography pages for each country. Other retrospective bibliographies often have categories for bibliographies, but the easiest tools to use for locating bibliographies are bibliographies of bibliographies because the bibliographies are gathered into one tool and because they often cite bibliographies published at the end of books or articles as well as bibliographies published as individual monographs. Below are the printed ones for Former Yugoslavia that are held in the University of Illinois collection. In general this is an area of bibliography that is not well-developed in the Former Yugoslav countries so there are few such works to be found. Keep in mind that there is an article entitled “Bibliografija” in Enciklopedija Jugoslavije, volume 1 [U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 914.97 En16]. This source lists the most prominent bibliographies for each of the former republics.


Bibliografski vjesnik.

Cetinje: [Obod], 1961- .
U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 010.5 BIBVE + Main Stacks 010.5 BIBVE

Although this is not a traditional bibliography of bibliographies, it does publish at least one bibliography or bio-bibliography related to Montenegro in every issue. It is the journal of the Association of Librarians in Montenegro and it has been published regularly since 1961. Besides the bibliographies there are also articles related to the practice of bibliography in Montenegro. Examples of the kinds of bibliographies that appear are as follows from v.30:1-3: “Montenegro and Montengrins in the journal Etnologija;” “The Montenegrin novel: bibliography: 1883-2000;” Bio-bibliography of Marko Cemovic.”


Srpske bibliografije 1766-1850.

Pankovic, Disan. Beograd: Narodna biblioteka Srbije, 1982. 415 p.
U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 016.89182 P194s

For bibliographies published as books or articles from 1766-1850 that cover Serbian language works this is the best source. It begins with a number of articles on various aspects of Serbian bibliography and then is followed by the citations for only 77 bibliographies. Although there are few actual citations, the scholarly apparatus and the extensive indexing makes this work very important for the study of older Serbian imprints. The citations are arranged chronologically by publication date and provide full citations plus annotations. . An outstanding feature of this work is that there is also a chronological list of all the items that are mentioned in the 77 bibliographies. There are author, title, and personal and geographic name indexes. Illustrations of some title pages round out the work. See the entry below for a bibliography published in 1840.

entry for a bibliography published in 1840



Bibliografija slovenskih bibliografij 1561-1973.

Bulovec, Stefka. Ljubljana: Narodna in univerzitetna knjiznica, 1976. 229 p.
U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 015.4973 B87b

Covering over 400 years of Slovene bibliographies, the first of which appeared in 1561, this bibliography arranges the citations in a classified subject order. It presents citations for bibliographies that were published as books, at the end of books, and as articles. There are even some Slovene bibliographies that were published outside the territory of Slovenia. Some of the citations have brief annotations. Besides the subject arrangement there is also a section for personal bibliographies which means bibliographies of works by or about one individual. There are indexes for author and for person/places as subjects and a table of contents at the back to show the subject arrangement. See the entries below for several Slovene calendars.

entries for several Slovene calendars


Slovenske bibliografije v letu … in Knjizica: Revija za podrocje bibliotekarstva in informacijske znanosti.

Munda, Joze; Wagner, Lidija. Ljubljana: Zveza bibliotekarskih drustev Slovenije, 1957-
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 020.5 KNJ (Bound volumes 1957-) + Current issues in Slavic Serials 020.5 KNJ

This title has been produced annually since 1965 (with coverage beginning for 1964 publications) in the Slovene library journal entitled Knjizica by librarians at the National and University Library in Ljubljana. It divides the citations into subjects including a category for personal bibliography. Citations are for bibliographies published as books, articles, or parts of books. There are no indexes because the annual compilations are not large enough to warrant them. See the entry below which appeared in the bibliography for 2001 that was published in the 2002:1-2 issue under the heading of “Linguistics and Literature”.

entry which appeared in the bibliography for 2001



Uvod v bibliografijo.

Logar, Janez. Ljubljana: Narodna in univerzitetna knjiznica, 1970. 282 p.
U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 010 L828U

Janez Logar prepared this handbook to survey the history and major works of international bibliography for librarians in Slovenia, but this work is especially valuable for Slavic scholars because he has provided a very detailed section on bibliographies from all of the Former Yugoslavia republics. It also was translated into Serbo-Croatian and published in 1973 under the title Uvod u bibliografiju. The first section of the book is a history of bibliography in general, but the latter sections list and annotate the sources by country and by type of reference book such as encyclopedias, subject bibliographies, bibliographies of dissertations, etc. Some Yugoslav sections also begin with a brief review of bibliographic literature. There is a name/title index. See the entry below for a bibliography of translations into Slovene.

entry for a bibliography of translations


Bibliografija jugoslovenskih bibliografija 1945-1955.

Misic, Smilja. Beograd: Bibliografski institut FNRJ, 1958. (Savez drustava bibliotekar FNRJ/Sekcija za bibliografiju ; 2) 270 p.
U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 015.497 B41b

This bibliography covers over 1100 bibliographies of all subjects from all of the republics of Former Yugoslavia from 1945-1955. The citations are arranged in a classified subject order with indexes for authors and subjects. It presents bibliographies published as both books and articles. The citations for all of the republics are mixed together. The only way to extract ones for a particular republic is to look up that republic in the subject index. However, this will result only in those bibliographies whose content pertains to that republic, not all of those that were published in a particular republic. Many of the citations are annotated for content. See the entry below for a bibliography that appears under the heading of “Geography”.

entry for a bibliography that appears under the heading of "Geography"


Bibliografija jugoslovenskih bibliografija 1956-1960.

Dzuverovic, Miodrag. Beograd: Jugoslovenski bibliografski institut, 1975. 295 p.
U of I Library Call Number: Yugoslav Reference 015.497 B4712

This bibliography continues where the previous one left off, with 1956. It shows over 1400 bibliographies of bibliographies for all of the Former Yugoslav republics that were published from 1956-1960 as books, articles, or parts of books. Entries are arranged in classified subject order with indexes for authors and subjects. Like the previous bibliography of bibliographies for Yugoslavia, this one also does not allow for access by publication place. The subject index has a heading for “nacionalna bibliografija.”All of the entries are annotated. See the image below for a bibliography on ethnography from 1957.

bibliography on ethnography from 1957