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Ukrainian Bibliography of Bibliographies



Ukazatel’ istochnikov dlia izucheniia Malorossiiskago Kraia.

Lazarevskii, A. M. Vyp. 1. Spb. 1858.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] Q.016.91477 L45u

This is one of the earliest studies of published resources on Ukraine. While it is limited to Russian language resources, it does include many unique titles beginning with the 1622 publication Viershie na zhalosnyi pogreb zatsnogo rytsera Petra Konashevicha Sagaidachnogo…This rare publication was issued in Kiev and is fully described in the annotations in the guide. While many of the titles included here are not strictly speaking, bibliographies, many have great value as information sources on Ukraine. The titles are arranged chronologically. Articles as well as monographs are included here.

sample entry from Ukazal` istochnikov dlia izucheniia malorossiiskago Kraia

Materialy do bibliohrafii ukrainskoi knyzhky XIX st. (1798-1897 rr.).

Maksimenko, F. P. 1991.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 015.4771 M289m 1991

In this work the compiler attempts to compile the sources of Ukrainian language publications published from 1798 to 1897. He has consulted a number of collections and catalogs including the catalog of Ukrainian language materials in the Kharkov library, the catalog of Ukrainian language publications and Ukrainica at the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and the catalog of Ukrainian language materials from the Russian National Library. The bibliography includes those titles the compiler considered of particular importance in the history of Ukrainan publishing on literature and history. The bibliographic entries are thorough with brief annotations. Entries are arranged chronologically with an author index at the end of the volume. The copy in our collection is a photocopy of a typescript edition held in New York Public Library.


Bibliografiia ukrainskoi bibliografii.

Pelens’kyi, IEvgen IUlii. Series Biblioteka “Dzvoniv”, Ch. 4L’viv. 1932.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 015.477 P36b 1990

sample entry from Bibliografiia ukrainskoi bibliografii

While this source is clearly outdated, it is an excellent overview of the bibliographic history of Ukraine. The entries are arranged by subject with an author/compiler index at the end of the volume. In creating his subject index the compiler has followed the structure of the international Dewey Decimal system. Thus the headings include entries for bibliographies of scientific organizations, bibliographies of universities, philosophy, religion, social sciences, language, science, natural science, culture, literature, and history. Anyone seeking a bibliography for Ukrainian sources on a particular topic will find a wealth of information here. The entries provide complete bibliographic information but no annotations are included. Bibliographies that appeared in articles, even encyclopedia articles are cited here. The compiler has drawn on Polish, Russian and Ukrainian sources to provide the most complete resource on the topic. This is a basic source for anyone new to the field of Ukrainian bibliography or anyone seeking retrospective bibliographic material on a subject.

Bibliografiia sovetskoi bibliografii.

Moscow: Izd. “Kniga.” 1958-1991.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks Reference [non-circulating] 015.47 V96b 1958-1991

This series is described in the Russian bibliography section. However, it might be useful here to look for the uses of this source in the Ukrainian research context. It has all the limitations of other Soviet publications. It does have some features that make it a useful source for those looking for the annual bibliographic output on Ukraine. Each volume opened with a lengthy bibliographic essay. One section of this essay was devoted to regional bibliography. The bibliographic entries were listed by subject and within the section on “General bibliography” there was always a section on regional bibliographic sources. The volumes numerous indexes included a geographic index that made it easy to identify materials relevant to particular areas of the Ukraine.

sample entry from Bibliografiia soverskoi bibliografii

This sample entry from the 1987 geographic index will give some idea of the range of materials included in this bibliography. Until 1991, it was an excellent source for identifying bibliographic works on Ukraine. After 1992 the publications included in this volume are those published by the Russian Federation. There are occasional titles relating to Ukraine but the coverage is very scattered.

Bibliotekoznavstvo i bibliohrafiia Ukrainy.

Kyiv: Ministerstvo Kultury. 1992-
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 016.0275 B471

This publications lists new materials published in Ukraine about bibliographic studies. It also lists new bibliographies that have been published either as separate monographs or as articles. The bibliography provides full publication information, but no annotations. It is probably the best way to keep abreast of all the new bibliographic publications being issued in Ukraine. The main section on bibliography is subdivided into a variety of specific subject areas making it relatively easy to identify the most recent bibliographic publications on a particular topic.

sample entry from Bibliotekoznavstvo i bibliohrafiia Ukrainy


These entries provide a sample of the type of entry the scholar can expect to find in this source: concise but complete. This is an important publication that will be invaluable for tracking new bibliographic resources.