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Ukrainian Monograph Bibliography

This page lists those monograph bibliographies that are not limited to any particular subject. The titles listed here include bibliographies that have extensive, general lists of monographic publications. Some, like Levitskyi, that are included here list periodical titles as well. In all cases, the bibliographic sources here might be overlooked since they do not have a subject focus. They are important titles that will be of interest to any scholar working on Ukrainian material. Some of the catalogs listed here are not limited to Ukrainian material but have such extensive holdings that they should not be overlooked. One title not held in our collection was a 1985 publication Bibliohrafichni posobnyky URSR. This bibliographic guide would be useful for anyone trying to identify bibliographic publications on Ukraine. The following guide is divided into two sections: Catalogs and Bibliographies. Each section contains multiple formats including digital and print.


Ukrainskie knigi kirillovskoi pechati X I-XVIII vv.

Moscow: Katalog izdanii khraniqshchikhsia v Gosudarstvennoi biblioteke SSSR im. V. I. Lenina.
Vyp. I. 1574g. – I polovina XVII v.
U of I Library Call Number:
International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] Q.016.0942 G699u v1-2:1

This is a catalog of the early Ukrainian publications held at the Lenin library in Moscow. The catalog was published in three parts. Part one includes publications issued from 1574 to 1650. Part two lists those titles appearing between 1650 and 1725. The final volume covers 1725-1800. Each bibliographic entry is extremely thorough with extensive information on the publication, its illustrative materials and a thorough description of the contents. The sample entry included here, as with most entries selected for this guide, is unusually brief.

sample entry from Ukrainskie knigi kirillovskoi pechati

One of the unusual features of this bibliography is the amount of illustrative material reproduced in its pages. More than two thirds of the second volume and the majority of the first are taken up with reproductions of illustrative material from the works described in the bibliography. This material has its own index in each volume making this a valuable resource for early printed Ukrainian religious art. The volumes also have name, subject and typographer indexes. The entries are arranged chronologically. Each volume has a detailed introduction explaining the arrangement and selection of materials.


Drukovanyi zvedenii kataloh ukrainomovnoi knyhy derzhavnykh bibliotek ta muzeiv Ukrainy 1798-1923.

Kyiv. “Hlobus.” 1999.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 015.477 Z614d, v.1-2



This two volume bibliogrpahy lists the Ukrainian language publications held in the National Parliamentary Library of the Ukraine, as well as the holdings of other collections in Ukraine. The catalog is richly indexed with an author index, title index, topical index, corporate body index, index by place of publication. Individual title entries are not annotated but do include full publication information. The volume is arranged chronoligically making the subject and author indexes essential for locating materials. This first volume covers 1808 – 1900. A second volume, Rosiis’komovna knyga u fondakh Natsionalnoi Parlaments’koi Biblioteky Ukrainy, 1816-1923, covers Russian language books published in Ukraine between 1816 and 1923 (015.477 Z614r SPR). This volume is organized by main entry, that is by author or by title when there is no author listed. Each entry does include information on the holding location in the Ukraine. A key to the abbreviations and a list of all entries for each institution is included at the end of the volume.


National Library of Russia: alphabetical catalog. Ukrainian Supplement.

Leiden: IDC. 1996
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Slavic Microforms  Mfiche 015.94721 N213

sample entry from alphabetical catalog at the National Library of Russia

The Ukrainian collection of the Russian National Library includes some 266,000 Ukrainian language titles. The catalog dates from the 1930s but includes materials from the late 18th century to the present. There are catalog records for books, periodicals, serials, graphics, standards, technical documents and dissertation abstracts in this file. This is a large depository of materials that is important for those working at institutions with exchange agreements with this institution.

The online version at the Russian National Library’s website includes these records. It can be searched at www.nlr.ru. When searching here you enter a term and are given a range of records to browse. It is more time-consuming than searching the fiche but it is available online for no fee.


Kataloh vydan’ Ukrains’koi Akademii Nauk 1918-1930.

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 015.477 Ak13s 1966

sample entry from Kataloh vydan` Ukrains`koi Akademii Nauk

Contains materials censored from the Academy bibliographies described below. Also note that the volume is divided into two parts, the first containing entries for publications issued from 1918-1929 and the second containing entries for items issued in 1930. While the original publication is quite rare a reprint edition edited and with a foreword by Dmytro Shtohryn was published in 1966 in Chicago. The entries in this volume list the full contents of each publication making it a valuable resource for the verification of Ukrainian publications in the very difficult period immediately following the Russian Revolution. The volume’s organization mirrors that of the Academy with publications divided by institute. There are numerous indexes: an index of names, subjects, departments in the Academy and editors. It is an important source for a complete picture of the intellectual output of the Ukrainian Academy as the Soviet bibliography does not include the 1918 publications.


Vydannia Akademii Nauk URSR 1919-1967: Suspil’ni nauky.

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 015.477 Ak132v

This is the Soviet compilation of Ukrainian Academy publications. As noted above it is heavily censored ignoring the first year of publications of the Academy. The Ukrainian Academy’s own publications is far more complete. Thisvolume is organized by institute with chronological arrangement within divisions. There are author and serial title indexes at back of volume.  The entries do includes the contents of many of the publications.


Natsional’na Biblioteka Ukrainy

The VI Vednadsky national Library of Ukraine is the main all-Ukrainian book collection with collections pertaining to library information, research, social, mathematical, and physical sciences. It is the largest depository for Ukrainian books. The website provides numerous links that will assist any scholar interested in Ukraine in finding other sites with electronic journals, newspapers, search engines and other resources. There is also an extensive list of links to other Ukrainian libraries. Some catalogs, databases, and digital collections of interest follow.


The list of catalogs from the National Library is extensive. It links out to a comprehensive catalog of libraries and institutions associated with the national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Other electronic catalogs include book publications, magazines and periodicals, historical and cultural funds, and a comprehensive catalog of the library’s catalogs. Further breakdowns of individual library holdings include catalogs by department so you can search the department of library studies, department of old prints and rare publications, department of fine arts, division of newspaper funds and more. For access to older iterations of the catalog, digitized versions of scanned general catalogs, dissertation catalogs, foreign Ukrainian departments and more are available.

Ukraine Electronic Library

This resource serves as a consolidated bibliographic and electronic resource for documenting cultural heritage in Ukraine. The project sets out to make public documents of national importance, provide a single access point for diverse resources, archive and collect online electronic resources, provide electronic access to rare books,and to promote Ukrainian language and culture. The Electronic Library is not limited to monographs but provides bibliographic and electronic access to many. Sections are divided into national bibliography, reference editions, biography, philosophy, religion, psychology, ethnography, local history, sociology, demography, source studies, history, state and political figures, politics, state and law, monuments, institutions of culture and historical memory, art studies, printing, social communications, linguistics, Ukrainian language, literary studies, folklore, fiction, science, engineering, education, health, physical and mathematical sciences, natural science, agriculture, economy, soldiery, and popular science editions.

Digital Library of Historical Cultural Heritage

The digital library project runs is a complimentary one to the Ukraine Electronic Library. With many of the same sections and goals, the digital library provides access to more miscellaneous digitization projects. Materials consist of books, old print books, newspapers, logs, manuscripts, cards, music, images, and photos. Projects include culture of Ukraine, Diasporiana, Libraria, Historical Heritage of Ukraine, and Ancient Engraving.


The Databases of the national Library of Ukraine cover a wide variety of materials and provide bibliographic records for relevant materials. This resource will be of great interest to scholars studying various topics in Ukraine. Databases include image catalogs of historical and cultural funds, foreign printed books, abstracts and dissertations, periodical publications, Cyrillic old printed books, catalog of the fine arts fund, catalog of book publications, the library press, manuscripts and book heritage of Ukraine, and much more.



Repertuar ukrains’koi knyhy 1798-1916. Materialy do bibliohrafii. Tom 1-4.

L’viv. 1995.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 015.477 Il6r v. 1-4

sample entry from Repertuar ukrains`koi knyhy

This bibliography draws on a number of sources to create a record of all Ukrainian publications issued before the Russian revolution. Information from such sources as Bibliografiia literatury z ukrainskogo folkloru (1930), the monthly publication lists in Kievskaia starina, the manuscript material used by Levytskyi for his bibliography Ukrainska bibliohrafiia Avstro-Ugorshchyny, 1894-1900, the card catalog of the library of Boris Grinchenko, Levytskyi’s bibliography Galytsko-ruska bibliohrafiia za roky 1772-1800, and many other sources. The compilers have combined the citations listed in these sources to create one fundamental resource for early Ukrainian publications. Each citation contains full publication information and includes a reference to the source from which it was taken. The citations are arranged chronologically. The volumes include an index of names and geographic locations.


Galitsko-russkaia bibliografiia XIX-go stoletiia s uvzgliadneniiem russkikh izdanii poiavivshikhsia v Ugorshchine i Bukovine

Levitskii, I. E.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] Q. 015.477 L57H1963 v. 1-2

Continued by Materialy po ukrainskoi bibliografii

U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Ukrainian/Belorussian Ref [non-circulating] 016.89179 M418 v. 1-8

sample entry from Galitsko-russkaia bibliografiia

This classic Ukrainian bibliography is essential for those working on 19th century Ukrainian history or literature. The volume includes citations to monographs and periodicals. Entries for periodicals include not only full bibliographic information for the title, but also list all articles published in the journal each year. The publication is arranged chronologically with entries for each year in alphabetical order by main entry. There is no index in the supplement but the original volume contained an author/title index.


Knyhar. Litopys ukrains’kogo pys’menstva.

Kiev. Irregular. 1917-1920.
U of I Library Call Number: Oak Street Facility [request only] 028.05 KNY v. 5-15 (print). History, Philosophy & Newspaper Library FILM 028.05 KNY v. 5-27, missing v. 14 (microfilm)
title page od the Knyhar - Litopys ukrain`skogo pys`menstva

This journal of publishing and library studies was published monthly and included a list of new publications. While the list is inot comprehensive it is one of the bibliographic few sources for this period. The list was arranged by author. During its publication the journal would list some 1232 books and include some 1100 reviews of new publications. The titles listed here were largely intended for book dealers. The information included all basic publication information including pricing. However, the full names of authors were rarely included, first names and patronymics were indicated only by an initial.

Follow the link for an entry on “Knyhar” from “Dovidnyk z istorii Ukrainy” (Kyiv: “Genza,” 2001).


Bibliography of Works of VI Vednadsky. Literature on life and activity.

Accessible and searchable as a database of the National Library of Ukraine, the bibliography details the works of the Ukrainian author that is the namesake of National Library. Initiated by the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, this is the 150th anniversary edition – the tenth volume. The book offers bibliographic materials in Ukrainian, Russian, and foreign languages from 1885-2012. Subject matter of the bibliography is browsable in alphabetical order and covers social, physical and mathematical sciences.