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Polish Bibliography of Bibliographies

Bibliography of Bibliographies 

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The following bibliographies constitute a series of Polish retrospective bibliographies of general bibliographies, cumulatively covering Polish bibliographic sources from the beginnings to 1970.

Bibliografia bibliografij polskich do 1950 r. Third edition.

Hahn, Wiktor. (Reedited by Henryk Sawoniak). Wroclaw, 1966. 586p.
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Polish Reference (Slavic) and Main Stacks 015.438 H12B1966

Bibliography of bibliographies from all areas of study. It is a good launching point for research in different areas of knowledge. It registers bibliographies of Polish authors regardless of the language and place of publication. Also contains bibliographies of foreign authors, concerning Poland or including Polish material. Beside monographs and periodicals published separately, it lists bibliographies appearing as parts of periodicals or published as addendums. Apart from bibliographies it lists also encyclopedias, biographical dictionaries, lists of theater repertoires and actor roles, printed library catalogs, publishers’ catalogs, bookstore and antiquarian catalogs. The chronological scope: 1625-1950. The work is subdivided into three parts: 1. bibliographies of bibliographies, 2. general bibliographies, 3. specialized bibliographies. The specialized bibliographies section is subdivided into 25 parts devoted to different areas of research. Each one has the same structure: general compilations, history of the particular area of science, bibliographies of separate issues, periodicals and writers connected with the particular area of research. The bibliography contains two indexes. The first: “Skorowidz autorow i prac bezimiennych,” listing in alphabetical order authors’ names, pseudonyms, cryptonyms, names of editors, translators, publishers, as well as titles of anonymous works. The second index: “Skorowidz osob i przedmiotow” is an alphabetical listing of subject headings, including personal and geographic ones.

In comparison with the first two editions of the work the bibliography is considerably enriched by the contributions of Henryk Sawoniak, who added approximately 1000 new entries and supplemented numerous existing ones.

Titles of previous editions:

  • Bibliografia bibliografii polskiej. Lwow, 1921 ;
  • Bibliografia bibliografij polskich . Wyd 2. Wroclaw, 1956.

Please note that although each subsequent edition is based on the previous one and introduces new material, there were some items listed in the 1921 edition that were omitted in the subsequent printings.

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Bibliografia bibliografii polskich 1951-1960 .

Sawoniak, Henryk. Wroclaw: 1967.483p.
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 015.438 SA96B
OCLC: 1329248 (See holdings for Library of Congress and Princeton University)

The bibliography includes bibliographies connected with Poland, regardless of subject, language and place of publication. Both Polish and foreign authors published in Poland and abroad are represented. The bibliography includes materials published as separate entities, i.e. monographs, bibliographic periodicals, end-of-work bibliographies (bibliografie zalacznikowe), as well as articles and fragments of articles in periodicals. Besides listings of ‘traditional’ bibliographic materials such as books, periodicals, maps, illustrations, it also includes listings of archival materials, patents, norms, films, microfilms, phonograph records, slides. It lists also printed library catalogs and catalogs of special collections (manuscripts, incunabula, old prints), central catalogs, some exhibition catalogs and finally, publishing and bookstore catalogs.
The work consists of seven parts:
I. Bibliographies of bibliographies.
II. General bibliographies (current and retrospective bibliographies, bibliographies of foreign polonica, lists of incunabula and old prints, bibliographies of periodicals, union catalogs)
III. Bibliographies of separate disciplines and issues (244 subject headings, references are given to related subjects in the same part, as well as to items listed in other parts, eg. to names of persons in part V, to titles of periodicals in part VI, etc.)
IV. Travel/geography, regional and local bibliographies
V. Personal bibliographies (in two sections: 1. Lists of publications of learned societies, universities, research institutes, etc., 2. Lists of publications by or about individual persons. Each section arranged in alphabetical order of names of institutions or persons).
VI. Bibliographies of journals’ contents.
VII. Booksellers’ and publishers’ catalogs.

The annotations are short, always containing the number of items comprising a bibliography. Two indexes are provided: the alphabetical one lists authors’ name, co-authors, and (in italics) titles of bibliographic periodicals, anonymous and collective works. The subject index alphabetizes subject entries, thus facilitating collection of materials for a given topic. The work is easy to use and quite exhaustive in its treatment of subject matter.

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Bibliografia bibliografii polskich 1961-1970.

Bienkowa, Maria, Barbara. Eychlerowa, Barbara.
U of I Library Call Number: 015.438 b477b

Bibliographic works of Polish authors published in Poland and abroad regardless of subject matter, language. Also, works of foreign authors published in Poland and bibliographies written and published abroad, thematically connected with Poland or including Polish works. (Bibliographies of foreign polonica contain approximately 7% of the entire volume).

Besides bibliographic lists, the work also contains bibliographic reviews of the state of research in different areas of science, as well as selected lists of publications cited in scientific works (end-of-work bibliographies). There are also some other lists of bibliographic value such as: selected catalogs of library collections, all catalogs of incunabula and old prints, union catalogs, and exhibition catalogs if they contain information about publications and other library materials. The booksellers’ and publishers’ catalogs embracing long periods of time or listing literature on a given subject are also included.

Archival materials, manuscripts, standards, patents, music scores, gramophone records, microforms and films are covered.

The volume is based largely on the materials included in the annual Bibliografia Bibliografii I Nauki o Ksiazce, however some items, considered by the editors to be of minor importance, were omitted. On the other hand, several items not listed in the annual publication were included (eg. foreign polonica).

The bibliography is divided into seven parts:

  1. Bibliographies of bibliographies
  2. General bibliographies (current and retrospective bibliographies, bibliographies of foreign polonica, lists of incunabula and old prints, bibliographies of periodicals, union catalogs)
  3. Subject bibliographies (279 subject headings, references are given to related subjects in the same part, as well as to items listed in other parts, related to the subject, eg. to names of persons in part V, to titles of periodicals in part VI etc).
  4. Travel/geography, regional and local bibliographies.
  5. Personal bibliographies (in two sections: 1. lists of publications of learned societies, universities, research institutes, etc. , 2. lists of publications by or about individual persons. Each section arranged in alphabetical order of names of institutions or persons).
  6. Bibliographies of journal contents
  7. Booksellers’ and publishers’ catalogs

The annotations are brief, always containing the number of items comprising a bibliography.

The bibliography has two indexes:

  1. Index of authors and other contributors (editors, authors of introductions, etc.), and also titles of those documents for which the main entry is under the title.
  2. Subject index.

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Polski slownik biograficzny.

Krakow: 1935. vol.1– (to date 35 vols. published)
U of I Library Call Number: International & Area Studies Polish Reference (Slavic) Q. 920.0438 P76p

The work could be described as Polish national bio-bibliography. It includes biographical information on deceased persons, active both in Poland and abroad, who contributed in a significant way to Polish economic, social, political and cultural heritage. The entries have been prepared by outstanding researchers withing the fields of activity of persons described. The structure is alphabetical. Medieval personages and personages belonging to ruling dynasties are entered under their first names. Each entry contains a brief subject bibliography and iconographic information.

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Polonica zagraniczne . Bibliografia.

Warszawa, 1956–
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 016.89185 P767

Appears as an annual. So far it has covered years 1956-2006. It registers material published abroad, written by Poles or connected thematically with Poland. Includes bibliographic descriptions of books, musical scores, maps, periodicals, and authors included in collective works. Although an attempt at complete coverage is made, the bibliography does is not comprehensive. The material is divided by subject, within each subject division is alphabetical by author, and by title in the case of anonymous and collective works. Each volume has a personal index and an index of names by countries and beginning from volume for 1993, also a title index.

Note: Earlier record for Polonica can be found in Estereicher’s “Bibliografia polska”-material published until the end of XIX century. “Urzedowy Wykaz Drukow,” 1928–, included polonica in a separate volume “Wykaz Drukow Polskich lub Polski Dotyczacych.” The attachment appeared until 1939. Polonica that appeared in the years 1901-1939 were included in “Bibliografia polska 1901-1939” that has been appearing since 1986. Bibliography of Polonica for September 1939-1955 appeared under the title “Polonica zagraniczne. Bibliografia za okres od wrzesnia 1939 do 1955 roku,” v. 1-3, Warszawa, 1975-1991.

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Bibliografia Bibliografii i Nauki o Ksiazce . Rocznik.

Warszawa: 1945–
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks 015.438 B471 (1937-1980); Main Stacks 020.9438 P767 1981- (Most recent issue shelved at International & Area Studies Polish Reference (Slavic), 2008 c.1)

(to date published volumes through 1997. In 1965 a supplement was added: ” Bibliografia Bibliografii I Nauki o Ksiazce 1937-1944″)

The publication registers items from two fields: Polish bibliographies and materials from the area of book studies (bibliology Nauka o ksiazce). It is a very broad field comprising the study of all disciplines, both technical and theoretical connected with books and librarianship.

From 1968 there was a change in internal structure: contents split into 2 separate parts with own indexes:

  • Part I: Bibliographies of Polish Bibliographies
  • Part II: Polish Bibliological Bibliographies (ie. bibliographies dealing with very broadly understood book studies)

Beginning with 1981 the parts are published as separate publications “Bibliografia Bibliografii Polskich” and “Polska Bibliografia Bibliologiczna”. The rules of compilation and description remain unchanged.
“Bibliografia bibliografii polskich” includes materials published in Poland and polonica published abroad that are connected with Poland through the person of the author or the subject matter.

Each volume is divided into seven sections:

  1. Bibliographies of bibliographies
  2. General bibliographies (current and retrospective bibliographies, bibliographies of foreign polonica, lists of incunabula and old prints, bibliographies of periodicals, union catalogs).
  3. Bibliographies of specific disciplines, issues and types of documents.
  4. Travel and geography bibliographies, regional and local bibliographies.
  5. Personal bibliographies (in two sections: 1. Lists of publications of learned societies, universities, research institutes, etc., 2. Lists of publications by or about individual persons. Each section arranged in alphabetical order of names of institutions or persons).
  6. Bibliographies of journal contents.
  7. Booksellers’ and publishers’ catalogs.

The bibliography contains indexes. Up to 1965 the bibliography had a cumulative index, combining entries for author index, index of titles (for collective and anonymous works), and the subject index. Since 1966 the bibliography has two indexes: an alphabetical and a subject one.

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Literatura polska. Ksiazka podreczna informacyjna dla studiujacych naukowo dzieje rozwoju pismiennictwa polskiego.

Gabriel Korbut,
U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks A.891.85K84L V.1-4

The so called Dawny Korbut or Stary Korbut
Edition 1. published 1919-1920, 3 volumes.
Edition 2 published 1929-1931 4 volumes.

First edition registered Polish literature preceding 1863 (The January Uprising). Also included were deceased Polish writers who wrote after the uprising. This is cause for some strange selections, for in vol. 3 we find some very minor writers, while there is no mention of such major figures like Kazimierz Tetmajer, who died only in 1940, but whose virtually entire opus was published before the bibliography’s publication. Examples of such inconsistencies abound.

In second edition, due to criticism, the criterion was changed to include authors who began publishing before 1914.

The second edition volumes:

  • vol. 1–Polish literature since its beginnings until the end of XVII century
  • vol. 2–Polish literature of the XVIII century — 1820
  • vol. 3–Polish literature 1820-1863
  • vol. 4–Polish literature 1864-1914

Supplement I — Dopelniacz I Intended as a first in a series of supplements.

Each entry includes a brief biographical sketch and a list of works. In the case of more prominent authors Korbut added information on the sequence in which the works were written.

Unlike Estreicher, Korbut noted also works existing only in manuscript. When list of published works is provided the collected works precede individual pieces. References to more important reviews are provided.

Entries on more prominent authors contain also a list of bibliographic works devoted to the writer.

It is important to note that Korbut used personal, extremely strict criteria when assigning the name of a monograph to a work about an author. So, for example in the entry on Krasicki we find the note “monografii brak” — none of the existing works satisfied Korbut’s exacting criteria.

Within each subdivision Korbut uses chronological sequencing, therefore search for individual authors should be conducted alphabetical indexes included in every volume. All the volumes contain also excellent chronological tables. In the index the numerals refer to the pages on which the author is mentioned, with the entries in bold being the main entry.

Contains both personal and subject entries. Some of the subject entries are well developed eg. Poczatki drukarstwa w Polsce (vol. 1), Pismiennictwo romantyczne w okresie 1820–1863 (vol. 3).

Indexes include anonymous works and works of unproven authorship.

Combines biographical notes with bibliographic listings.

Although personal entries comprise the bulk of the work, the bibliography has a number of subject entries covering literary periods, currents, literary associations and groups, as well as institutions connected with literature.

There are errata (sprostowania) and addenda (dopelnienia) included in each volume. Volume 4 contains these for itself as well as the three preceding ones.

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Budzyk, Kazimierz (ed.) Bibliografia literatury polskiej “Nowy Korbut.” Warszawa, 1963–

Intended to entirely replace “Stary Korbut.” All the material of the old series is being preserved, in many cases it is being considerably expanded by extensively revising old entries and adding a large number of new ones. The new Korbut has grown sixfold relative to the old one. The new edition introduces alphabetical arrangement of personal entries within each volume. Personal entries are preceded by subject entries. In the new edition, several personal entries regarding literature after 1863 were omitted, if the author was not connected directly with creating literature or writing literary criticism.

Vols. 1-3 (Roman Pollak, ed.) Early Polish Writings (Pismiennictwo staropolskie). Publ. 1963-1965.
OCLC: 25890091

Contains personal, anonymous and subject headings. Indexes of names, anonymous titles, subject headings, and works of unclear authorship. Compared to the Stary Korbut it adds new part of Akademie– Drukarstwo (Institiutions of Higher Learning–Printing). Apart from belles lettres it includes also historiography, hagiography, political literature, and also (partly) scientific writings. Broad subject entries: Sredniowiecze, Odrodzenie, Reformacja, Czasy porenesansowe–wiek XVII. Also contains rich subject entries discussing the institutions of higher learning of the time: Akademia Krakowska, Akademia Rakowska, Akademia Wilenska, Akademia Zamojska. Other two entries: Drukarstwo polskie w dobie Odrodzenia, and Rzeczpospolita Babinska.

Vols. 4-6 (Elzbieta Aleksandrowska, ed.) Enlightenment (Oswiecenie) Publ. 1966-1972

U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 016.89185 AL25

Includes also some names of authors and translators of non-literary works important to the development of the Polish culture of the period. Included are authors of so-called gazety pisane. Also included are authors writing in Polish beyond the boundaries of pre-partition Poland, on ethnically Polish areas of Mazury, Pomorze, Gorny and Dolny Slask.

Includes translations as well as plagiarisms of foreign works. Includes letters and manuscripts, however partlydue to lack of central register of Polish Enlightenment manuscripts, and partly to other reasons, is fragmentary and not always verified.

In the case of lost or destroyed items the bibliography marks it by stating: zaginiony or zniszczony.

vol. 4 Material

It is divided into Hasla ogolne i.e. General Entries e.g. Cultural ties with foreign countries, Education etc.; Hasla rzeczowe i.e. subject entries including institutions (e.g. Biblioteka Publiczna Zaluskich), organizations (e.g. Komisja Edukacji Narodowej), associations (eg. Towarzystwo Szubrawcow), cultural events (Obiady czwartkowe), important cultural centers, including the provincial ones ( Pulawy, Berdyczow and many others), as well as sections devoted to the press, publishing activity, study of folklore, and last but not least to the Polish national anthem ; Personal entries A–H

Vol. 5 Personal entries I–O

Vol. 6 p. 1. Personal entries P–Z (appendix. A–O)

Vol. 6 p. 2 Addendums, including hasla ogolne, hasla rzeczowe and hasla osobowe, also indexes:

of names, of titles, of geographical names.

Vols. 7-9 (Irmina Sliwinska, Stanislaw Stupkiewicz, eds.) Romanticism (Romantyzm). Publ. 1968-1970

U of I Library Call Number: 016.89185 r661

General subject entries (hasla ogolne) eg. Romanticism as a period of culture, Romanticism as a literary movement etc.; entries devoted to organizations (eg. Towarzystwo Demokratyczne Polskie), institutions (e.g. Biblioteka Polska w Paryzu),and associations which range from formalized (eg. Filareci) to very loose ones (eg. Cyganeria warszawska Warsaw boheme); personal entries A–J

Vol. 8 Personal entries K–O

Vol. 9 Personal entries P–Z; addendums, name index

Most of the material was confirmed de visu. Correspondence of authors was included if deposited in: Biblioteka Jagiellonska, Biblioteka Kornicka, Biblioteka Ossolineum, Biblioteka PAN w Krakowie, Biblioteka Narodowa, Biblioteka Publiczna w Warszawie. Reviews of theatre performances are conveniently grouped according to a particular performance.
Contains name index.

Vols. 13-16 Szweykowski, Zygmunt. Maciejewski, Jaroslaw. Literature of Positivism and Young Poland (Literatura Pozytywizmu i Mlodej Polski) .

U of I Library Call Number: Main Stacks Reference 016.89185 l712

Bibliography covers years 1863–1918, the years of Positivism and Young Poland movements in Polish literature.

Of all the periods also covered in the original Korbut this is perhaps the one most extensively reworked and expanded. For example: in the old Korbut by the name Abgarowicz Kajetan we find only a mention that he was a novelist. In the new edition we find 13 novels listed, besides sketches and works published solely in journals. On the other hand, since the literature coverage has been expanded so dramatically, historians, philosophers and politicians were not included (unlike in the older version) unless they wrote belles lettres or critical works on the subject of Polish literature.

Inclusion of authors in this part of the original bibliography was established by the date of the literary debut. In the second edition several authors whose major activity fell on the years between the world wars were omitted and ‘passed on’ to the editors of Slownik wspolczesnych pisarzy polskich (eg. Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski, Leopold Staff and others). For the sake of clarity the time span of 1863–1918 was divided into only three main literary periods: Pozytywizm, Naturalizm, Mloda Polska. Within these, bibliographic entries of books and articles are listed in the orde of the first printing.

Works in foreign languages are not included. Translations are included, as are letters.

Vol. 16

It contains indexes and a dictionary of pseudonyms and cryptonyms.
The bibliography is based on the following sources: Estreicher, Przewodnik bibliograficzny, Urzedowy wykaz drukow, unpublished bibliographies existing in manuscript, catalogs of major Polish libraries.

Volumes dedicated to individual authors:

  • Vol. 10 Adam Mickiewicz
  • Vol. 11 Juliusz Slowacki
  • Vol. 12 Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski
  • Vol. 17 Henryk Sienkiewicz, Eliza Orzeszkowa, Boleslaw Prus
  • Vol 18 Stanislaw Wyspianski, Jan Kasprowicz, Stefan Zeromski

Vol. 19 Bibliography of Literary Periodicals (Bibliografia czasopism literackich)
OCLC: 245684623

Just like in the case of Stary Korbut the new rewriting is a selective bibliography. Indexes to the work are not always exhaustive, thus it is worthwhile to search also the corresponding subject entries for information that may have not been mentioned when the name of the individual author was indexed.

Bibliografia bibliografii Polskich od 1995 r.

URL: http://mak.bn.org.pl/cgi-bin/makwww.exe?BM=13

This catalog is searchable by subject, title, title keyword, author, series or journal title. It is available through the National Library of Poland.

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