Recalls - Borrowing

While borrowers cannot initiate recalls online, they may request to have a University of Illinois item recalled from another borrower by inquiring at any library public service point or by contacting Central Access Services staff at or at 217-333-8400. Library staff can only recall an item from another borrower if there are no other available copies anywhere in the statewide online catalog.

If another borrower recalls an item that you have checked out you will receive a “recall notice,” the same way you receive other library notices. This notice informs you that the loan period for the item has been shortened and that the material must be returned by a certain date. This date is usually 15 days from the date the item was recalled. The Library’s recall policy insures that library materials are equitably available.

FAILURE TO RESPOND TO A RECALL WILL RESULT IN A $5.00/DAY (maximum $25.00/item) FINE. This fine applies to ALL borrowers, including faculty and staff who are not normally charged processing fees. Once the item is overdue your borrowing privileges will be automatically suspended until the recalled item is returned to a Library staff member and checked in.