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Bindery Preparations

Bindery Preparations completes preparation for the commercial binding of serials and paperbacks, commercial rebinding of damaged volumes, and creation by the commercial bindery of custom preservation enclosures. The unit generally handles nearly 40,000 items annually. Bindery Preparations is also responsible for tracking binding invoices, compiling monthly statistics about items sent and errors, and implementing the binding contract. Once materials are returned from the bindery, Bindery Preparations personnel perform a quality control inspection of all bound materials and affix necessary property stamps, location stamps, and anti-theft devices.

Library Binding Guidelines


In an effort to develop and support a more effective library binding program, the following guidelines apply to the entire University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library system. Coordinated through the Bindery Preparations Unit, library binding activities are completed by a commercial bindery according to the currently approved industry standards. The Preservation and Conservation Units will coordinate repair or special handling of items. In some cases, this may include referral for commercial binding or in-house treatment as appropriate. Neither the Bindery Preparations Unit, nor Preservation and Conservation complete personal binding for faculty, staff, students, or the public.

Funding Binding

Library binding is the primary preservation method chosen for almost 40,000 items within the library's collections annually. As preservation is primarily a collections' maintenance issue, binding costs are charged to a portion of the Collections Budget. Instructions for preparing materials for the Bindery Preparations Unit are provided by the unit.

Binding Guidelines

The Bindery Preparations Unit will complete library binding according to the following guidelines. Departmental libraries are expected to understand and follow these guidelines:

Analytics - New and Retrospective Binding

Facsimile Volumes

Damaged Materials

Serials - New and Retrospective Binding

Monographs - Softbound

Other Materials


Other Notes

There are certain materials for which library binding is not appropriate. These include:

Bindery Preparations Documentation

Binding Handbook

Other Documentation