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Preservation Self-Assessment Program

Building on the success of the Audiovisual Self-Assessment Program (AvSAP), the University Library, with the generous support of the Institute of Museum & Library Services, is currently developing the Preservation Self Assessment Program (PSAP): a web application designed to address the evaluation and prioritization of preservation needs among collection materials typically found in library special collections, archives, museums, and historical societies. Additionally, the PSAP is a free, open source, standalone web application hosted by the University of Illinois. No installation necessary. No limit to the items and collections one may assess, analyze, save, and export.

As the PSAP is an expansion and refinement of the AvSAP, the focus extends beyond audiovisual media of its predecessor to include paper, book/bound, and photographic materials. Through visual inspection of items and collections, as well as analysis of environments and institutional policies, PSAP users create profiles of their organization, facilities, and collections materials. Together these profiles will yield preservation assessment reports detailing the “health risks” posed to their collections, as well as direct actions that may be taken to extend the life of collections. Additionally, the program and its supplementary features include resources to advise on the myriad facets of collections care—including where to begin improving and how to do so incrementally and practically.


For information on the PSAP tool, see the PSAP Project Website

Project Contact

Jennifer Hain Teper, Project Lead
(217) 244-5689

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This project is made possible by a National Leadership Grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).