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Patron Conduct

I. Purpose

In order to maintain a library environment which supports the University High School community’s educational, emotional, and recreational needs, the following patron conduct is expected:

II. Policy Statement

  • The library’s mission is to ensure equal access of materials to all its patrons. Therefore, theft in any form will not be tolerated.
  • The library attempts to foster an atmosphere conducive to study and research. Towards this aim, the library has created different areas of quiet study to accommodate its patrons’ various needs. Conduct in these zones will be as follows:
    • The Quiet Zone (Room 204) shall remain quiet at all times.
    • In Rooms 201 & 203, conversations held in low tones are allowed. Those who need absolute quiet are encouraged to use the Quiet Zone. When seats in the Quiet Zone are full, or during times such as finals week, the rights of those who are studying quietly come before those who are talking together in the Library.
  • Because of the potentially disastrous effects on costly books, audio-visual equipment and computers, eating is not permissible in the library. Food brought into the library must remain in lunch sacks or backpacks, or will be held by the library staff until the student leaves the library.
  • Noise or disruptive behavior by library patrons will result in a “friendly reminder.” If a second warning is warranted, the patron may be asked to leave the library. If behavior is sufficiently disruptive, the patron may be asked to leave immediately with no prior warnings. This policy is in place to ensure a library environment which supports the needs of students, staff and faculty.
  • Because of classroom instruction duties and a sometimes hectic in-library reference program, library staff is unfortunately not able to monitor student test taking in the library. Therefore teachers should understand that students who are sent to the library to take a test do so on the individual honor system.