Guidelines and Fees for Reproduction Services for Library Materials

The University Library

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Guidelines and Fees for Reproduction Services for Library Materials

The University Library’s collections are available for the use of our students, faculty, researchers, visiting scholars, University employees, and the general public. It is the Library’s mission that materials in all of our collections remain easily accessible and that they may be reproduced for purposes consistent with both the fair use and library and archives provisions of U.S. copyright law. When a user or requesting entity asks the Library to make reproductions, it is the Library’s policy that the cost of reproduction be borne by the user or requesting entity and that the item being reproduced not be damaged by duplication. The University Library reserves the right to deny reproduction requests because of the condition of materials, existing donor agreements, or recognized third-party privacy rights. Such determinations are applied at the discretion of curators of those collections. The purpose of these guidelines and the fee structure for reproduction services is to recover the costs of material and workmanship for reproduction and the costs for extensive research or consulting services. In the case of items reformatted for purposes of publication or other public dissemination, the Library requires that reproductions from the University Library’s collections receive appropriate recognition.


In most cases, the University of Illinois does not hold the copyright or other intellectual property rights of items in its collections.  It is the user’s responsibility to obtain any permissions which may be required for subsequent publication or distribution of these materials. The Library’s provision of a reproduction, whether in print or digital media, does not constitute permission to publish.


I.          Reproduction Fees

The Library charges reproduction fees to recover material and workmanship costs. Reproduction fees are affected by the nature of the original material ordered as well as the requested end product. The fees associated with reproduction of materials may be found in the University Library’s Reproduction and Research Services Fees Schedule.

II.        Research Service Fees

The Library and its attendant units assist all users at no charge for initial inquiries. When available, some units provide fee-based research services for requests that require more extensive effort, including research to describe the copyright status of works. Prior to initiating such research services, the unit will gather enough information to provide both the user and the unit with an understanding of the amount of additional time that may be required to complete the research. Estimates for total time required for the research will be provided. Fees will not be assessed to any user prior to discussing the project with the requestor and obtaining his or her written agreement. Payment must be made in advance and any overpayment cannot be refunded.  Reproductions, photocopies or PDF scans made during research may incur costs above the hourly research service fee.



III.       Reproductions, Use, and Copyright


Commercial or advertising use fees may be applied only in those instances where the University of Illinois owns the copyright in a work and chooses to exercise those rights. In authorizing the reproduction of works within its collection, the Library is not able to provide or deny copyright permissions for the use of works to which the University does not own the rights. Securing such appropriate authorization is the sole responsibility of the requestor.


IV.       Citations and Credit Lines


  1. Citations – To provide proper credit in an academic publication, exhibition guide, or other similar scholarly work, the author must include detailed bibliographic citations from an authoritative style manual for materials from the Library’s collections. Custodial units will provide recommended citations for reproduced items.
  2. Credit Lines – Where full citations cannot be provided, the basic credit line will note the full name of the custodial unit and the full name of the University. Examples include:
  • The University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • The Rare Book & Manuscript Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • The Sousa Archives and Center for American Music, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • The University Archives, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


The Library requests one complimentary copy of any publication or other dissemination of the work in any format.

Revised by the Reproduction and Use Guidelines Review Group: Nov. 12, 2015


Approved by the Administrative Council (incorporating changes recommended by Special Collections Division): Feb. 15. 2016