UIUC Library Policy on the Distribution of Grant ICR Monies

The current University policy for the distribution of grant ICR monies is that the University retains 8% of the ICR funds, 10% for the Research Office, and distributes 82% to the Campus, which turns over its complete share to the unit.

When the Library receives ICR monies from a grant it will assess what liens, if any, for graduate assistant tuition and what “first call” (e.g., campus charges including space or administration) charges are placed upon the grant.  After these charges have been subtracted from the ICR funds, the Library will distribute the 100% net ICR funds from the grant as follows:

65% for administrative costs including administrative infrastructure and space.  Costs include but are not limited to management of accounts, campus and other reporting and compliance, O &M charges, special infrastructure, or space requirements including set up costs.  Funds are also used to cover all of the afore mentioned expenses for those grants that to not generate ICR, e.g. Mellon grants.  In addition, funds are used to cover general operating expenses.

25% for seed money for institutional research that might lead to future grants or for new or improved Library programs and services.  Distribution of these funds is governed by “ Guidelines for the Distribution of ICR Grant Seed Money”.

10% to the PI to use as is appropriate.  Funds are to be used to compensate for the PI’s time on the grant.  These monies may be used for, but not limited to graduate hourly support, software, and equipment.  All expenses must support either the project or the primary assignment of the PI.  All purchases remain the property of the University Library.

Each year, an annual accounting of the use of the ICR funds from each grant will be provided to the University Librarian.

This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Approved by the Executive Committee: February 10, 2003


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